A daughter wouldn't allow another woman in her mother's home. Uh nope... they were fighting to the death because the black kings and chieftains sold their own people into slavery ...Yelp I said it! He's not going to change his ways. Ish escalated and Dard ended up punching the man so hard he fell and hit his head, suffered permanent brain damage, and eventually died.

Why does she have to live with them? And if they werent here (thank God we still have every single last one of them still here, aside from again my aunt) then thats when their 5 kids come in at. Karma is a bich and she makes house calls. White gal going to let me hush ?........B Smith check your days please.

He should file for divorce and allow the man who will uphold his wife's dignity and deserving of respect to marry her. This stuff is just unnerving! But I did. But why she can't get a place around the corner somewhere?!?

He met this woman in 2017. Stating my opinion on a forum is going overboard, how so? Legal I hope he catch something while living his life. She's still comfortable in her own beautiful home not some managed care old folks home and being taken care of by her family. That has very little to do with this subject, although I suspect it has everything to do with the fake outrage. She just may BECAUSE she sees an intruder in HER house! He doesn't deserve anything! "Karma is a bich and she makes house calls" BEST LINE EVER! These two heathens deserve each other. It was an extra toothbrush in the bathroom and I used it to brush the dirt from under my fangernails. Thursday, January 31, 2019. Some have actually said it, means I made it , I am now a true success. From there, she earns a decent sum of money. People take shit too far. All that time and effort wasted. You dont want to spend your last remaining years being a nurse to your spouse but damn have some dignity and respect for yourself and B and her legacy.

He has his daughter and his side whore to take care of B.. HE told it all from his mouth! You don't take advantage of her condition then act like you're doing her a favor. Billy Lerner, the son of parking mogul, Jack Lerner is best known for his new age parking system business, iPark, and his non-profit, Billy4Kids. In this case he shouldn't get anything for taking advantage of the mentally impaired. Just want to punch her in throat and run his ass over. In January 2019, The Washington Post reported that B. Smith’s husband of 28 years announced his controversial relationship via Facebook. If you didn't want public conversation about your personal fckry don't put it out there. Legit. it is like he wants to shame "B" he does not have to be public with this women!

Reasonably, we cannot expect any spouse (man nor woman) to stay celibate or masturbate for that many years. first I seen you here though...:). This all makes more sense now. Since Alex left Dan, he has since deleted all photos of her from his Facebook. He’s also certified in pediatric first aid and has management experience at iPark. To throw people off. Travis Roy’s Girlfriend: Where Is Maija Langeland Now? HE put it out there. Ms. B needs to have a “Sundowning” moment that will cause her to slap the piss out this winch! If the current husband doesn't file for divorce, how could she just "get her another husband"? I can deal with him seeking an outlet and companionship while he cares for his wife. I think the majority of women are mad, angry, etc. How many children does Alex Lerner have . A cave bitch will plot until she gets it all. Where is this woman's family? However, Alzheimer's can take years to fully kill off a person. Facts About His Girlfriend, Isabel Pakzad, #snowday #snowpocalypse #blizzard2016 #houseparty #Harlem #Harlemglam #snowedin, A post shared by nyer30 (@nyer30) on Jan 23, 2016 at 8:07pm PST. So that narrative about black people selling their own people into slavery is WRONG! THIS! Its easier to judge then to live it! You do know the first Jews are and still are black people? B Snith is gone.... shes just happy to wake up everyday its all sad. he witnessed Alex Lerner “hit B. Smith’s hand” to chastise her. Tags: Alexandra Lerner, alternative lifestyle, Alzheimer's, B. Smith, celebrity couples, cheating husbands, Dan Gasby, infidelity.

Thanks for adding to my comment for anyone who reads and needs to know. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/faaff01cacccbd3c947c1cb47d787a6ed2012b761723327e7ae7468e47eb382b.gif. *hand on hip* BAYBEE! Well.. he’s so open about everything else..why not say this is what B wanted? he is her legal husband and looked at as ONE and that includes their money, investments, real estates, debt., and everything in between. DMCA | IDK man......this isn't right!! Nope, it's not easy. I'm confident enough that if my capabilities became limited, I could have that conversation with my husband about having another woman before I'm unable to give my consent. She was well known before she married that idiot!

Alex was once married to a white multimillionaire who has been accused of giving his model girlfriends herpes. HE told the world the loneliness was too much to bear. Even in college, I couldn't really do what I wanted to do because I had to get her kids so that she could go to work. She his mistress because he still married to someone else and she's his girlfriend. She may be ill, but has some sense of what's going on.

Alex is a beautiful woman with a slim body figure. Which is why I won't/can't/haven't followed this story. What is her occupation? Yup because all that niceness is a farce for the public eye and they be fighting like cats and dogs when they are alone. A cousin? Bossip Comment Policy Heffa had the good sense to stay her triflin self in the driveway…cause babyyyy….new wife’s 2 daughters were ready to drag her butt. It may come off that way, but I'm really not. If these two nutcases ment any good they would have kept their relationship on the downlow and not parade it on social media but they don't care. what are you talking about this is not a divorce situation at all but a marriage that took a horrible turn because one of them took a turn for the worse and the other that is still alright had to make some really difficult decisions that a lot of folks don't agree with BUT a marriage only involves two people not all these outside people with their personal thoughts. He's an a$$hole. We have had over 400 years to get over it yes I said it. They would later move in together. relationship goals 2 want a relationship just like theirs. Since then, her husband of 26 years, Dan Gasby, has been caring for her. I bet some women are scared 2 cough n cancelled all of their doctor appointments bcas if hubby find out u r ? Not necessarily true...not for me anyway. Back in early 2019, the Internet was disgusted to hear that B. Smith’s husband Dan Gasby, who was the caretaker of the legendary model/restaurateur, had seemingly moved his girlfriend (see: side chick) into their house.

A Living Will ends when you die..... Last Will and Testament is what everyone needs it dictates the way that that your assets will be distributed. Why I said my oldest daughter Dub24 gonna light folks ass ALIVE if this comes to pass for me.

Lerner, 53, justified her awkward situation by asserting "this is not a man cheating on his wife.". But I seriously doubt she would agreed to the totality of what is transpiring in the bedroom next to hers, the funds to support such behavior and etc. If he divorces her he will only get part of her estate.

It does matter. Having Alex there just adds more stress to all of the relationships. Helping her die quicker! When they met, Lerner was caring for her father, who was also suffering from the devastating form of dementia. So his wife is not dead but he is able to have another woman? How is he gonna disrespect this woman in her house with his heaux?

Nuff said. For this white woman to sit up in another woman's house with her husband is a new kind of low.

Girl, this toad has a lot of nerve. Alex gave Dan her number despite having met B in the past and knowing he was still married. He does everything else. On the other hand, her partner, Dan has a net worth around $1.4 Million as of 2019. WAGS, Breaking News This isn't it. Right now this is lopsided with his daughter from a previous marriage and his girlfriend. She probably forgets both them every couple days. does not matter. She lucky she found one dirt old enough to think she's a catch. I just dont see too many black older women moving into another sick woman house laying beside her husband at night. B. Smith probably thinks she's the maid...lol.

Karma doesn’t sleep Dan. yeah, don't throw me in no damn home and run off with the bish with all my money; lemme be in my bed and in my house. You seem just overly biter though so I doubt this make sense to you. That is what l always tell women about always trying 2 sound all cute he is my best friend n we see him treating his WIFE like a ROOMMATE. Ancestors and The most high can y'all please destroy Dan and his cave beast. Why should B.Smith financially support her husband's live in bitch?

Main reason it burns my grits because at the end of the day it's not hard to act like a decent human being. smh. That's mighty selfish of you. However, just like the husband found the mistress, he can find B a husband. You can watch Dan Gasby below, the comments start around the 17:20 mark. The two adorable couple is living a rich and affluent lifestyle and has maintained a prosperous manner of living. Karma would fluck around and let Dan kick the bucket first like "Bye Bich", I am sad to say it but you hit it dead on the head. Others have said stuff I wont repeat here, but I will say this, there are black women all over the world.So if you strike out with american sistas, look abroad.

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