Developed in the early 2000’s this nearly 20-year old cartridge is still fairly “new” to most hunters. However, the distance from the case head to the datum line on the shoulder is longer for the 7WSM, preventing accidental chambering or firing of the .284" 7mm bullet in .270 WSM's .277" bore. And energy it has with nearly 4,000-foot pounds at the muzzle and carrying that energy to canyon crossing distances with over 2,500 pounds at 400 yards. All rights reserved. The ELD-X bullet is already a proven precision hunting bullet that uses the best technologies available for long range shooting. 7mm Remington Magnum This cartridge has been around since 1962 and continues to be one of the most popular elk rounds today. The idea of the cartridge was based on the popular hunting rifles of Europe which at that time was the .333 or 8.5mm and bullets were plentiful to test in the new cartridge with standard bullets chambered up to 300 grains. All of these recommendations are based on a solid hit in the heart/lung area.

In most calibers I have chosen at least a couple of loads from each of the major manufacturers in the bullet weight(s) I prefer.

A .375, .416, or .458 Magnum will certainly kill elk reliably, but they are simply not necessary. Bear in mind that just because a particular load is not included does not mean that it is no good. Winchester claims a muzzle velocity (MV) of 3,225 ft/s with a 140 grain bullet for their 7mm WSM cartridge; the claimed muzzle energy (ME) is 3,233 ft. lbs. When it comes to elk hunting the old saying, “You can’t have too much gun” rings true as a large bodied old bull crosses the canyon heading for dark timber. Winchester claims a muzzle velocity (MV) of 3,225 ft/s with a 140 grain bullet for their 7mm WSM cartridge; the claimed muzzle energy (ME) is 3,233 ft. lbs. I have tried to include factory loads for each caliber that are effective, reasonably popular and widely distributed. Feeding on nutrient-rich grasses makes elk some of the best table fare and even a cow or young spike bull is prized by hunters. The gun writer Elmer Keith used to write a lot about "raking" shots on elk and such shots seemed to be the primary influence on his caliber and bullet choices. If you are not certain that you can drive your bullet directly into a vital spot, you should not shoot. Again, thanks to the ammunition company Hornady the 300 WSM is offered in a commercial round that launches a 200 grain ELD-X out of the barrel at 2,820 fps with an astonishing 3,531 pounds of energy! Here are a few suggestions, some old, some new, and some you might not have considered when it comes to hunting the elk in the steep, unforgiving west. From left to right:,,,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 9 September 2020, at 20:15. I think we can agree that most hunters and shooters in North America are probably familiar with the venerable .270 Winchester, 7mm Remington Magnum, .300 Winchester Magnum cartridges. The 7mm WSM cartridge achieves its useful purpose as an excellent cartridge for larger mule deer, sheep, black bear and elk. Use that as a guide. Yup, let's best the hell out of them in the name of ignorance. One of the most popular elk cartridges for the past 60 years is the 338 Win Mag. With the capacity to drive hard-hitting, ultra-high-BC bullets, the 7 WSM looks like a bonafied rival to the 6.5-284 and the big 30s. Today, several ammunition companies make the 338 Winchester Magnum including Nosler that offers a 225 grain Partition. In reality rifles chambered for the 7mm WSM typically chronograph 50-100 ft/s faster than the 7mm Remington Magnum with all bullets weights.

The fast shooting.284-inch bullet is offered in various weights and configurations and makes this rifle very versatile out west where the deer and elk live together. The high-BC bullets used in the 300 PRC are designed for flat shooting to deliver unwilling energy at long distances. Cave man rhetoric here, "ug need big stick" BS! Copyright 2004, 2016 by Chuck Hawks. Even at 500 yards the Hornady 225 SST is traveling over 2,000 fps and carrying over 2,000 ft/lbs of energy. The rifle comes with a muzzle brake to help with recoil and is guaranteed sub-MOA right out of the box. With this gun, Ric, and gunsmith Chris Matthews of LongShot Rifles, have set new standards for long-range hunting rigs. Raking shots should be avoided on any big game animal and particularly on large animals like elk. Hornady has a commercial load using the 225 grain SST which has a muzzle velocity of 2840 fps and an amazing 4029-foot pound of energy! Shoot what you're comfortable shooting. The Rocky Mountain Elk and Roosevelt Elk are two of the largest big game animal’s hunters can pursue with over-the-counter tags in the lower 48 states. They often live in steep and mountainous country in legendary places like Hells Canyon, the Missouri Breaks, Pikes Peak, Wind River, Eagle Caps Wilderness, and the Olympic Mountains. New this year is the Subalpine in the Kimber Mountain Ascent offering the 300 WSM sporting a 26-inch barrel and weighs around 5 pounds. 1:05 am said: Copyright © 2017 The Outdoor Line. The representative elk cartridges in the list below start with .270 caliber cartridges and go up from there. Recommended reading for those interested in a more in-depth look at hunting bullets are my articles "Bullets for Big Game Hunting" and "The Killing Power of Big Game bullets." The 7mm Winchester Short Magnum (also known as the 7mm WSM) is a centrefire cartridge developed in partnership with Browning Arms Company and Winchester ammunition, making its debut and introduced to the shooting public in 2001. The caliber is so popular that you can find several production rifles today-as well as some classics such as a pre-64 Model 70-and find ammo at most sporting goods stores. 7mm STW: Federal 160 grain Nosler AccuBond; Remington 140 grain Swift A-Frame. Based off of the Ruger 375 this round is a beltless magnum and Hornady came up with casing-configuration that makes for consistent velocities and accuracy. 1:32 am said: Daniel on Don, this is a post explaining the author’s pick for “4 great calibers for elk” not a gender studies course on which gun is best for women. WSM and WSSM family of cartridges. With a 160 grain bullet the Winchester figures are 2990 ft/s and 3176 ft. lbs. I will repeat here a paragraph that I wrote for my article "Elk Cartridges": "Choose a cartridge more powerful than a .338 Magnum and you are getting into the over-gunned area. Support Our. Feb 04, 2019 at Maybe workout more? The 7mm WSM is similar to the .300 WSM with the case necked down to handle .284" bullets. Not sure why you think women and kids can’t shoot these rifles but you’re ignorant to reality. [5]. at the muzzle. Some of the best eating big game animals in the lower 48 that you can chase each fall on public land deserve a rifle of their own. It is a member of the Winchester Short Magnum family of cartridges. Since this cartridge has been around for a bit of time there are plenty of rifles on the market for the hunter to choose from. The Kimber is the lightest production rifle on the market today. The weight of such guns, plus their outsized recoil, is a handicap to most hunters. Both articles may be found on the Rifle Information page. Since this rifle has been in commercial production for such a long time there are dozens of ammunition companies making ammo for this caliber. [3], Cost is another factor limiting popularity. They are known to be much harder to hunt than the numerous Whitetail deer or even open-country Mule deer as elk can cover a lot of ground when disturbed. In fact, everyone can shoot more accurately with a less powerful rifle.". Some calibers, such as 7mm Remington Magnum, offer more choices than others (7mm WSM, for example). Some people erroneously believe the short case necks make the 7mm WSM poorly suited to heavier bullets, limiting the cartridge's usefulness on larger game. New to the market as of last summer and now thanks to Hornady making commercial ammunition using the 212 grain ELD-X the 300 PRC is an elk round to be reckoned with. This means if you are planning an out of state hunt and run out of ammo then more than likely you can stop by any store that sells ammo and find some sitting on a shelf. If you need a bigger hole then you're not worried about mechanics and shot placement! Don on To pursue these wary ungulates a hunter needs to carry the right rifle afield that delivers enough “gun” to kill an elk quickly or the hunter will find themselves having to track an animal through steep and unforgiving country.

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