With six bedrooms, two full kitchens, and cozy living spaces, this is the ideal spot to head for an intimate wedding. An Airbnb offers the ability to have your ceremony venue, reception venue, and accommodations all wrapped up into one location, and according to Hernandez, they usually cost less than a traditional venue. You'll have so many location options, including the incredible 18th-century spiral staircase or nearby with the Dordogne River. Easily accessible by NYC subway and boasting an airy white interior replete with banjos at the ready, this Brooklyn loft is a hipster’s wedding dream.

This Airbnb is located on the sunny island of Hvar. This Massachusetts haven boasts romantic walking trails and a beautiful brick patio overlooking 20 rolling green acres and river beyond them (quite the tableau for reciting those vows). The manse is so deep into nature that you can’t even locate it with GPS. Couples can utilize multiple spaces on the property for their ceremony and reception, including indoor dining space for 16 in the Orangerie or plenty of space in the walled courtyard, complete with a covered dining terrace. We can just picture the all-white dress code! Check!

Plus, there's plenty of space both inside and on the rooftop patio with a view.

Fear not, as once you get there, there’s room for the whole wedding party to crash. And did we mention the beautiful on-site pond? If the listing doesn’t explicitly say, ask for permission. The property is complete with six cabins, offering room for a maximum of 16 guests to whisk away to the tip of Isla Cristobal surrounded by lush jungle. Escape to the riverfront woods in Washington with this waterfront lodge.

Head out to The Hamptons to tie the knot, but be sure you're booking a place in style.

If you’re a couple who is looking to escape to somewhere beautiful and secluded, then this Airbnb wedding destination is for you.

Check out these other places to. This decidedly upscale estate seamlessly melds outdoor with indoor living in true Cali style. The 19th-century property was gifted by Napoleon to one of his generals, boasting stunning views of the Pyrenees Mountains.

This estate is just beaming with English country charm, tucked away in Oxfordshire, United Kingdom. Hernandez says this can all depend on the Airbnb you're booking. Opting for an Airbnb can offer so much more than just a unique venue to tie the knot. (Though we’re partial to the freestanding stone window to the sea.). As with any venue, the cost depends on the location and timing, and Airbnb venue rates can range significantly, anywhere between $500 to $3000 per night. Hold your celebrations alfresco in the summertime, and local swallows, hummingbirds and black-tailed deer will likely join the wedding’s spectators. If you have guests traveling in, how far is the nearest airport?

Host your ceremony on the large deck and move the party to the lawn for dinner. “Airbnbs feel more intimate, and there are so many unique options, making it easy to do something you haven’t seen before,” says Erika Hernandez, owner of The Greatest Adventure Weddings. Be sure to check with your host before booking live music or a DJ for your reception. If the historic charm of this impeccably decorated estate doesn't convince you, then the idea of the most fairytale-worthy wedding photos certainly will. Constructed from a 200-year-old barn transported from Vermont, this luxury lakefront property is beaming with relaxed charm. Are there other accommodations nearby for guests if they aren't staying with you. Dine, toast and dance on a wisteria-covered patio while watching the kids run barefoot through meadows of wildflowers. Talk about the perfect spot for a garden wedding. With 11,000-square-feet of space, this villa can accommodate 24 guests. With venue costs accounting for a whopping 45 percent of the average total wedding budget, wouldn’t you like to see those pretty pennies go toward a spectacularly pretty locale? If your venue has a big deck or flat lawn, it may be the perfect spot for dinner, but you'll want to double-check with the host to be sure you can utilize that space.

We love the open windows that allow plenty of natural lighting for your getting ready photos and celebration photos together during your elopement. Rent 280-plus private acres of wild, beautiful land at this Yellowstone-chic and ultra cozy hunting lodge. Overall, ask the host your questions, but be sure to respect their role in your planning. This stunning piece of history offers room for up to 12 guests, providing the ideal spot for a destination castle wedding.

The manse is so deep into nature that you can’t even locate it with GPS. This immaculate historic gem offers the best of both worlds: Room to sleep up to 15 guests, as well as owners that serve as wedding coordinators for larger crowds. This treehouse in Fredericksburg, Texas is a unique Airbnb experience perfect for you and your partner. And don’t forget about the decorations as you’re planning your big day. Plan your ceremony on a dock overlooking turquoise-hued water, and extend the celebration with a weekend of adventure exploring the nearby coral reef, paddleboarding through a mangrove forest, or hiking to jungle waterfalls. Past cascading bougainvillea and an entryway arbor of white roses, guests will come upon a lush and private green oasis. Check! From the warmly elegant rooms to the grand-scale fireplaces harking back to another time to the whitewashed cathedral ceilings, this Suffolk country home would make Jane Austen weep. Fire up late-night pizza in the stone oven.

Have you considered eloping in Croatia? When flanked by towering mountains, green canyons, wild ponies and waterfalls, your nuptials will need little further embellishment.

And with a private gourmet chef available on-site, you could even plan to have your meals prepped for you as you relax in luxury. Ready to get your venue planning started? And as far as photos go? The exterior of this Airbnb is covered in ancient stone, but the interior is light and modern. Also, just to reiterate… it costs $300 for the entire night! Hold your celebrations alfresco in the summertime, and local swallows, hummingbirds and black-tailed deer will likely join the wedding’s spectators.

Hernandez suggests taking inventory of what’s available in-house before you bring in any rentals, such as covering existing tables in linens.

The old wooden walls and glorious views from the kitchen, oversee the ocean.

A private villa in Bali? “Respect the host’s time when it comes to questions, and if you move anything while on-site, be sure to put it back.”. The property offers expansive 360-degree views from large windows and multiple decks, along with plenty of space for an alfresco reception on the lawn. This historic space is complete with a bar and heat lamps, providing the perfect set-up for an outdoor rooftop wedding. Host your ceremony in the secret garden, complete with a handmade stone wall and gazebo, and take photos amongst the grapevines and many fruit trees on the property.

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