I increased the resolution of the kz.png texture map therefore making each individual image higher resolution. Either works.

If you’d like, you can direct message me on my Twitter (www.twitter.com/sgt_sauris) and we can work together to possibly find a fix to whatever issue(s) there may be. ME ENCANTO ESTE MOD, more picture pls , this is the greatest addon i ever saw.

):O. Hi great looking pack im having a problem whenever i place a painting it puts it on the wall but it is invisible. thank you for improving my life.

Could you add another character? Feel free to follow me on various social media @sgt_sauris –> Twitter and YouTube, Also please check out my other addons here! Minecraft Painter Maker version 3.1. Tweet. Please also make sure to add this resource pack in at the TOP of the list for full functionality with other texture packs. Some artists may prefer their social media handle, others may prefer their real name or stage name. All rights reserved. Removed old download files. , cast this world into the sun and let it burn BRUH ARE YOU BLIND, Absolutely magnificent I appreciate your work.

When trying to get it into Minecraft, it says something about an unnamed pack. And which file specifically? Of course, permission from the artist themselves to include their work is always best. Best of luck! Hooray! 1.8.9 (Forge): Nice choice for secret character. Complete redesign of the description. Im trying to make femboy hooters in minecraft and need traps paintings for this to be possible so that is my only request other than that its perfect. Updated Texture Pack UUID for latest version. Related.

However, at least you have anime paintings in your Minecraft world now!

Cool dude did attack on titan pictures though. If so may i request one? However, if I find a way to add even more, or if I make another pack altogether, I’ll definitely consider. , Less memes more anime paintings That's a crazy number. I had to shell out $3.99 in order to test out the reported issue with a different texture pack being imported to Realms. It turns out my pack had the same UUID as that other pack Guest-5964757231 mentioned in the comments below. If you discover any bugs or have any issues with the resource pack, the best way to let me know is through a private message on Twitter. Minor bug fixes with images clipping into each other.

I really like this! Hi this is a nice texture pack for paintings but its almost perfect just add borders or frames around to be a more like a painting or pictures , How’d you make the pictures look so good and not so pixelated? I mean what’s this for?.. Zip file download on the way! Strange issue. I’ll let the over 8000 total downloads answer that question for you , This lad is trying to be a smart one eh? Thanks in advance!! That would work too. Oh, and by the way, thank you all for over 30,000 total downloads. A higher resolution version of the pack with some more paintings is on the way Thank you for your feedback! by bowsywowsy. I just tested the latest version ( Anime Paintings v1.0.2.mcaddon [LATEST VERSION} (Mediafire Download) ) in the v. beta on Windows 10 and it worked fine.

If you would like to see another Anime Paintings resource/mash-up pack feel free to reach out to me on Twitter, other social media, or comment below with suggestions for anime you’d like to see in it. All creations copyright of the creators. Thank you, you have improved my experience and im so thankful.

Like the 11th picture in the screenshots!! The character is Senko from The Helpful Fox Senko-san. This addon should work with any version of Minecraft Bedrock Edition that supports paintings past v1.13.0. (If u can add sao pls), this gave me stroke but ok(Btw i won the NNN), i want to use this texture pack on my realm but when i put it on, it installs this other texture pack which changes stuff such as the beds and zombies when i just want the paintings changed, You can change it, i notices that, just go to the resource packs and theres 2 packs, one with paintings, and one with the sounds and body pillows. Hai and thank you for making this! Now... With MORE PIXELS?! Why is this addon on mcpedl? I made some Anime Paintings of popular characters from Anime for Minecraft. Like… A couple of them are PG at most.

aHahahH ThE FirSt oNe oN thE tOp LeFt AHhaHhhahaha. Hey! There are 26 paintings. the secret character is lesion from rainbow, I Like How Everyone Is Complaining About The 11th Painting And Not The 18th, Like, The Girl In The 18th Is About 14Yr Old XD. Hey…add Nisekoi and The God Only Knows anime painting or make it a seperate mcpack…. Thank you my mom threw me out of the house I’m homeless now lol, I’m sorry to hear this. As long as you are not making direct profit/income off of the artist’s work without their permission, you are generally fine. Nevermind actually I found a way to download, alls good, Alright. How did u add high pixel photos to the paintings? Just tested the “Anime Paintings v1.0.2.mcaddon [LATEST VERSION} (Mediafire Download)” in v1.14.0 on Win10 and no errors came up. Thank you for your comment.

Or, if you just have a suggestion for another addon/resource pack entirely, feel free to let me know through any or all of the previously mentioned methods as well! For me just works 3 images, how i can fix it? Please let me know if there are any further issues . After changing the UUID and updating the files everything seemed to work on my end.

All of the default paintings are now changed! (It’s a genuine question I have no idea how). :) Or 499 people donating $0.01. It should automatically launch and import the addon into Minecraft. It has inappropriate content and other banned photos!

Oh shaw you have nothing to learn get out of here while you still can. Glad you installed it alright.

WARNING: This resource pack IS NOT compatible with any other resource packs that make changes to paintings. As far as my knowlege goes there is no 3rd party add-on support available for Mac users. My favorite Anime……….Nisekoi and The God Only Knows!!!!!And……Manga(Pokémon)…. If you are on Windows 10 or Mobile, you should be able to download the .mcpack file and just launch that.

The biggest thing is not so much crediting the artists (although you really should credit them where/when you can) but more so not taking credit for other people’s work.

This mod will replacing hurt, death and attack sounds to moaning sound. When you have time, could you please alter it so it could be used for a Mac? And please don’t thank me. I love console users too! Published on August 19, 2019 (Updated on July 31, 2020). All I did was resize pictures, create a manifest file, and upload it to the internet and MCPEDL. I mean, why do people buy posters for movies or TV shows they like in real life? Good texture but can you give the sauce of the photos you know for research, the new one dosnt work but the old one does. Or maybe just have a zip file download? This texture pack changes ALL of the paintings in Minecraft to higher resolution anime related ones instead. The texture pack doesn’t work on realms. i’m here just for jojo’s bizarre paintings. However, if I find a way to add even more, or if I make another pack altogether, I’ll definitely consider. Feel free to contact me if you would like one of the older files. People like Anime.

I really like this texture.

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The latest hot-fix should now have fixed this issue. Can you please add mysterious girlfriend x and happy sugar life and high school dxd plsssssss I beg u, Hey bro i’m not able to download this pls help me out_ i realy love anime, Feel free to contact me via private message on Twitter. What do I set is as to make it appear, I can’t see it but my friends can. Please let me know below, or preferably on my Twitter (www.twitter.com/Sgt_Sauris) if you have any further issues. Features.

This is cursed I don’t want a anime ass. “GET OUT OF MY ROOM, I’M PLAYING MINECRAFT!!”. Added READ ME.txt to the pack with important information in it for other content creators/tinkerers who'd like to learn from my work. Could do more of these like with other animes? As the addon is rather high resolution. But v1.0.1 works fine! You should definitely add some high school dxd characters like Rias or Akeno this is a really good mod though, EASILY 928470284 STARS, EPICO, THIS IS CULTUREEEEEEEEEEE, yes Iwwowo he need to Delete them my nick is Nekokittycat, That is not fine i love Anime and i do not like in porbet imag i like clean Anime so re move them to clean one, WELCOME TO THE INTERNET THE MESS UP LAND ON EARTH, hay you you are gross yes you Sgt Sauris you put in poreit imag that is not good for kids too see im 18 year old and i do not like it so make it PG, Rest assured, I tried submitting a pack that was TV-MA and it was denied. 10000+ Best Review Picture of Painting in blacktronica.com, Minecraft how to make a painting 2020 minecraft how to make a painting 2020 paintings nova skin paintings nova skin minecraft how to make a painting 2020, Character creator now in bedrock beta minecraft better paintings resource pack minecraft pe texture packs painting press bibliocraft anime paintings v1 2 realms fix again minecraft pe texture packs minecraft banners create and customise shields pcsn. Also, not that I am desperate, but if 5 kind strangers could spare $1.00 to cover my costs for testing by donating at the link above that would be great. I’ve been poisoned.

Next Post Next post: Fastest Painting … Love It Tho, more jojo please I was just searching for waifu pillow resource pack, results are mods... so i made this Only the latest are now available. There are other videos with similar methods online if you look. Thank you! I’d need more info to properly analyze the issue. Make sure to use nearest neighbor when upscaling as well.

Inappropriate content, slightly.

I’m not even being sarcastic either.

If you would like, you can direct message me on Twitter if it would be easier to communicate there (https://www.twitter.com/sgt_sauris). If you discover any bugs or have any issues with the resource pack, the best way to let me know is through a private message on Twitter. Resubmitted the addon under the texture pack category, and not the addon category. Bnha, tokyo ghoul, fairy tail, one piece,death note y’know Great texture pack tho dude!!! None of these photos exceed the age rating of PG (Parental Guidance Suggested). Browse and download Minecraft Painting Texture Packs by the Planet Minecraft community. i have this one problem unfortunately this doesn’t work on realms.. but other addon paintings works well except this.. Look whos talking everyone grow up to be a pervert i am talking faxs kid, PODRIAS SUBUVIR EL MOD DE ONLINE PICTURES PLS Quick question, how do you input the zip into Minecraft. –> https://mcpedl.com/user/sgt_sauris/. Everyone knows you like it, stop complaining lad, because why the heck are you here if Literally the first picture you’ll see is what you said, Thank you for blessing us with this Devine art. This addon is not for profit. Quality isn’t below 100% though. Why bro, imagine you playing minecraft with your friend and when u go to his home; open the door; he says no, you go back at night and in his bedroom you see that…, I think I got a friend that have painting in his house I wonder what happens when turn it on and his GF visit my friend in Minecraft go to his house and I think my friend might say UUUUUMMMMM I CAN EXPLAIN, NEW VERSION DOESNT WORK ON REALMS, FORCES A DIFFERENT PACK.

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