Early in the play, Professor Dixon-Brown is anchored to her desk, filing applications and paperwork instead of ‘getting back to her own research’. Instead it filters out populations of 5000 and above to collate only the ‘statistically saveable’. What to do: Readers may feel concerned due to the increase in fast food consumption. This step may involve analysing the image for what it is, or linking the imagery with an already existing argument within the article. An understanding of how different readers and develop different interpretations, and how this changes an author's message. This is the transcript. What to do: The words “healthier and happier” suggest that creating a community garden will improve the lifestyles of citizens. Thus, she embodies falsehood, in a stark contrast to Elizabeth, who is a symbol of truth. Well, the nifty little acronym stands for Context, Contention, Tone, Audience and Purpose, which are the five key pieces of information you need to include about both of your articles within your introduction.

As only a small number of Ibo initially converted to Christianity, the church was only able to establish itself firmly in the villages because of the Ibo’s religious tolerance (Chapter 2, 22). Similarly, Rebecca Nurse’s charge of “murdering Goody Putnam’s babies” is due to the Putnams’ resentment and jealousy of her numerous children, while they themselves have lost babies “before they could be baptised”.  In contrast to this, the accusation of Martha Corey, Giles' wife, of witchcraft is motivated by Walcott’s desire for revenge, as he resents her for the unhealthy “pig he bought from her five years ago”. Achebe’s sympathies regarding these expectations show us that this is an important critique in Things Fall Apart that we can analyse. Ransom and Invictus are studied as part of VCE English's Comparative. Miller uses this illustration of hysteria to show the effects of a strictly repressive Puritan society. Other thematic ideas that relate to this umbrella phrase includes: misuse of authority and ethics of the digital world.Â. (Rear Window). Is social media negatively impacting on student studies?

Although traditionally associated with knowledge and truth, the motif of paper in the play symbolises morality and individualism. “Don’t you want to be alive before you die?” Explore the value and meaning of human life as evinced in, More so than any other object, it is the radio which drives the plot of, “Open your eyes and see what you can see with them before they close forever.” To what extent do characters exhibit this sentiment in. An idealist with the knack for alluring women to fall for him. This step typically includes underlining areas of interest in the articles, making arrows between similar arguments which you think should be linked and doodling in the margins of the paper with all your immediate thoughts so you don’t forget them later. Simple right? The British colonizers believed in their inherent cultural superiority and arrived in Umuofia with the intention to “bring civilization” (p.151) to Africa. What exactly does an essay “beyond structure” mean? To divorce your emotions from affecting your decision-making capacity is a universal struggle aptly captured by Rayson’s depiction of Dixon-Brown’s gradual inclination towards the Tiger Quoll project funded by a coal company.

Signposting helps assessors determine when you are building on or deviating from previous points, which is highly useful when they’ve read a hundred essays on the same prompt as yours. It was the shortcomings of the Ibo social and religious order that made members susceptible to the attraction of a competing value system with a more articulated concept of individuality. As one rumour created by Abigail and the girls leads to dozens of incarcerations and executions in a matter of days, The Crucible depicts the “perverse manifestation of panic” that can occur from unsubstantiated fear.

Your teacher or examiner will be reading heaps of these kinds of essays within a short period of time and no doubt it’ll begin to bore them.

For example, unlike a Theme-based prompt, a character-based prompt means that it’s perfectly fine to write about characters in the topic sentences of your body paragraphs. This is a heartbreaking disappointment to Okonkwo. Malouf uses words like “knotted” and “rope-like” when describing Achilles’ muscles, implying that his conventional great strength, the source of his fearsome reputation, represents a confinement that the society enforces on him and other men. Do you agree? The audience can perceive her hysteria, as she begins to fear that the rumours of devil worship in Salem may be true, and that she may also lose her last surviving child, Ruth. Physical hatred, fear and paranoia of the Japanese interned in Australia is a clear result of the war. Just when we think we’re getting the hang of something, VCE English throws us a curveball. For an example on how you would accomplish this all in one paragraph, here’s my introduction: And now we reach the meat of your essay: the body paragraphs. What effect did it evoke within the reader? Despite this, Miller shows the importance of prioritising personal honour over public reputation through the character of Proctor. This part is the lengthiest and it may take you some time to fully understand all of the article. Despite his family who wishes that he would “spare [himself of] this ordeal”, Priam’s vision guides him to overcome familial and societal obstacles in pursuit of reconciliation. Evidence can be introduced right after the topic sentence, for example. Click here to access the FULL version now! For example…. The anti-colonial position and purpose of the novel is powerfully clear. Discuss.

Piper and Andy (with a focus on Andy), Piper and Harry - the tiger quoll project. What to do: The pun “A new cycle” draws a direct link between cycling and advancement in society urging readers to view cycling in a positive light. The idea of vanity also pervades the sub-consciousness of both male and female protagonists. To find out more about this unique strategy, I’d recommend downloading a free sample of our How to Write a Killer Text Response eBook! Clashes of culture and morality occur, and as the British make the Igbo more dependent on them through introducing trade and formal education, the Igbo way of life is continually undermined. The best thing about English, in my opinion, is the same thing that brings it the most criticism – that there is no right answer. But if you can, try to find that balance between the two. Thus, Miller uses them to emphasise his allegory of the McCarthy trials, in which numerous people accused others of Communism based on their own fear of being charged by the Court.Â, Mass hysteria is one of the most significant themes of the play, as Miller depicts the entire town of Salem engulfed by the superstition of witchcraft and devil-worship. Here are some of the more interesting issues that would be a good starting point for your oral. Within each setting, events move inexorably [inevitably] towards a climax that marks an important turning point in Ibaraki’s life. Unlike Priam, Mandela seeks human connection, predicating his leadership on democratic ideals.

Darkness in the title acts as a metaphor for WW2 and the horror that affects nations and individuals alike. The text also explores the idea of displacement when Ibaraki loses his job and marriage, he also loses his sense of belonging. Other differences are characters who do not fit one race or the other as half castes. Or do men suffer as well? Why is the writer using particular language? So how do we elevate our essays to become more sophisticated and complex analyses that offer insight? Sometimes, the conventional structure of an English essay can weigh a student down, which is why bending those rules is a skill that, eventually, can prove the key to truly going above and beyond.

Metalanguage is essential in VCE essays, so ensure you are confident in this field. The darkness also suggests the moral darkness that implicated Japan of committing war crimes on innocent people in Unit 731 representing the depths of depravity they reached.

Well first of all, remember that we are comparing two articles. Combined with its fire imagery, this quote effectively foreshadows the drama that will unfold in the Salem court, in which Abigail and the girls will invent invisible spiritual forces to accuse innocents, in a court of “hot fire”, acting to “melt down all concealment”.Â, Hale says this to Parris when he first arrives in Salem from Beverley, after he is asked to inspect Betty for signs of witchcraft or possession by the devil. Analyse some of the narrative conventions (imagery, simile, metaphor, symbols, motifs, landscapes, language, etc.) As such, the play is not merely a play based on historically accurate events, but also an allegory of the disastrous consequences of McCarthyism. Trust me, planning is crucial to an A+ essay.

1. “For twenty week he preach nothin’ but golden candlesticks til he had them!” Are the leaders of the community misguided in The Crucible? Andy’s indignant stance against collaborating with the mining industry showcases his resilience in sticking to his moral code. Friends understand one another on an emotional level and provide support needed. This advocating for personal salvation is supported by the character of Hale, who undergoes a similar transformation. What are the key words/ ideas that you need to address? Typical VCAA. English is tough. While working at a Japanese hospital in the pearling port of Broome, Dr Ibaraki is arrested as an enemy alien and sent to Loveday internment camp in a remote corner of South Australia.

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