I knew there would be a little body damage to repair from looking at the truck but I had no idea it was this bad. After cutting out the patch piece and the old quarter panel on the burb, I treated the rust and then painted it so it will never come back. Still a cool project for someone! This fleet of durable vehicles contributed to Chevrolet's solid sales that year, and accounted for more than $10 million in sales. I finished smoothing the spotwelds and sprayed some red today. Suburban Let me know if anyone would be interested in photos or progress updates. I have continued this long process. pounds

I ground the paint and junk off of them, then welded the holes that werent needed, then I treated the little surface rust that was there and started doing a little bodywork to make then ultra smooth looking. These are extremely hard to find. So far so cheap! I remember the old man’s GMC had the V-6, and didn’t have enough power to pull a trailer, so he went with a ’67 Chevy Suburban,( ex-police ambulance) then the IH Travelall, and then back to the ’72, Chevy Suburban, both Chevy’s were 3 doors and both V-8’s. Seat belts and dual long arm mirrors completed the cab. (4.6L) The owner’s father wasn’t at all fussy about selling it yet the son never showed up to claim it so the truck sat in the backyard until one day when it was loaded onto a trailer headed for places east.

This is a great product because it can go on over body filler, primer, or paint. One source claims they were only made as a promotional piece to lure customers into the showrooms. 75th The seam will be invisible. Since the engine is out I decided to repaint the engine compartment, since Im going to repaint the engine compartment I may as well repaint the whole truck so it all looks good.

League Suburban On the positive side, ifyou chew tobacco, you could simply spit where the floor was. To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Works, contact us. I will replace the inner fenders with the new set, and use part of the bedside to patch the rusted/dented section on the drivers side of the suburban.

Styling features remained the same as the previous year for the 1966 Chevy Pickup trucks and Chevrolet mus have been doing something right, because in 1966, Chevrolet reached the 10 millionth mark in truck sales of all time. Hi geomechs, the GMC Suburban pickup, whoa,,,,there’s a rare one.

Anyway, not sure if folks still check this page – but thought I’d chime in:). So it’s been a while… but in the last few years: inches

Easiest way to tell, besides the taller side covers, is where the fuel pump is in relation to the motor mount. I found a bed from a fleetside 65 and cut out the section to be replaced from it.

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