no, not thinned from inside, just pocket uniformed to take a regular primer. GHD. Converted my .22 Hornet to .17 Hornady Hornet and had a similar problem while reforming my .22 Hornet brass. With some smaller caliber cases you may notice the case mouths to be slightly belled. This is the reason the Hornady's case capacity is almost identical to that of the Ackley's. Federal American Eagle Varmint and Predator 17 Hornet Ammo 20 Grain Tipped Varmint, Hornady Superformance Varmint 17 Hornet Ammo 15.5 Grain NTX Lead-Free, Hornady Superformance Varmint 17 Hornet Ammo 20 Grain V-Max, Hornady Custom 17 Hornet Ammo 25 Grain Hollow Point, Winchester Varmint & Predator 17 Hornet Ammo 20 Grain Polymer Tip. Free Shipping On Bulk Ammunition & All Firearms!   Your previous content has been restored. That said, the 17 Hornet is a great round on pdogs. ray h do you have a link to that Wilson case holder? Gun Parts - Stocks, Barrels, Actions, etc. This dedication to quality ensures proper seating of the bullet both in the case and in the chamber and consistent charges and pressures. CASE 17 HORNET (UNPRIMED) Product Code: H8611 The foundation of Hornady ® ammunition At Hornady, brass is the foundation for what could be the most memorable shot of your lifetime. Image number one looks like its be thined from the inside not the primer pocket. This should be relatively simple. You guys go ahead and fix this stuff up. Although these will accept thinner primers such as the Fiocchi's if you try to fit a thick cup primer (as recommended) you will run into problems with the primer standing proud. No more cramped fingers, no more blisters, problem solved. Our brands include: brands including Hornady, Lapua, Magtech, Norma, Nosler, Remington, Sako, Sellier & Bellot, Weatherby, Winchester. I find my hands cramping up trying to hold just the case. Copyright ©2020 Target Sports USA, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, Target Sports USA - Free Shipping On Bulk Ammo & All Firearms, CCI Standard Velocity 22 Long Rifle Ammo 40 Grain Lead Round Nose, Federal HST Law Enforcement 9mm Luger Ammo 147 Grain Jacketed Hollow Point, Federal Law Enforcement 9mm Luger Ammo 124 Grain HST Jacketed Hollow Point, Federal American Eagle 9mm Luger Ammo 115 Grain Full Metal Jacket, Target Sports USA Lake City 7.62x51mm M80 NATO Ammo 149 Grain FMJ Bulk 500 Rounds, Nine Line Target Sports USA Short Sleeve T-Shirt - Men's, Target Sports USA Mil-Spec. 17 Hornet ammo for sale with free shipping on bulk ammunition orders available only at Target Sports USA. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. PPU makes .22H brass. With all new rifle brass, you should first straighten out the case and case mouth, then chamfer and debur the case mouth inside and out. Like the OP said, Hornady already know what he was talking about before he had to explain. I have had bullets to catch on the case mouth and make a BooBoo in the case, Wrinkle folds the neck and that junks the case.

Display as a link instead, × May 31, 2016 in Bullets, Cartridges and Reloading. Posted May 31, 2016. mick miller. This is not loaded ammunition. [1], Sixty years later, the Hornady Manufacturing Company (Grand Island, Nebraska, US) turned Ackley's idea into a commercial product with a similar cartridge; the .17 Hornady Hornet uses a 20 grain (1.3 gram) "Superformance" V-max projectile with a published velocity of 3,650fps (1,113 metres/second). Any body out there who could share thoughts. I know some people with 17 AI hornets and they say winchester brass is the best and annealing is the key. We're proud to stock a wide range of leading brands of unprimed brass cartridges. Rahter than type it all out IMO meekly accepting this nonsense just teaches them they can get away with it in the future.   Pasted as rich text. They knew there was a problem but they didn't recall it. This fixes the bullet jump issue and improves ammunition availability with little risk of diminished performance. He created this non-factory (wildcat) offering by simply necking-down the .22 Hornet to .17 caliber and fire-forming the resized cases in his new chamber design.   You cannot paste images directly. Share Followers 0. I think it would be a good lesson if we all did the same. He told me they contracted it out and purchased primed brass and then they loaded it and became aware of the problem after the fact with the primer pockets.

Anneal before loading. Lots of people make 17 H brass from 22 H. PPU is a good choice, anneal after forming and before first firing. You can post now and register later. The 17 Hornet offers much greater range than the other two and is manufactured in good quality by CZ and others. You will end up with a substantial thinning of the brass around the case head either side of the flash hole, this is thinned further by the concavity inside the case around the flash hole. Hornady Brass 17 Hornet Box of 50 Product Family #: 1021381925; Product #: 923714; Manufacturer #: 8611; UPC #: 090255486117; Loading image... Our price $30.99 ($0.62 per piece) 0 at this price. Still takes an inordinate amount of time to prep the cases. View Cart•Checkout. The .17 Hornet is a .17 caliber centerfire rifle cartridge originally offered as a "wildcat cartridge" developed by P.O. I split necks on about a third on a batch that I got lazy on and didn't anneal.

I actually took the cutter pilot out of the uniform tool and reinserted it so as to leave the cutter extended beyond what is normal so it would be more aggressive with the cut. Meet the x-reload family About us. Winchester Powders, Primers, and Reloading Supplies (59) Hornady Reloading Supplies (86) Lapua Brass, Ammunition and Bullets (25) NAMMO (2) Nosler (61) PRVI PARTIZAN (38) Remington Primers, Bullets and Caps (6) Starline (39) Caliber / Diameter. In 22 Hornet cases you have to be very careful inside chamfering the necks. Paste as plain text instead, ×

The problem lies in the early type of 17 Hornady brass, which has been noted for having a shallow primer pocket. Pigeon Watch Ltd. 30 Caliber M19A1 Brand New Ammo Can, Nine Line Target Sports USA Short Sleeve T-Shirt - Women's, Bushmaster M4 A3 Patrolman's Carbine XM 15 223 Remington/5.56x45mm NATO Rifle, Kel-Tec SUB-2000 Gen 2 9mm Semi-Automatic Rifle Glock 17 17 Round in Black, Kel-Tec PMR-30 Handgun 22 WMR 4.3" Barrel 30 Rounds Polymer Black, Sig Sauer P226R USED Handgun 40 S&W 12 Rounds DAK with Night Sights Police Trade In, Elite Tactical Systems GLK-18 9mm Luger Magazine 31 Rounds in Black, Blackhawk 34 Inch Tactical Rifle Case Black, Trijicon HD Night Sights 600540 Yellow Front Outline for Glock, Blackhawk CQD Mark 1 Type E Folding Rescue Knife Serrated, Streamlight Stylus Penlight Black/ White LED, ReFactor Tactical 25x35" Paper Pistol Iceman Target 50 Pack, ReFactor Tactical 25x35" Paper Pistol Hitman Target 50 Pack, ReFactor Tactical 25x35" Paper Pistol Active Shooter Target 50 Pack, ReFactor Tactical 25x35" Paper Essentials Pistol Target 50 Pack, BlackHawk Pursuit Short Sleeve Shirt - Fatigue, BlackHawk Pursuit Short Sleeve Shirt - Stone. Joined: Sun Oct 31, 2004 2:45 am Posts: 22562 Location: Cheyenne, WY My savage is a true blue 1/2 moa gun.My buddy and I were shooting clay … Shooters using the .17 Hornady Hornet in a .17 Ackley Hornet chamber experience the bullet jumping to the rifling and losing some of the inherent accuracy for which the cartridge has been known. When doing a large number of cases I hold the case in a Wilson case holder and use a cordless drill with a K&M primer pocket uniformer. Send a private message to Groundhog Devastation. Factory ammo is available and if you don't plan on shooting a lot, that may be the way to go. Can't recall - but it was inexpensive and good Customer Q&A are not compatible with your browser. 17 Hornet ammunition for sale 17 Hornet ammo for sale with free shipping on bulk ammunition orders available only at Target Sports USA. Possibly, probably unsafe.

While the rim is the same, the body was beefed up and is thicker then the 22 hornet. There is another size issue: according to Ackley's manual, his wildcat cartridge is only .289" over the shoulder while the Hornady factory round measures .294". Definitely don't try and uniform the pocket depth to accept a standard thick-cup primer. For more information go to - Personally if the brass I have has the same problem I am going to insist Hornady replace it. Once fired Hornady .17 HORNET brass sold in 100ct quantities. The biggest issue picking brass is some 22 H is too small in the body, just above the Rim.

I never have brass fail like that while fireforming 100's of 6mm AI & .257 R AI cases but have had no experience with the .22 Hornet other than to fire a few rounds out of some .22 H single shot survival rifle during training 57 years ago. List Price: Our Price: $ 30.99 ($0.62 per piece) Add to Cart for Special Price SHIPS FREE with $49 Orders must have $49 of Free Shipping products to qualify for shipping discount.

Thanks (both) for the info. Existing rifles chambered for the Ackley wildcat can have their barrels set back one turn and rechambered to the new .17 Hornady Hornet which meets the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers' Institute (SAAMI) standard for the .17 Hornet. Posted: Wed Oct 16, 2013 11:40 pm . mick miller, Lesson learned.... You must log in or register to reply here. I use the LEE Collect neck size die for my 22-hornet and have yet to trim my shot brass, did it when the brass was new and its not growing. On non-plated brass, you may also notice all the anneal stain might not be polished off, which may give the case neck a pinkish color. I use a Possum Hollow primer pocket tool on the pockets of my new brass. Don't know how well it would work. We carry 17 Hornet ammo from top brand ammo manufacturers such as Federal, Remington, Winchester, Hornady, PMC and others. They seem to be to small in front of the rim and will split like the cases 243xb shows in his post. However, the ninth edition of the Hornady Handbook of Cartridge Reloading shows them to be the same (.065 inches); measuring the rims of actual factory cases shows the Hornady handbook to be correct. The gloves I use have a cloth mesh back, but the fingers and palms have an almost sticky rubber coating.

The pockets are tapered also and it takes some pressure to remove 16/000's from the pocket. The case design is different, the later Hornady cases being formed in the more usual manner. Minor dents are normally removed in the first firing and will not affect case life or performance.

Higher concentricity also aids in a uniform release of the bullet on

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