Thank you for your help. Honda dealer offered me a rental car temp and they replaced the entire engine block, along with new pistons. On the back side of the engine, remove the oil/air separator cover so you can check beneath it. When your claim and photos are completely ready, click Submit to send the claim to the American Honda Warranty department. So now im stuck with a car I cant drive!!! Leaking coolant from the engine block in the front area. We had the car towed to the local Honda dealership. Despite this Honda has not called for the recall of such those engines and just did a warranty extension. Use the sliding scales to adjust the photo to the brightness and contrast that best reveal the fault. I was neither aware of any letters sent to the Civic owners nor any letter was sent to me regarding this issue and the warranty extension. Curious how the 2007 Civic compares to other years? Symptom Code: R4300 He arranged an appointment to fix my car, and when I drove my car there everything was ok, but after 2, 3 hours they called me and told me that since my title is salvage they cannot do it with warranty and I have to pay $5,400 if I want to fix it. I don’t know much to say other than this is the first HondaIi’ve Owned and I wished I’d never thought about it.

It is attached to the aluminium block with only one tiny bolt. THE CAR WAS TAKEN TO A HONDA DEALERSHIP WHERE THEY TOLD US THAT THIS IS A KNOWN PROBLEM AND THERE WAS A SILENT WARRANTY ON THIS CAR GOOD FOR TEN YEARS, BUT WE ARE OUT OF WARRANTY AND THE COST OF REPAIR WAS BETWEEN $4700 AND $5200. This problem may be covered under warranty. In 2019 I had to replace the starter motor. I live in Las Vegas and the heat is ridiculous. -Rear upper control arms: $120

CONSIDERING CUSTOMER'S SAFETY, THESE ENGINES NEEDS TO BE RECALLED BY HONDA AND REPLACED WITH NEW ONES OR AT LEAST THE WARRANTY OF THESE ENGINES NEEDS TO BE EXTENDED FURTHER (FOR AT LEAST FOR 5 MORE YEARS). I was devastated considering my previous car was also a Honda and needed the engine to be replaced as well. After trying to find the source of the coolant leak, I made an exhaustive search for possible causes. California consumers may exercise their CCPA rights here.

On some 2006–08 and early production 2009 Civics, the engine (cylinder) block may leak engine coolant, resulting in engine overheating. The only recourse we have is to pay the fees, use a non-Honda repair facility (which I will do) or warn other potential Honda Civic purchasers from adopting this very expensive problem. The 2007 Honda Civic has 73 problems reported for cracked engine block. After we gave him my car's info and the issue that my car's title is salvage, he told us that they can fix it for free. I STRONGLY SUGGEST THAT IF YOU'RE LOOKING AT A HONDA...LOOK ELSEWHERE...THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS!! The next morning we looked under car to see that coolant was leaking from the engine. It lacks focus, detail, and marking materials that identify the area and extent of the defect, as specified in this service bulletin and per warranty claim submittal standards. The warranty extension does not apply to any vehicle that has ever been declared a total loss or sold for salvage by a financial institution or insurer, or has a branded, or similar title under any state’s law. HE DROVE THE CAR TO FLORIDA IN JANUARY 2016 AND HAS HAD IT THERE EVER SINCE. 17V030000. My 2007 Honda Civic (2 door, 104k miles) overheated June 20th, I pulled over and called AAA.


So where do I begin....the day after I received my title for the car, after paying it completely off in a year, my car began to run slightly hot (like barely over two bars over the middle gauge). -Rear wheel bearings: $100 After searching the internet we found that this is a common occurence and there is a warranty extension. You will have to check with your dealer, this is for US and Canada. The complaints are organized into groups with data published by vehicle, vehicle component, and specific problem. The Claim Photo Attachment screen appears. Example: "Bad Brakes", "Toyota Recall", etc.

So, I said no I don't want to pay, and when I got my car back from the dealership, my car even doesn't start now, and I don't know what happened to the car. But still a lot of 2006-2009 Honda Civics are facing this issue even at very low miles like mine. This is my first car in the US.

And how does an extended warranty cover such a safety risk? 2007 Honda Civic Recalls. Well, I took it to the Honda Dealership and they told me it was a manufactures defect and it was extended to the original owners for 8-10 years. Check out our Honda Civic overview to see the most problematic years, worst problems and most recently reported complaints with the Civic. Your complaints can get to recall for no expiration. and the axles had to be replaced all within the first 3 months of me having this car. When I got the car home I did some research and noticed a Honda service bulletin (above) and saw we were not the only ones having this issue. THE CAR HAD 71,000 MILES. After looking under the hood I saw there was no coolant in the reservoir and I couldn't detect a coolant leak. At first he thought maybe it was the water pump, we got the water pump and he was proceeding to replace and figured out it wasn't the water pump. to make the car running again which would cost me around $4000. "" ®, "Autobeef", "What's Wrong With YOUR Car?" Honda should be held to account no matter how Another window will open, with Picture Manager already selected. No one got back to us until mid-April 2017 when they said they would not honor our claim of our out of pocket expenses of $1131, but would only pay the initial towing charge of $170. Hopefully, we can get Honda to be accountable and get a class action lawsuit started against them. For High Temperature and High Boost Application. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME: ® is an online automotive complaint resource that uses graphs to show automotive defect patterns, based on complaint data submitted by visitors to the site. They notified me the next day I had a cracked engine block and the entire engine needed to be replaced. NOTE: If you are using the camera flash, make sure you can read the information because the flash’s reflection could make the image hard to read. The damage occurred FROM the engine block cracking, it's PART of the TSB! But I am still hoping we can get it working. Lawsuits can result if seriously injured. So now I am stuck with two Hondas that need an engine replaced. They also said it was the exact spot where the warranty would have covered. ZIPcompressed files are not acceptable. HE DROVE THE CAR 4 HOURS AND IT OVERHEATED. Of course my thought process was Honda will cover it as they have openly admitted it is a manufacturer defect. If I had known about this possible problem, was I supposed to sell my car once the warranty expired and let this happen to someone else?! Honda & Acura Recalls, Repair & Diagnostic Tips, A14-084 June 30, 2015 01317-01956 Version 5   Warranty Extension: …, A12-077 July 10, 2015 Applies To: 2003–08 Civic Hybrid – …, A11-039 September 2, 2011   Applies To: 2005–10 Odyssey – …, A12-089 March 31, 2017 06118 Version 7                        …, A15-044 June 30, 2015 02076 Version 1   Warranty Extension: …, A12-087 March 31, 2017 06117 Version 6 47913-01614 Version 5 …. All except Natural Gas: Block, Short, General Assembly, Natural Gas only: Block, Short, General Assembly. Bump the Civic problem graphs up another notch. On some 2006–08 and early production 2009 Civics, the engine (cylinder) block may leak engine coolant, resulting in engine overheating. Also include a post-it note that lists the VIN, the length of the crack and the crack location, for example, between cylinders three and four.

Took it to Honda dealer and they found a crack in the block. Withstands Operating Temperatures from -65F to 500F Degrees Fahrenheit, Working pressure 85 PSI / Burst pressure 245 PSI, Cutting edge technology - We at red line created this industry, pushing bubbles out of the way to ensure efficient & effective, Perform & protect - Waterwetter protects from rust & corrosion, allowing the use of straight water in racing or reduced, Easy to use - Use one bottle for most cars & light trucks, treats 3 to 5 gallons. Total inc tax $636. Dripping engine oil all over the place. Select Full Size if you want to enlarge the image, and use the scrollbars to view different areas of the enlarged image. I was warned by my mechanic that those Civics built between 2006 and 2011 are plenty of manufacturating problems. So, Honda did not even take responsibility for this huge error in the first place. Ive already had to put 4 new tires on it and the day i bought it there was a knocking noise coming from the back drivers side. If the crack is not clearly visible, highlight the crack and its location with a penetrant inspection developer (Met-LCheck, D70, or other commercially available developer). 160,000 miles on this Civic LX.

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