RFC documents are maintained by RFC Editor. AFP also provides security features that restrict user access to certain files. Mail (sending email); iCloud Mail (sending email), 1. In client operating systems, AFP was called "Personal File Sharing", and supported up to ten simultaneous connections. To submit a product bug or enhancement request, please visit the Copyright © 2012 Apple Inc. All Rights Reserved. For example, NFS can use TCP 2049, UDP 2049, or both. Copyright © 2020 Apple Inc. All rights reserved.

It provides a one-to-one mapping between the AFP session and the port ID or connection ID maintained by the data stream protocol. The size of the packets is based on the underlying network’s maximum transmission unit (MTU).

The application firewall in macOS is not a port-based firewall. For this reason, some older literature refers to AFP as "AppleTalk Filing Pr… World Wide Web, FaceTime, iMessage, iCloud, QuickTime Installer, Maps, iTunes U, Apple Music, iTunes Store, Podcasts, Internet Radio, Software Update (OS X Lion or earlier), Mac App Store, RAID Admin, Backup, Calendar, WebDAV, Final Cut Server, AirPlay, Kerberos, including Screen Sharing authentication, Date & Time preferences, network time server synchronization, Apple TV network time server sync, Windows Datagram Service, Windows Network Neighborhood, Microsoft Windows file and print services, such as Windows Sharing in macOS, Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), AirPort Base Station PPP status or discovery (certain configurations), AirPort Admin Utility, AirPort Express Assistant, Server app, Server Admin, Workgroup Manager, Server Monitor, Xsan Admin, Xsan Admin (OS X Mountain Lion v10.8 and later), Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), Apps that look up addresses, such as Mail and Address Book, TLS websites, iTunes Store, Software Update (OS X Mountain Lion and later), Spotlight Suggestions, Mac App Store, Maps, FaceTime, Game Center, iCloud authentication and DAV Services (Contacts, Calendars, Bookmarks), iCloud backup and apps (Calendars, Contacts, Find My iPhone, Find My Friends, Mail, iMessage, Documents & Photo Stream), iCloud Key Value Store (KVS), iPhoto Journals, AirPlay, macOS Internet Recovery, Profile Manager, Dictation, Siri, Xcode Server (hosted and remote Git HTTPS, remote SVN HTTPS, Apple Developer registration), Push notifications (, Message Submission for Mail (Authenticated SMTP), Line Printer (LPR), Line Printer Daemon (LPD), Printing to a network printer, Printer Sharing in macOS, AppleShare, Personal File Sharing, Apple File Service, AirPlay, QuickTime Streaming Server (QTSS), streaming media players, Mail (sending mail), iCloud Mail (SMTP authentication), Lights Out Monitoring (LOM) feature of Intel-based Xserve computers, Server Monitor, Open Directory Proxy (ODProxy) (unregistered use), Open Directory, Server app, Workgroup Manager; Directory Services in OS X Lion or earlier, IMAP administration (Mac OS X Server v10.2.8 or earlier), Server serial number registration (Xsan, Mac OS X Server v10.3 – v10.6), macOS Printer Sharing, printing to many common printers, Server administration tools for Mac OS X Server v10.4 or earlier, including AppleShare IP, Server administration tools for Mac OS X Server v10.6 or earlier, including AppleShare IP, Administration of QuickTime Streaming Server, Profile Manager in macOS Server 5.2 and earlier, Network File System (NFS) (version 3 and 4), Apple Remote Desktop 2.0 or later (Reporting feature), Classroom app (command channel), Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL), AirPort Utility, AirPort Express Assistant.

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