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1998 Land Rover Range Rover, Jan 29, 2014 | So when someone says "I've lost my car keys," they might have lost the key fob as well. You do the math, which would you rather pay?

This allows the remote and the control module to communicate and sync. Highly recommend this company for anyone needing a new remote. You will not have to buy a new ECU. But Amazon fobs still didn’t work.

SEE WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS Thank you. - Better answers use proper spelling and grammar. View other Hyundai Auto Accessories: Exterior, Interior, Electronics, Cargo. Open the cover on the alarm system control module and locate the memory switch inside. We love to hear feedback from you. Cost roughly $60 for the programming. NorthCoast makes things RIGHT! Can open trunk or lock doors from inside my house 40ft away. Please click below to find your local participating store to check availability. N/C=Normally closed, and N/O=Normally open contacts. The keyless entry FOB is now reprogrammed to your Hyundai vehicle. Key Fob (Remote Keyless Entry): Fobs let drivers lock and unlock a car door with the push of a button. Verify that the switch is in the “Off” position; if it is not, switch it to the “Off” position.

Add, Feb 16, 2016 | Best place for FOBs .

Click "Add" to insert your video. The keys, despite a warning from the dealership, that they may NOT work, were programmed and cut perfectly with NO issues.

This key requires programming.

Now, with circuitry in place hold all three buttons while simultaneously pressing the red circuit overload reset button on the board. Works great! you willhave to get a new fob from the manufactures as the fob is coded for that car. Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, Program Your Remote: Hyundai Keyless Entry Instructions, Previously programmed Hyundai keyless entry FOB. Yes, we support your key! An expert whose answer got voted for 20 times. I followed the directions and it worked perfectly the first time. Fast shipment easy to program!

Why would anyone buy a generic fob. I had first called the dealer and they wanted over $100 for the fob alone and were going to charge me $75 to program it. Programming a replacement key fob can run anywhere from $50 to $100. No credit card details are stored on our system. Insert the key into the ignition of your Sonata and turn the key to the “On” position. Took the car and the key to the same Jeep dealer who programmed it for $80 within 1 hour. New remotes are available from any Hyundai dealer. It worked well for my 2014 Jeep Grand. Thank you! Brand X Pictures/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images. The instructions were easy to follow and the product looks great. then shut all doors and test key fobs for operation functions....hope this helps you out. You have a fast and affordable solution in front of you!

Our team is certified and well-trained to handle the issues regarding your Hyundai's security.

Had this programmed for a 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee at the dealership. Mae sure you slur the fact that your dad owns Hyundai (even though you are as white as can be) and that you will sue them all out of work if they dont do this for you you then proceed to puke on the front door handle and tell the customers " this is what you have to look forward to if you get oneof these BEutieeeesss hahahaha" while rubbing your puke infested hands all overtheir nice shirts and blouses, ....this I promise will work. That was without programming. Will order for future replacements!

A key fob is a product of brand new technology for cars, which makes locking and unlocking cars the easiest thing - by just pushing one button. Do not pay up at local dealership for your Sonata remote control.We sell the same original parts for less.

How could something that costs so much at the dealer be so reasonably priced and work? Insert the key into the ignition of your Sonata and turn the key to the “On” position.

The unit worked perfectly. Made it a bit less painful upon realizing I lost my spare fob.

Non-stop availability is essential - when you can't open your trunk or when you just lose or break your key fob, it's important for you to solve the problem as fast as possible, whenever it occurs. Lost autokey or a key stuck in the ignition were the biggest problems in the car locksmith world, and some of the frequently asked questions were "where to get keys made near me," "how much does key replacement cost" or "where can I get a car key copy near me." When it comes to automotive locksmith services, many things have changed, especially throughout the last decade and a half. There are some options you have: Why are we the best key programmer locksmiths to do it for you, you might ask? I have to be honest, this was my first online purchase! These keyless entry FOB programming instructions will only work to reprogram previously programmed Hyundai keyless entry FOBs. I purchased 2 from Amazon and wouldn’t program. 00:00.

The very best part of buying a Key Fob Remote from NorthCoast Keyless is the “Customer Support” and the Savings from buying from this company. Instructions seemed clear, but it still took me a few tries to get it.

on This article was written by the It Still Works team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information. To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Works, contact us. After our technicians are done with your Hyundai, you will have a new, programmed key fob and be mobile again. Turn the key to the "ACC" or "Accessory" ignition position. 1998 Land Rover Range Rover, See all 1998 Land Rover Range Rover Questions, 8,837 Hold down the "Open" or "Unlock" button on the keyless entry FOB until the vehicle's lights flash. Some dealerships may do this for free or charge a small fee. Lost fob key jeep compass 2011 have a regular spare key car will not run how override. The Hyundai Motor Company is a South Korean automaker that has been producing popular and stylish vehicles since the company was founded in 1967. And then, we come to the most asked question: Some people are interested in key programming, and they even might want to try to do it by themselves, so they ask this question. Turning to us, the Auto Locksmith pros, we can perform key fob programming for you. Thanks North Coast!!! The remote was able to be programmed and works like a dream! When this doesnt work, (as I suspect at this point it wont) take your remote and after finishing the 12 pak, take the remote to your local hyundai dealer and threaten to throw up in the main sales room if they dont program it for you.

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