80 miles and hour.

And what's been truly impressive is how easy they are to drive everyday. Well, I guarantee this, if you take a passenger who has never been in a fast car, this car will terrify them. ALISTAIR WEAVER: You've also just gotta be aware how fast this thing is.

With the Grand Sport package or higher, the Corvette is an almost telepathic performer.

The steering is weighted nicely and is very precise. We've got a sensor that's looking at the tire temperature as well as the pressure.

Until the long-awaited mid-engined C8 Corvette arrives, the ZR1 serves as the halo car for the Chevrolet brand. It provides up to 950 pounds of downforce. ALISTAIR WEAVER: Well, this of course, is Porsche's PDK system, which is kind of like a manual transmission with somebody changing gear for you, is probably the easiest way to say.

car from our massive database to find cheap used cars for sale near you.

ALISTAIR WEAVER: The 911's rear weight buyer should mean better braking, but not in this pairing. In many ways, it's a classic battle.

That optional wing?

The brakes are strong and consistent.

(Its supercharger is so big Chevy had to cut a giant hole in the hood to make room for it.) This isn't that much heavier than the GT3, but it feels like it. ALISTAIR WEAVER: Yeah. And although GT3 is noisier than a standard 911, it's by no means uncomfortable. There aren't many driver safety aids available, however.

Once you have identified a vehicle you're interested in, check the AutoCheck vehicle history reports, read dealer reviews, and find out what other owners paid for the

SEBRING! It's a American bang for buck versus European culture and sophistication. Shifting on the go is similarly friendly, and rev-matching works well. Here it feels very consistent and that gives you a much better sense of what the front end's doing and what the rear end's doing.

[MUSIC PLAYING] CARLOS LAGO: Despite the 255 horsepower difference between these two cars, they both reached a quarter mile an 11.2 seconds. In any guise, the Corvette is a blast to drive. The 2LT trim adds interior comfort features that are on par with amenities in many luxury cars.

ALISTAIR WEAVER: For more information on the GT3 and the ZR1, head to edmunds.com.

Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. Standard features for the Stingray 1LT include 18-inch front and 19-inch rear wheels with summer tires, Brembo brakes, xenon headlights, LED running lights, keyless ignition and entry, dual-zone automatic climate control, leather upholstery, power-adjustable front seats and a power-adjustable steering wheel. Me slightly longer than him.

CARLOS LAGO: How do you feel about this transmission?

You probably care about Chevrolet Corvette fuel economy, so it's important to know that the Corvette gets an EPA-estimated 15 mpg.

The GT3's launch control manages the grip more effectively, getting the car to 60 in 3.1 seconds. That said, there's almost no road feel from the steering wheel. But for 2019, the Chevrolet Corvette takes a big gulp from the fountain of youth, and the result is the new Corvette ZR1. Damaged, wrecked. The brakes are incredibly powerful, and the ZR1 grips the road with race-car intensity.

A seven-speed manual transmission with automatic rev-matched downshifts is standard, while an eight-speed automatic is optional. We've gone over a lot of the performance hardware that these cars give you, but we haven't talked a lot about the software. See the 2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 in Wichita, KS for $125,972 with a VIN of 1G1Y53D95K5700027. There's a lot to consider if you're wondering whether the 2019 Chevrolet Corvette is a good car.

The ride is surprisingly forgiving for a car with big wheels and run-flat tires. Look elsewhere, because the ZR1 offers nothing of the sort. CARLOS LAGO: This is a car, frankly, that starts as a $50,000, $60,000 dollar, you know, GT sort of sports car. 1LT Trim, Shadow Grey Metallic Paint, Corsa Exhaust. We want to know if there's enough room for our families and our weekend gear and whether or not our favorite drink fits in the cupholder.

The new-for-2019 ZR1 ups the power to 755 hp and 715 lb-ft of torque, along with accompanying upgrades that mirror the Z07 package. The Stingray is equipped with a 6.2-liter V8 engine that produces 455 horsepower and 460 pound-feet of torque. But if you want to make this car over-steer, then actually, you really have to induce it by getting into a corner, lifting off, and then getting hard back on the power.

CARLOS LAGO: Much like the acceleration results, our 200 foot skid pad presents another role reversal. The Corvette just sticks to the ground and isn't bothered by mid-corner corrections or bumps. Nice staying under it. Driving modes and aids like traction control can be adjusted without using the touchscreen. 2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1.

So this is the optional bucket seat. The clutch uptake is predictable and the throttle response is linear, so it's easy to make smooth starts. Receive pricing updates, shopping tips & more! Despite the ZR1's performance potential, turning the drive-mode selector to Tour results in a compliant ride that admirably soaks up bumps.

We may earn a commission for purchases made through our links. CARLOS LAGO: For sure. A performance exhaust that increases output to 460 hp is available on the Stingray and included on the Z51 and Grand Sport models. View vehicle info and pictures on Auto.com. It has tons of character and a lot of performance, but you have to be really on your game to access it.

CARLOS LAGO: My first two laps in this car were faster, it felt like, than the Corvette. In the Corvette you kind of have to think your way into the gear changes. That's something the Corvette definitely doesn't do. This two-seater is cozy but wide enough across to allow enough wiggle room so that it never induces claustrophobia. Above this lie the supercharged Z06 and supercar-killing ZR1. And from a financial perspective, it's true, provided you're willing to make

There's a good view of the road ahead, helping with confidence during spirited driving. To determine whether the Chevrolet Corvette is reliable, read Edmunds' authentic consumer reviews, which come from real owners and reveal what it's like to live with the Corvette. Safety scores, fuel economy, cargo capacity and feature availability should all be factors in determining whether the 2019 Corvette is a good car for you.

Touchscreen infotainment with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, onboard Wi-Fi, and a head-up display is standard while navigation remains an option. If you're going to buy the GT3 or the ZR1, will it feel to you on a track day?

Taller drivers have an unusual view out the top-most portion of the windshield, though the overall impression is less bunkerlike than it is in a Camaro. So this is about what these cars mean to you.

Shop Edmunds' car, SUV, and truck listings of over 6 million vehicles to find a cheap And I think in manual alone, a lot more intuitive.

CARLOS LAGO: Agreed. Fantastic. Big is 6.2 liter V8. There's also Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and Wi-Fi with an optional 4G connection.

But if you're seriously going to track it, I think it's going to be something that you have to have. A still excellent result, but the ZR1 did it in just 95 feet. ALISTAIR WEAVER: The Corvette very much feels like a normal road car that's been turned up to the max and they've tried all sorts of engineering trickery to make it do things that maybe just deep down it doesn't want to do, whereas this car is the evolution of 50 years of Germanic engineering.

But it requires a lot more from its driver to reach its capabilities. Passengers will especially appreciate having a dedicated air and seat temperature control by their door. We Track-Test the 2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1, Compared: 2019 ZR1 vs. 2018 Porsche 911 GT2 RS, Watch the Chevy Corvette ZR1 Hit 212 mph!

Go for the adaptive suspension for the best of both worlds. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items!

That's a result unheard of in a street car. Chevy fits the Stingray, Z51 and Grand Sport with a 6.2-liter V8 (455 horsepower, 460 pound-feet).

We spent a lot of time on racetracks in different cars. For example, it doesn't offer the driver aids or active safety features that have become ubiquitous in the last few years. They're guiding you through the process.

This page was last updated: 04-Nov 00:47. According to Edmunds’ car experts, here’s what’s new for the 2019 Chevrolet Corvette: The least-expensive 2019 Chevrolet Corvette is the 2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 2dr Coupe w/1ZR (6.2L 8cyl S/C 7M). ALISTAIR WEAVER: If you like, my biggest single problem with this car is the driving position. Oh. And to see it be at this level of performance is astounding. 25+ CORVETTES IN STOCK NOW!!!!!!!

But this thing stops so quickly and with so much confidence.

70+ Photos & Video SCROLL DOWN click 'READ MORE'.

The first one was fitted with a 3.8 liter engine, which to be honest, proved a bit troublesome. It was developed by Porsche's track motor sport division.

Both of these cars have software on-board that is intended to help you be a better driver. This has the 8 speed automatic, a 7 speed manual standard.

True enthusiasts who want more out of their Stingray can add the Z51 performance package.

Overall, it's a high-rent-feeling car, even if some body lines aren't as precise as competitors'.

CARLOS LAGO: We thought about hiring a pro racing driver and bolting them into these cars and seeing how fast they could go when it comes to lap times, but then realized, what do you actually learn by doing? And even Porsche isn't sure how long they can hang onto this. Edmunds consumer reviews allow users to sift through aggregated consumer reviews to understand what And my god, just listen to that. Cold tires.

Corvette engineers know that not all owners go to the track, so they tuned the suspension accordingly. 2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1. It's relatively roomy and comfortable, and the tech is all very user-friendly. Mat the gas and the Stingray's 6.2-liter V8 unleashes a breathtaking wave of force. 25+ CORVETTES IN STOCK NOW!

This might be the German spec seat. ALISTAIR WEAVER: It is a beautiful thing. with careful analysis around pricing, features, performance, mpg, safety, interior, and driving and performance. Save 2019 corvette zr1 to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. The Mustang is another more wallet-friendly option with a range of engine choices, including its own excellent V8. No turbocharger.

The Stingray 3LT models add premium leather upholstery with extended surface coverage, simulated-suede upper interior trim, and a navigation system that includes the Corvette's unique performance data recorder. This 8 speed, while it works great when you're in the track setting, when you're leaving it to its performance shift function when you're driving as fast as you can, the logic is great.

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