Furthermore, people continue to claim that bizarre, multi-colored strobe light effects flashing inside the mist are making them feel nervous. The last thing they’d hear would be their loved one let out a horrible shriek of terror and then no trace would be left of them. I read the headline, the year being 1936 according to the paper's date, and I felt a pang of fear churn inside of me. People come from all over to ride its endless trails with ATV. There are a large number of ghost towns in the world that have been abandoned by their original denizens, but this one had a peculiar history. You’re the angel of The Ghost Town! “STRANGE FOG SPOTTED IN MIDDLE OF ANGEL LAKE”. I believe that secretly my friend was pointing at places and objects just to fool me into thinking he wasn’t afraid, but the truth is, it was so powerful I could sense it.

     • Watchmaker & Jewelry Store Finally, our eyes landed on a small, dark town located at the end of this virgin forest. People of Angel Lake seemingly fall under some sort of inexplicable trance that lures them into the deadly fog and do not return.

I noticed that the trees and plants around Angel Lake appeared dead, grotesque and lifeless. Before I even looked, I had the feeling of just wheeling around and running out of this demonic town as fast as possible. There were numerous front page articles taped to the walls and two windows looking out into a large tarn. It had become abandoned and everything was dropped as if something sudden had happened. • Barbershop I didn’t even notice that at first, and I quickly put it down and picked up the next newspaper. Eventually, we began to spot unpleasant little ancient run-down cottages here and there scattered around the now-dirt roads.

• Barbershop

The more we gazed at it, the more we felt slightly afraid. All I remember was my friend screaming something at me and I instinctively whirled around and ran along with him, tripping over what I formerly thought were treasures of this old town. The Angel Lake Scenic Byway is a spectacular 12-mile route through beautiful landscape, offering plenty of options for hiking, picnicking and camping. To us, ghost towns held mysterious and fascinating stories of the past that no textbook could ever capture. Expect to see over 25 historic buildings including: • St. Stephen's Church The authorities have promptly begun evacuations of the town. Featuring stories at the Olde Angel Inn, iconic Courthouse and Prince of Wales Hotel.

Between the two of us, however, my friend was the more superstitious. People say it seemed to have come from nowhere and witnesses who live nearby claim to hear strange and frightening noises coming from the lake itself. • Watchmaker & Jewelry Store • Blacksmith Shop • Bottle House Potable water, picnic tables and restroom facilities are available at the campground. It seemed to slither like a giant snake, as if searching for something or some other horrible thing. We are still shaken by it, and even hearing the name “Angel Lake” makes us shudder with regret and loathing of that place.

Séances, secrets and dark history at the centre of the only war fought in Canada. People are claiming that a few of their loved ones have gone outside to stare at the mist and, as if under some sort of hypnosis, went into the foggy depths and never came out. You can sometimes spot mountain goats, take binoculars. En route to Angel Lake, the byway's end, the surrounding mountains feature scarps and spires shooting into the sky. It even contained a post office, a school, a train depot, and a hotel. • Jail & Sheriff's Office But what added even more fear to this already horrible situation was that, in the air, there was a noxious, vomit-inducing odor that I had never smelled before. Local law enforcement and fishermen have attempted to go out and see what the source of this unexplainable mist is, but they claimed there seems to be a horrible odor emitting from it that prevents them from getting closer.

This one was dated November 5th. The ride to Angel Lake is scenic you can see for 20 miles. pioneer days of the Located northwest of Wells, this place was once home to around 700 people in the early twentieth century. It seems that way as it is not receding at all but has instead grown thicker. I felt myself grinding my teeth in nervousness. Hume & Co. General Merchants The more I peered at it, the more I envisioned unspeakably abominable things hidden beneath it. Ample free parking available.      • St. Stephen's Church Instead, he seemed to believe that not everything had a truly scientific explanation and that there were many things in this life that the scientific method alone couldn’t explain no matter how much we wanted to. We couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity! The trees, plants, and grass appeared gloomy and moist from rain that had fallen a few days earlier, and any animals we heard around were furtively scurrying or climbing up tall, black trunks. Every building has its own story… Ltd. We both bounced various factoids of knowledge about what we specialized in. This foolish decision did not come from just the urge to explore. With the horror beginning to take hold of me, I stared out the window and I observed the most bizarre and unexplainable phenomenon.   Behind us, strange strobe-like lights began to flash intensely and somewhat menacingly, as if it had located us and had a purpose of catching up to us. During the drive, my friend and I eagerly discussed our theories about eerie Angel Lake. This last article was dated November 14th.

It was like multi-colored lightning shining furiously inside a storm cloud. Miles and miles of road stretched on, and with each mile, the road became less maintained, cracked, and cared for. The dam you'll see was built in the 1900s, and the water is still used today to irrigate surrounding farm valleys, eventually flowing into the Humboldt River. It is a living thing. This pristine alpine lake offers visitors a chance to see wildlife like bighorn sheep, pronghorns, and mountain goats as well as outdoor recreational activities like camping, fishing, hiking, and stargazing. At this point, my friend entered the editor’s office and I immediately cried out and dropped the newspaper as he called out to me.

It is uncertain where they go to or if they’re even alive anymore.      We had traveled during the late afternoon hours so that by the time we arrived at Angel Lake, it would be evening. google_ad_slot = "9255630972"; There was a large stack of newspapers on top of it neatly arranged and untouched. At the top of the road sits Angel Lake Recreation Area, a 26-site campground and popular site for day use and picnicking. At night, as I lay there with my mind filled with horrible thoughts, I wonder if the people who inhabited Angel Lake had indeed escaped from that monstrous fog or if it had “eaten them” as that mysterious message in the typewriter had said. The remaining four miles to the lake are steep and windy, and you’ll notice how the terrain changes with increasing altitude. I would highly advise anyone to steer clear of Angel Lake and let it rot. I know I will never live that experience down.

I then tuned my attention back to the newspaper once again and began to read. Other than a very small number of online articles and one or two history books, the most that’s been said about it is that it was established sometime in the 1800s, the town is named after the lake that resides by it, and was mysteriously abandoned in 1936. It felt amazing for a brief second.

The Frontier Ghost Town has been so good to us! Not wanting to touch it due to me desiring to leaving everything as authentic as possible, I stood over the device and read the hardly legible text smeared on it. The sounds were enough to drive anyone mad if they heard them long enough. • Colarch's Tobacco Shop As I was searching through the desks and ground, my eyes suddenly landed on an old typewriter at the corner of the room. The scent was enough to make me cough and gasp and my eyes water. Sometimes, we’ve read that there is little to no evidence as to why a town is utterly abandoned.      Was it just an elaborate hoax?

No one also has ever claimed any lineage from there either. There are the obvious more logical explanations; shortage of crops, famine, drought, rebellion, or sometimes simply the desire to move on. Stirred by this strange tale and being lovers of history and folklore, my friend and I decided to travel to Angel Lake to explore it and perhaps discover why the folks of the place had moved elsewhere. He turned to me and asked if I was coming along and what I was waiting for. 3 Valley Gap Heritage Ghost Town gives you the opportunity to relive the colourful

Naturally, we were willing to take anything with supernatural qualities attributed to it with a grain of salt.      • Seniors - $12.00 (ages 65 +)

Wildflowers in the Angel Creek Campground. Each article was dated only days later from the one I just read, and I quickly snapped them all up in chronological order.

Panoramic view of the valley from the Angel Lake Road. You can catch this state byway at the intersection of I-80 and US 93 in the town of Wells.           The fog, although of unknown origin, has been considered dangerous by the town officials.

The streets were filled with old architecture and desolate houses. The bodies of cattle, birds, and various other assorted animals are discovered dead near the deadly mist.

Very little is actually known about Angel Lake itself. I joined him there at the other window. I placed that nerve-shattering article back on the table and arranged the newspapers back in the way I found them, and perhaps the way they had been for decades. It’s believed that dark occult practices had gone on there for centuries and that may be the cause for the elusive disappearances and subsequent abandonment. With North America’s oldest legend, a mystery at the Apothecary, the theatre ghost scaring audiences and a mansion that makes cameras go crazy. It makes me nervously consider the possibility that perhaps the people had indeed disappeared within that fog and not fled. Can we all take a minute to appreciate the place that has made Crystal Lake so special these last two years? I just stared at it, mindlessly and wide-eyed. Everything appeared barren and without life.   To my surprise and horror, it seemed to be a sort of note hastily written up by some unknown typist. There were still signs from old shops hanging up, and the residential homes still had wooden furniture on their verandas.    • Golden Wheel Saloon

You absolutely need to. I leave this note here to warn anyone who is foolish enough to come here. If any animals were making noises, they were hardly detectable other than a brief rustling of grass. It wasn’t in the sense of him reading and following horoscopes or believing in magical horseshoes or something ridiculous like that.

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