This song is the first one to go for if you have an elderly in your team, or "gori tera gaanv bada pyaara". Coca Cola Tu Listen to Antakshari Music Playlist on But after a while, you start running out of antakshari songs to sing with, especially ones starting with the letter ‘A’.

Look, you have to play Antakshari with all the focus. 15 Facts & Events that Happened in this Month. Tumse love. A must have app for singers who love to play Antakshari. Yaara O Yaara is a favorite one, apparently, following which comes "Yaar mere Yaara mere yaarum". This evergreen song sung by Asha Bhosle is just too enticing to not sing in an antakshari game.

Coca Cola Tu is an incredibly catchy song that even your opponents wouldn’t be able to help themselves from singing along and grooving. If you haven’t, then you need not worry. Your email address will not be published. This song is so nursery-nostalgic! The antakshari is always fun to play with your friends and family. Hope you enjoyed reading and refreshing the classic Antakshari memories!

Taking things on a more serious and emotional note, this song about friendship and love is also too touching to forget.

Do you want to be the one to do all the teasing? If you miss songs like these, the opposition will take advantage, and you can't let that happen! However, it’s all fun and games till you lose and they start teasing you and calling your team a bunch of losers. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Several other great antakshari songs are starting with the letter ‘A’. Love. However, if you’re looking for something more exciting than antakshari this lockdown season, HomeStars Rapchik is your best bet. Required fields are marked *. Antakshari playlist have 15 songs sung by Lata Mangeshkar, S. P. Balasubrahmanyam, Usha Mangeshkar, Shailender Singh, Hemant Kumar, Mukesh, Mohammed Rafi, Shamshad Begum, Geeta Dutt, Kishore Kumar, Asha Bhosle. While this may not be as groovy as the previous ones, it is certainly a beautiful song with mesmerizing lyrics. When a group of friends get together, it’s hard not to play the antakshari game. Aunty, way to go! Places to visit in Dubai that you simply can’t ignore!! You don't need to even think of this song, like literally. Sau … Lyric List Games | Song Quiz. Give me. That's out of the question, even … Zindagi ek "suffer".. And hoodling! Here is the ultimate antakshari songs list starting with the letter ‘S’ to completely own the game. If you want to know them all, you can install the Flutin app and prepare yourself for the next game there itself. This is also one of the most popular antakshari songs starting with the letter ‘A’. This song has proven to have a 99.99% success rate of being the first Antakshari song of all times and tell me if I'm wrong! That's out of the question, even when you have a Antakshari-Nazi who would say that the song start from "aaaa" and "ooooo". Udi Udi Jaye. So, 'ह' se Hamma Hamma and rightly so. Love. It will definitely become one of your favourites.

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Do you always run out of songs to sing that start with the letter ‘A’ at an antakshari game? Yeah, there are some cool people out there who don't like to start with the conventional and sing this song instead. Coca Cola Tu Thus, you will definitely fall in love with this song and remember to sing it at every antakshari game. This is a very popular and classic song that you must have heard before. Khuda Jaane – Bachna Ae Haseeno; Teri Ore – Singh is Kinng; Kabira – Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani; Tumhi Ho Bandhu – Cocktail; Daru Desi – Cocktail; Be Intehaan – Race2; Wedding Sangeet Songs List. The age old game” Lets Antakshari” celebrates the power of music. 'ह' se Hamma Hamma, and you should think next time you get the same letter. Love. (In fast forward motion). Songs List: Feel Good Hindi songs. I think this is the most ear-soring song of the whole of Antakshari time. 2.

Coca Cola Tu is an incredibly catchy song that even your opponents wouldn’t be able to help... 3. We are sure that you must have heard this one before. Ruk. Bhangda Pa is an absolute fun song to sing with your team and take your opponent by surprise. And, this song has special ability to make everyone sing along. We know you can count Miss. So, while you’re deep into the antakshari, you may take a moment to express your patriotic feelings. This is a great and fun song to sing at the antakshari game. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This is one song that we are sure you must be familiar with. Ex- Songs starting with letter C. ~ 3 Way Search * Songs can be searched in 3 ways: By song name, by lyrics & by movie name. Huaaaa." You would think about this game, and you are sure to think of a "shaadi" scenario and of course, Annu Kapoor. You are in the team, you are in the opposite team, you are no team, you don't know the song, you know?

Humming your favourite songs with your loved ones has a different feel to it.

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