I would never try to be cool with them.

She and Cydney found the locked box containing the idol. Once again, no respect for women. Jason finds the clue for the Idol. 11.4k Followers, 366 Following, 1,120 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Alecia (@afearlesslifeislimitless) The reason we lost the fire in the first place is because Scot and Jason agreed to get up during the night and maintain it. They did try and alienate me and stereotype me from day one. I might not have been a physical threat, but I’m a social threat. Alecia is best remembered for being constantly berated by her To Tang tribemates and for her poor performances in challenges. AH: I highly doubt they would do that. Finish: Alecia Holden. I made a bucket list of adventures I wanted to accomplish.

Was there something we didn’t see?

SK: What exactly happened in the scuffle between you and Jason when searching for the hidden Immunity Idol? I tried to find an Immunity Idol thinking there would be some type of twist. He wanted to be with strong people. They wanted to stay under the shelter and sleep all day. For all the stuff they said about me, I don’t feel like they really contributed around camp. So that’s on them. Alecia is best remembered for being constantly berated by her To Tang tribemates and for her poor performances in challenges. They are my heroes. They didn’t want to go fishing.

Alecia Holden I go straight to Scot to address the situation. You couldn’t see it as much on the show, but I still have a scar on my leg from it. Everything was wet. After To Tang lost the next Immunity Challenge on Day 6, Alecia's fate seemed set in stone.

I didn’t give up at all in the game. Real Estate Agent At Tribal Council that night, Alecia convinced her tribe that she could do much better in future challenges and that she could still reach her full potential.

Your body wears down. I’m not gonna lie to you. SK: Have you heard from either of them since the show started?

I went up and was like, “Do you want me to help you?” He was like, “No!” He throws the flint.

SK: After your tribe lost Immunity yet again, Jason suggested they hold an impromptu Tribal Council to vote you off immediately right there on the beach. After the close call at the last Tribal Council, Alecia was determined to prove herself.

They stereotyped me from the beginning and I don’t think they were ever wanting to give me a chance in the game with them. I won't cry or back down. Alecia, seeing a weakness in the majority alliance, and Cydney, having more loyalty to the men than the women, exposed Jennifer's plans. The challenge was just so hard.

3 Words to Describe You: (How would your friends describe you?) Gallery Alecia, tired of being bullied by Jason and Scot, attempted to stand up for herself in the argument.

Inspiration in Life: My grandpa and grandma are my inspiration in life.

No food. So what happened within those hours from the end of the challenge until Tribal Council actually started?

I think they threw the challenge to get me out because I’m a social threat. I was throwing up from dehydration before the Reward challenge. It’s not staged. Despite this, her tribe still considered her the weakest link. AH: Absolutely not. You didn’t agree to that idea, forcing them to have a formal elimination. Cydney got the rotten fruit, threw it on the ground and was like, “Don’t eat that. While everybody else was relaxing in the shelter on Day 4, she spent five hours attempting to make the tribe's fire and finally succeeded.

AH: So much was going on at once. When he does that, Jason throws me to the ground. I had to get down from the tree.

In the first episode, we’re on the boat and we’re grabbing all the items we can. It was rough out there. I would accept their apologies, but I would never try to hang out with them. He couldn’t get the fire to work.

Don't let the blonde hair fool you. Jason is just ruthless and has no respect at all for anyone. File:Screenshot_2016-03-03_at_1.56.17_AM.png, https://www.cbs.com/shows/survivor/cast/215179/, https://survivor.fandom.com/wiki/Alecia_Holden?oldid=577118, Alecia is the fifth castaway to receive votes from all of their original tribemates but not be voted out at their first.

To Tang

They didn’t want to go fishing.

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