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Still a fair few Mk I-III Capris around down here – Ford sold them here new until 1987. Mr. Bordner was an attorney. Mercury Capri for Sale . Otherwise, beautiful… make mine a V6 with a stick.

S model. I am in the same situation. Do your homework BEFORE you hand over the cash. l4 GAS Naturally Aspirated Vehicle Title:Clear Fuel Type:GAS For Sale By:Private Seller. Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners. View.

A few years back. He said I should pass on the car. 2016, 2017 and 2018. I guess it’s a personal thing with me, it just seemed to lack imagination. While the powertrain was largely derived from the Cortina, the Capri also had much in common with other European Fords such as the Ford 20M and 26M, shown above. They sold a lot of these, but I can’t recall ever seeing one of these in my life, not even in Europe. Installing an non-spec engine is The Mother of All Nightmares. For comparison, the fastest Show Room stock Corvette was turning 1:29s. I saw this on in Baton Rouge, but the links are not working Some mechanics and tire dealers in the DC area established a local SCCA class called “GT Pinto” and ran them at Summit Point, WV.

Complain. 1979 Mercury Capri roller tubbed caged and ready for drive train. Could this one also be priced to merit a second look? These were outstanding cars. The ultimate Capri IMHO.

Then I can do the resto and drop in either the ford V6 truck turbo – 360HP and 420lb of torque or wait a year or two and drop in the 2015 Mustang turbo 4 – 310 HP and a very lightweight engine. The frame rails are key to a CIH Engine 4 speed, The XSE Capri has a 2800 V6 with a 4 speed manual transmission and air conditioning. I’m in Louisville Kentucky so if you see any up this way, let me know and I’ll do the same.

Sharp in yellow! The Rostyle wheels were still in evidence. Things like this can only happen to my Dad! Was park because the clutch started slipping. The only one I was ever around was a 1973 that belonged to the next door neighbors. IIRC, Hot Rod magazine did a 302 V8 Capri II project car, with said IMSA style fender flares & etc. Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners. I still want V6 version. 1979 Mercury Capri roller tubbed caged and ready for drive train. Asking $2,300 For those who were around when these were new, did they all rust away? When rust became too severe to get another TÜV (that is what the technical inspection is called in Germany) I replaced it with a 1987 Bronco II. So comfy.

That’s a bit odd, since I assumed it was a basic four cylinder automatic. I want to do the RS flares, much more subtle and blend well with the lines of the original car.

I was beginning to look more at Ford’s offerings about that time, but other than this, not too much interested me in those days, except for the Bronco and F-150. Mine was a nice medium-light low metallic green exterior with tan leatherette interior… a truly tasteful and somewhat sophisticated looking little car, I must say. Wish I was closer,, I had a 77 black cat model back in the 80’s. My summer job during college was scouting soybeans, I took this car in places it should NOT have gone, mud, rutted roads etc and it never let me down. Please leave a message if you know of any that are for sale. I was the last year of the German Capri, so it had to be a 1978. Started to backout, but he is taking a scooter as partial trade. One day he brought home a copper-brown 73 Capri. Makes it easier to spot who just moved here ;->. Our featrued Capri, found by Paul, seems to be in fairly decent shape, though there is some encroaching rust around the fenders. If you see any in the south east please post up. It was the orange paint, ( i think they called it something else), 2.0 4 and 4 speed and it was an awesome little car, I cannot believe I sold it. Kinda regret that now, because I love the styling, the driving experience and they are so rare…but at age 19, I didn’t have the patience, foresight or pocketbook to sort out all the niggles and get the car right. The last owner painted her Mini Cooper Green, hich looks sweet on her, ut the clear coat does show some flaking. Late to this discussion as well, In the late 1980’s I bought a 1977 Capri with the 2.8L V6 and 4 spd specifically for a Auto X car. clean not perfect. I assumed that they all were and stayed away from them. It would drive it from one end of Germany to the other at 140 MPH, and as I was young and “indestructible” at the time, didn’t think anything about it. The Capri was an American-style car translated into European-size and handling that was hugely successful in Europe, the first, and almost the only one of its kind. It was only 3+ years old in 1977 when occured. I absolutely loved that car. I just saw your comment about the 2.8 V6 Fox body Capri.

I missed by a day in mid August, a great opportunity near Philly, a 74 v6 4 speed. One thing make sure that the underside, especially the frame rails are in good condition. It is still the most fun car I’ve owned with the possible exception of my Mini Convertible.

They were neat little ol’ cars, and as I suggested in my former post, I thought it was sort-of “European” and interesting… something different. I do not recall what he replaced it with, but it was not another Ford. Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Capri is the second European Ford to carry that name, and the second Lincoln/Mercury car to do so as well. The shifter on the German trans used a large nylon nut to thread it into the transmission housing so it was pretty easy to pull it out. The Alberta car is such low-mileage, 18 000, I couldn’t bear the thought of driving it back east for vacation every year and ruining that odometer. It actually became the second-best selling import after the VW Beetle, no mean feat. The Leroy guy wants it out of his yard ASAP and he got the price down form the asking price for me and even negotiated being able to trade the scooter. Considering how zaftig the Mustang was getting by the early ’70s, it would not really be competing with the sporty, svelte German Ford in the US, though it sought a market not unlike that which drew folks to the original ’65 Mustang.

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