Four and a half billion years, nobody here. No. Tell them I said I can live with that. Up to you.Melissa Lewis: Not this time.

Liftoff.Capcom: Good thrust. the room; and besides the bedstead and centre. It’s not real science. I understand. READ Reds Seating Chart View Level. I did not die on Sol 18.

[points to Sanders]Vincent Kapoor: He does.Mitch Henderson: Yeah, well, bulls**t. It should be Commander Lewis’s call.Teddy Sanders: We still have a chance to bring five astronauts home safe and sound. You take hydrogen, you add oxygen, you burn. Amazing job getting Pathfinder.

I need a picture of his face.Vincent Kapoor: Well, I could tell him to take off his helmet but then he’d, you know, die, so. And if by some miracle, none of that happens eventually I’m going to run out of food. It’s the meeting where they decide to destroy the One Ring.Teddy Sanders: If we’re going to call something “Project Elrond” I would like my code name to be “Glorfindel.”Annie Montrose: Okay, I hate every one of you. Climb that hill, first guy to do that. Mark Watney: This is space, it doesn’t cooperate. Melissa Lewis: We’re talking about mutiny here, which is not a word that I take lightly. [talking into the video]Mark Watney: Hello, this is Mark Watney, astronaut.

In space. [back at NASA as they try to find a way to rescue Watney quicker]Teddy Sanders: All right, let’s ask the very, very expensive question.Is the probe going to be ready on time?We’re behind.Teddy Sanders: Give me a number.Bruce Ng: 15 days. Mark Watney: So, everything they sent us up here with is flame-retardant with the notable exception of Martinez’s personal items. For redundancy, they sent 68 sols worth of food.

Bruce has three months to get the payload done. That’s more than enough space for one life. What do you think of The Martian quotes?

It is 06:53 on Sol 19 and I’m alive. Luckily the camera does spin, so I can make an alphabet. I’m calling it. Mitch Henderson: We need to tell the crew.Teddy Sanders: Mitch, we’ve discussed this.Mitch Henderson: No, you discussed this. What did they say when they found out I was alive?”[Kapoor doesn’t reply so Watney types “RU receiving? Okay, so here’s the rub. If we do the maneuver, they’d have to send the supply ship or we die. Yeah, my father was a Hindu, my mother’s a Baptist, so yeah, I believe in several.Mitch Henderson: We’ll take all the help we can get.Launch Control: Launch status check complete.Mitch Henderson: This is Flight.

But instead of three of these every one day, I’m now eating one of theseevery three days. He thinks he’s totally alone. Luckily, in the history of humanity nothing bad has ever happened from lighting hydrogen on fire. She knows the infrared can’t get through a sandstorm.Rick Martinez: She’s grasping for anything.Chris Beck: We’ve got negative contact on the proximity radar. Mark Watney: The problem is water.

RTGs are good for spacecraft, but if they rupture around humans no more humans, which is why we buried it when we arrived. Turns out he’s alive and we left him on Mars. This won’t exactly be an Algonquin Round Table of snappy repartee.Vincent Kapoor: Are you kidding me?Bruce Ng: Tim, Tim.Vincent Kapoor: Just point the camera.Tim Grimes: Roger that. Let’s get on CAPCOM and ask her directly right now.Teddy Sanders: No. [he turns off recording and drives off], Mark Watney: Good news, I may have a solution to my heating problem. In your face, Neil Armstrong. For other uses, see,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 27 October 2020, at 21:11.

And I was right. It owns the Hab, but the second I walk outside, I’m in international waters. It’s time, Teddy. Mark Watney: Now that we can have more complicated conversations the smart people at NASA have sent me instructions on how to hack the Rover so that it can talk to Pathfinder. And now, they’ve asked me to do that. We need them to concentrate on their mission.”[we see Watney looking visibly upset, through the Rover window we see him yelling “What the f***? I have no way to contact NASA. They could take over the Hermes from Mission Control.Melissa Lewis: Can you disable it?Beth Johanssen: Hermes has four redundant flight computers each connected to three redundant comm systems. I’d never know what the camera was pointing at.

We have the opportunity to force their hand.Beth Johanssen: So, are we going to do it?Melissa Lewis: If it was up to me, we’d already be on our way.Rick Martinez: But it is, though, isn’t it?

It portrays the value of patience, calmness even in the face of danger, and the ability to use your unique survival skills. That’s Problem A. NASA hates fire. en However, Sean Dooley of described "Our Song" as a snappy midtempo number. If I hack a tiny bit of code just 20 instructions in the Rover’s operating system NASA can link the Rover to Pathfinder’s broadcasting frequency and we’re in business. [to Vincent]Teddy Sanders: I’ll let you call Bruce, give him the news. Can we reduce?Vincent Kapoor: It actually only takes three days to mount the probe.

You want to see what minimal calorie count looks like? Matt Damon has perfectly done his role here. Could that detect Watney’s suit?Rick Martinez: It’s made to see the Hermes from orbit not a little piece of metal from a single suit.Melissa Lewis: Give it a try.Rick Martinez: Roger.Chris Beck: What is she thinking? It’s part of the OS, I’d have to jump over the code.Rick Martinez: Okay, but, like, in English, what would that mean?Beth Johanssen: I can do it.Melissa Lewis: Great. I’m the first person to be alone on an entire planet. I dug them up, being careful to leave their plants alive. I can barely see the Hab. Chris Beck: Commander, I know you don’t want to hear this, but Mark is dead. They check out.Alex Vogel: It’s a brilliant course. [after Watney loses his crops due to the airlock decompressing and blowing out his crops in this habitat]Vincent Kapoor: Crops are dead.

Mark Watney: Okay, so, success. Performance is nominal.Launch Control: The tail is giving good data.Capcom: She’s rock solid at this point, Flight. I now have 400 healthy potato plants.

So now it’s time to reap and re-sow. Problem B is this journey’s going to take me roughly 50 days to complete. They want constant updates on every Hab system and they got a room full of people trying to micromanage my crops, which is awesome. Okay. Crew made the decision on their own.Teddy Sanders: You may have killed them, Mitch. We ran the numbers. I mean, what are we going to say?

So here’s the cool part, I’m about to leave for the Schiaparelli Crater where I’m going to commandeer the Ares 4 lander. Melissa Lewis: Mark! [back on Mars Watney sees the camera point to “yes”]Mark Watney: Wooh! Kapoor clears everyone out the room before he replies to Watney], [we see Watney looking visibly upset, through the Rover window we see him yelling “What the f***? It’ll take six months to build it in the first place.Teddy Sanders: Three months.Bruce Ng: Three? Look, the point is, I’m not cold anymore. Chances are, we go home, they’ll court martial us.Rick Martinez: Oh, yeah, there’s that.Melissa Lewis: And for the rest of you guys I guarantee they will never send you back up here again.Chris Beck: Good. [he picks up a pen and stabs the end of it on Annie’s head]Annie Montrose: Ow!

They’ll want to hear all about our time here on Mars. Right now, the Hermes is headed towards you starting its month-long deceleration to intercept.

We’re fighting the same war. [Annie goes to stand at the spot he’s pointing to]Rich Purnell: Thanks. I’m entering this log for the record in case I don’t make it.

I’d have to disable remote override on each system. He is under a tremendous amount of stress. Vincent Kapoor: Just point the camera. Ini bukan macam perhimpunan pihak media di Meja Bulat Algonquin. [after Watney’s swearing being broadcast live across the world; Teddy is on the phone to the president]Teddy Sanders: Yes, sir. But instead, what I’m proposing is…[he starts going around Sanders]Rich Purnell: We start accelerating immediately to preserve velocity and gain even more. And rather than expel them they banished them to a nearby farm, told them to keep working. Also, it’s a lot roomier on the Hermes without you. That’s…Teddy Sanders: You’re going to say it’s impossible and then I’m going to make a speech about the blinding capabilities of the JPL team and then you’re going to do the math in your head and say something like, “The overtime alone will be a nightmare.”Bruce Ng: The overtime alone will be a nightmare.Teddy Sanders: Get started. The coolest one, though, the coolest one I got was from University of Chicago, my alma mater.

And I’m in a Hab designed to last 31 days. It can’t be our alphabet. [everyone starts cheering, but one of the controllers looks over to Henderson]NASA Staff Member: We’re getting a little shimmy, Flight.Mitch Henderson: Say again?NASA Staff Member: We are getting a very large precession.Vincent Kapoor: Are we good?Launcher Interface: Flight, it’s hitting the redline.NASA Staff Member: It’s spinning on the long axis around a 17-degree precession.Mitch Henderson: Launch, what’s happening?Guidance: Force on Iris is 7 G’s. Pics of : Algonquin Round Table Of Snappy Repartee. Your probe plan won’t work. Copy that.

[4] It may combine word play with conceptual thinking, as a kind of verbal display requiring attention, without intending to be laugh-aloud funny; in fact wit can be a thin disguise for more poignant feelings that are being versified. If an earthquake levels a city, people all over the world send emergency supplies. [Watney starts typing and they read it back in NASA]Tim Grimes: “Glad to hear it. Mark Watney: Every human being has a basic instinct to help each other out.

Mark Watney: What do we got? [1][2] Forms of wit include the quip, repartee, and wisecrack. F-word, again, is wrong with you?”Vincent Kapoor: “Mark, please watch your language. In four years, when the next Ares crew arrives, I’ll have to be there. And luckily, I have the greatest minds on Planet Earth, really, all of the brainpower on the entire planet helping me with this endeavor.

Teddy Sanders: Send Watney enough food to last till Ares 4 or send Hermes back to get him right now.Vincent Kapoor: Both plans require the Taiyang Shen, so we have to choose.Annie Montrose: But what about the Hermes crew?

I left him behind. We either have a high chance of killing one person or a low chance of killing six people. [Sol 186 – after the probe explosion Marks types out a message for Lewis]Mark Watney: Commander Lewis, I may need you to do something for me. How’s the crew? I’m going to have to science the s**t out of this. Yeah, I’m going to get back to work here, just as soon as my ears stop ringing. F-word in gerund form. What the F-word. Chris Beck: No. [Watney chuckles to himself as he reads Marinez’s message and then types out his reply]Mark Watney: Dear Martinez, Mars is fine. What does that do to a man, psychologically? But as long as I don’t break it, I almost just said “everything will be fine” out loud. every three days. And by the way, none of this matters at all if I can’t figure out a way to make contact with NASA. Incoming. Best guess I forgot to account for the excess oxygen that I’ve been exhaling when I did my calculations. Five guys at Caltech were trying to make rocket fuel and they nearly burned down their dorm. [Henderson meets with Sanders]Teddy Sanders: Annie will go before the media this morning and inform them of NASA’s decision to reroute the Hermes to Mars.Mitch Henderson: Sounds like a smart move, considering the circumstances.

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