It may not be easy to strike it rich with Maryland quarters, but there are many creative and lucrative ways to find valuable errors and varieties in circulation. My love for coins began when I was 11 years old. No, It's a Dime! Get DIY project ideas and easy-to-follow crafts to help you spruce up your space.

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In fact, the error makes it sort of funny. Just Found This 2015 Blue Ridge Parkway Quarter Possible DDO, Can Anyone Tell Me What This Is & If It's Worth Anything?

One that is 20% to 40% off ranges in value from, Coins that are 50% or more off center usually trade for, 2000-S copper-nickel clad Maryland quarter, proof —. State quarters with significant errors are really pretty rare. This changed in the 1990s, when a Lincoln cent (dated 1993-D) with the reverse of a Roosevelt dime were discovered. The coin has a silvery color because of its nickel clad coating — which forms the surface of the coin’s obverse and reverse. But there is still a surprising number of them floating around out there. If you think you have a Maryland quarter that’s missing some or all of its clad layer… it’s best to have the coin authenticated by a third-party coin grading firm. They start to crack. And… they can be found in your pocket change (with enough searching and a little luck). And when they crack in operation, the crevices in the die leave raised lines behind on the finished coin. These coin oddities are known as strike-through errors. Owned by Bolack. I’ve contributed hundreds of articles for various coin publications including COINage, The Numismatist, Numismatic News, Coin Dealer Newsletter, Coin Values, and CoinWeek. Sometimes, the grease can be combined with dirt and other impurities to form a hard compound. The percentage by which the strike is off center can range anywhere from 1% to 99%. As the coin die continues to strike blanks and coins, the grease continues to be compressed and becomes thinner and thinner. When a coin is created, it’s normally struck inside of a device called a retaining collar. The 2000 Sacagawea dollar – Washington quarter mule is an error coin featuring the obverse of a Washington quarter (specifically a 50 State quarter) and the reverse of a Sacagawea dollar struck on a gold-colored dollar coin planchet. At these prices, it may be worth your trouble to purchase Washington Quarter rolls. But so far, there are no known die breaks on Maryland quarters quite as prominent or sought-after by collectors as that seen on the Delaware Spitting Horse quarter. A diverse array of misstruck 2000-P Virginia quarter dollars was produced by a singularly deranged coining press. Others are huge — running clear across the coin. This normally happens when grease or another foreign materials gets into the lettering or other crevices on the die. Just to confirm this would be a DDD, correct? That’s because these are very common coins that don’t contain any silver or other precious metals worth more than the face value of the coin.

Collectors will pay anywhere from a few hundred dollars to nearly $2000, depending on the statehood design and grade of the coin.

Some show just part of a single letter missing, while on others larger parts of an inscription or other design element are totally obliterated.

In fact, there are cases of the entire surface of the coin coming out all mushy-looking, or very lightly struck, because of excessive grease. I primarily collect and study U.S. coins produced during the 20th century. But you may find evidence of doubled dies on the South Carolina quarter if you look closely at its various design elements, such as the: TIP: Don’t forget to check the bust of George Washington and the inscriptions around him, too! How much is a regular Maryland quarter worth? Looks Double Struck To Me.

Look for these types of errors: #1 – A Doubled Die Maryland Quarter. Like all mechanical machines, a lubricant is needed in the coin press to prevent the metal parts from causing friction to each other. Die chips, cracks, and deterioration doubling are an acceptable part of the minting process and are not screened out by the Mint.

Die deterioration/wear is not considered to be an error at all unless it involves terminal failure of the die. $400 – $600. $2,999.99. To determine if you have a broadstruck quarter or not, you’ll want to look for the following features. 1984 P Washington Quarter. Any known South Carolina double die errors are generally worth between $10 and $25.

Graded MS-65 by the PCGS. Free shipping. The State Quarters program is noteworthy for many reasons, but perhaps the most interesting to U.S. coin collectors is the number of error coins that have appeared in the State Quarter series. Franklin Half Dollar (1948-1963) $300 – $400. 8 #1 before June 2001 Owned by Bolack.

These once sold for as much as $500 — but the prices have come down significantly since the error quarter was first discovered many years ago. I’m the Coin Editor here at TheFunTimesGuide. I've contributed hundreds of articles for various coin publications including COINage, The Numismatist, Numismatic News, Coin Dealer Newsletter, Coin Values, and CoinWeek. I'm a member of the American Numismatic Association (ANA) and the Numismatic Literary Guild (NLG) and have won multiple awards from the NLG for my work as a coin journalist. In this case, some lubricating grease escaped from the machinery onto the surface of the coin die, eventually plugging up the letter T in TRUST. It’s struck flatter and wider than normal, and the reeds will not be stamped into the edge of the coin.

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