But there were very few spots in newspapers so reality set in and we realized that we’d either make a living in comic books or we would spend our entire life going to syndicates and getting rejected. His best known comics series, 'Mad's Fold-In' (1964) and 'Snappy Answers To Stupid Questions' (1965) were among the most iconic and oldest continuous features in Mad. He would go to the airport and sit there and sketch them all day long before he came back to paint them. Well, it took a long time. His famous fold-ins in Mad invited readers to fold the pages to read a secret message, while his 'Tall Tales' presented gags in a 7 inch (17.78 centimeters) vertical panel format. Did you like your experience in the service? Jafee was a mainstay in Mad for nearly 64 years. The second most famous comic strip by Jaffee is the less regular appearing 'Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions', which debuted in issue #98 (October 1965). The Sunday comics did a fantastic job for me and my brothers. He was their longest-running contributor, working for them since his debut in their pages in 1955 up until the final issue with new material in 2020! And they were selling so well in the stores that he took them to, including Macy’s, that a distributor came by and made him a terrific deal if he would let the distributor distribute them, and they were all over the country.

At 99, Al Jaffee Says Goodbye to Mad Magazine As a send-off for the cartoonist, the satirical publication has prepared an all-Jaffee issue that includes his final Fold-In. But the cartoonists benefitted because if Hearst or Patterson saw a comic he fell in love with he’d make an offer that a guy couldn’t refuse. And also they didn’t need to compete with anyone else except each other. To everyone's surprise his father arrived in Zarasai one year later and picked his sons up, back to the USA. Early comics influences Al was the only Humbug artist/co-owner whom I didn’t know, and our mutual pal Arnold Roth introduced me to him. Little Orphan Annie and Boob McNutt. At the insistance of the head of their syndicate he was forced to put text and speech balloons in, which made their success in several non-English newspapers far more limited.

In a half hour, we had one done. Over 2,200 episodes were drawn. Outside Mad, Jaffee drew the obscure newspaper comic 'Tall Tales' (1957-1963) and scripted 'Debbie Deere' (1966-1969) and 'Jason' (1971-1974).

The first thing I did was find an apartment in New York. I’d love to see those model sculptures.

I had a lot of good stuff. Jaffe Raitt Heuer & Weiss, P.C. Al Jaffee - Artist: Paul Moyse-Uk. I mean, I was at Eisner’s place for three or four months. He did not see the humor in drawing. And I’m thinking, “Why is he retiring at 99?” I could understand if you retired at 110, but 99 seems a little young.

I would have loved to have been a political cartoonist but could not do it.

After spending a year in the US, Jaffee was once again taken out of his comfort zone when his mother returned and took them back to Zarasai! Prior to that, were you working for Stan Lee?

Artist: Richard Williams It depicts a man happening upon a driver who has crashed into a tree. There were occasions when we were asked to do something that was humanly impossible, and that kind of irritated all of us — to go on a five-mile march before lunch, it really pissed us off. And he was hiring the people he liked. It can take up to 80 hours to create one A.JAFFE engagement ring and each creation must pass our 10 quality checkpoints. He grew up reading and adoring comics and displayed a knack for drawing as well.

And he said, “Great,” and he gave me some samples. Is that how you felt throughout your career? It was great. No, I never was a prima donna. You can’t put too much into your job, it’ll eat you up.


I’m not sure about that, Gary. This inventiveness later came in handy when he designed similar wacky gadgets for Mad.

In a 2010 interview, Jaffee said, "Serious people my age are dead." The 214th issue (March 1980) featured one where the inside and outside back covers could be held up to the light, creating yet another image. On 10 June 2020 Mad Magazine brought out issue #14, their final issue with new material. His other favorite pastime were comics.

Yes, a nervous breakdown. It’s still very appealing. Several of his comics and humorous articles feature wacky inventions and gadgets, explained in step-by-step procedures. [Laughter] And we got paid by the page. Well, maybe. He didn’t want to have assignments. Jaffee only made one film parody for Mad, 'Bullit' (issue #127, June 1969), for which he wrote the story, while Mort Drucker stood in for the drawings. What every cartoonist really wanted was the security of a syndicated feature. A.JAFFE Designer Engagement Rings, Mens Rings, Wedding Rings and … Al Jaffee was most famous as one of Mad Magazine's "usual gang of idiots". He is notable for his work in the satirical magazine Mad, including his trademark feature, the Mad Fold-in.

He was victim of antisemitism, bullying and even parental neglect, as his mother would often lock her children up so she could pray without being bothered.

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