The air canister should be a little tighter to prevent leakage. Years and years ago a friend and I each bought one of the infamous Raven.25 caliber MP-25 pistols for plinking. There are a lot of scopes out there that can fit on an air rifle and can give you sufficient reach. It’s probably the best alternative since you won’t have to use live ammo or resort to other solutions like chemicals or ingredients that may be harmful to your health.

Expect this to be a general-purpose rifle. It fired the.25 ACP cartridge which contained a 2–3 gram slug at between 760–900 feet per second (depending on how much you wanted to spend on ammo). Due to their similar dimensions, the .25 Remington, .30 Remington, and .32 Remington together were known as the Remington Rimless cartridge series. One user said that he attached a scope that he originally wanted to attach to his hunting rifle and instead gave it a new home on this air rifle. It can take beating after beating and still function properly. One user said that he uses it for varmint control in his suburban neighborhood because it is the safest solution he can find. Something went wrong. This might be one of the best choices for varmint control on the market. View cart for details. The cartridge was designed to duplicate the performance of a .22 Long Riflecartridge, when fired from a two-inch barrel. A lot of recent buyers were looking for a rifle that was affordable but provided high-end performance. So, it will guarantee you years of faithful service no matter how many times you bang it around.

Donaldson later switched his experimentation to Winchester .219 Zipper brass after the launch of that cartridge in 1937. Because there are a few awesome reasons you should get one. Sale!.25 AirForce Condor PCP Air Rifle, Spin-Loc This way, it will open up the door for better customization options. While there are a few other calibers available for air rifles, the .25 stands out as one of the most popular. .25 Caliber PCP Air Rifles, Ambidextrous Air Rifles, Animals 15 to 24lbs Hunting Air Rifles, Hatsan BT65 SB Elite PCP Air Rifle Black TH Stock, Repeating PCP Air Rifles, Sniper Air Rifles. Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. Here are a few of the best applications for a .25 caliber air rifle: There will be a time when small invasive critters like squirrels, groundhogs, and even raccoons will pose more of a problem to your property. Either way, users will have quite a powerful rifle on their hands.

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