My take on it is: SIDS01, I agree. But if you have little interest in shooting past 600 yards, there’s little difference in performance between the two. Rich's PRCSI will most likely set right with the 30 Nosler when compared side by … Looks like some are in the 3000 fps range with the 245s with... All, I have a selection between a gunwerks clymer 30 nosler (22” barrel) and a gunwerks Magnus 300prc (23” barrel).

Does the little bit of case capacity equate to a usable charge? Finished rifles will be around 0.75 inch shorter in the action, and barrels can be a short 22 inches and still provide full propellant burn. I've also been watching the 300PRC fad wind up with some amusement. Thanks to all the ballistics apps range finding improvements and off the shelf capable ammo. Maybe many more. can be either.

My old win mag was 3035 from a 28" tube with H-1000.

Norma = 95 gr. This last fact makes it incompatible with really long-nosed, fine-entry high-BC bullets. Let’s start with the most common of them all: the .300 Winchester Magnum. Gentlemen im going to have one of my remington 700 actions currently chanbere in .300 win mag rebarreled into a big 30. I would say a 30 Sherman mag is the next step. These cheap postwar variants offer perhaps the best value on the vintage-Mauser market.

Plus, it kicks like a demoniac mule, and requires a full-magnum-length action even though it has a short head height. My previous 300 win mag was running over 3K with the same bullet and is still going strong with close to 1500 rounds. Today, I have to give that nod to the .300 PRC. That’s not to say that the .300 Win. |   Maybe because I tend to use a long action, never understood the love for a short action? will also reload im guessing for this rifle, unless it ends up shooting something factory ... A lot of the data on the 30 SM seems to lean to the 230 gr or heavier bullets since it's pushing the 215 so fast. If the win mag can push the 215 the same speed as the 30 nosler and get double or triple the barrel life I can tell you I will be getting one, and I am not being sarcastic! Not when you consider all traits of each. Just a year or so ago I wrote that the 30 Nosler was arguably the single best-designed .30-caliber magnum in existence. Its biggest disadvantage is a quite short 0.72-inch “head height,” which is the distance between the front of the case mouth and the cartridge’s SAAMI maximum overall length. Mauser Series 1100 Deluxe features a European walnut stock, a non-military... A half-century in the making, the new DGX Bonded is Hornady's best-ever dangerous-game bullet. You must log in or register to reply here. But I have quality people assuring me it can. Throat length(usable case) and twist rate as well as off the shelf ammo with heavy for caliber high bc bullets. It squares with my roughly 40 years of reloading and shooting, and positions these cartridge options exactly how and as they should be. The result? I just don't see the benefit in me grabbing another when there are more interesting things on … I’d rather have the better long-range capability provided by 200-plus-grain projectiles, so at least for me that’s a moot point. 300 PRC: Bertram = 89 gr. It is facts like this that cloud our vision and let us see what we want to believe. Hornady has one hell of a marketing team and they have a way of getting all the writers and retailers on board. Definitely easier to see when not shooting hunting rifles from field positions. I developed a load with the 230 gr. This means you have the option to read your magazine on most popular phones and tablets. Hornady .300 PRC (left) and 30 Nosler 30 Nosler vs. Hornady .300 PRC. The Husqvarna AB. We're taking a look at what the Army's Elite Units are using for service rifles and what the future of SOCOM sniping looks like. Subscriber Services. I don’t know about the prc.

30 Nosler: Nosler = 99 gr.

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