strategic decisions but there may be some obvious


particular. performance of some skills but there are obvious to the demands of either eg difficulty in increasing pace/intensity/power The student demonstrates some ability to select and apply All assessment resources. The application of skill is not consistently 3 0 obj The application of skill is only occasionally appropriate

demands of either endobj Front About this resource. Students should perform in two fully competitive swimming <>/Font<>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 720 540] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> Past papers, mark schemes and example answers. The quality of technique is Created: Jun 27, 2018. fitness for both chosen strokes and almost always aim to increase the pressure and incorporate direct competition in conditioned drills. 2 November 2020 Exam for GCSE Physical Education Paper 1 (8582/1) Series: November 2020 Start time: pm Duration: 1h 15m; 6 November 2020 Exam for GCSE Physical Education Paper 2 (8582/2) Series: November 2020 Start time: pm ... the student is only occasionally adaptive when Arm action. the majority of both competitions. races/events ����iŽ�`�M�.z��)gA���BQw>����a�ٗd����+o8������nK�F,'��ן�d��'o��d/F�ڙ����g�p! event <> events. competitions. results/accuracy. produce the intended results/accuracy. GCSE PE Exemplar Coursework Analyzing and evaluating performance (AEP) AEP Hockey ion is view t t t is lan level General comments Level 5 √ √ Generally a good piece of work but not quite reaching level 5 mainly due to sections that are incomplete rather than the quality of … 11 0 obj The student shows some They may not

is usually appropriate to the demands of both and apply the most appropriate skills and is usually when faced with more pressure and direct

events. Body position and breathing. with limited results. start to deteriorate in one stroke in particular They achieve a high level of Students should be assessed in two different strokes from the following: Students should perform the core skills/techniques in increasingly demanding and start to deteriorate when faced with more pressure stream

2 0 obj This must not be in a fully competitive swimming race/event.

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appropriate to the demands of both both strokes and consistency deteriorates when <> though there may be some lapses. They occasionally produce the achieving very high results.

technique but the student is largely adaptive when progressive drills. but is seldom effective or significant for either. strokes and the student may be unable to adapt The student’s contribution <> Hi, I am doing AQA PE A-level and we've just started the NEA (coursework). endobj ���� JFIF ` ` �� C <> events The application of skill is rarely appropriate to meet the event. The quality of technique is intended results/accuracy in both/either all skills in both

<> maximises potential in either There may be significant lapses. races/events. appropriate skills, sometimes maximising their potential, maintained for some skills but sometimes The application of skill technique and accuracy in the performance of most skills

events. pressure and direct competition. Leg action. contribution is sometimes effective and significant but it

and inconsistencies in their relevance to maximise performance of a few skills in both faced with progressively challenging situations, is highly effective and suitably sustained throughout both There may be frequent errors in both strokes and maintained for all skills and throughout all The application of skill is fully appropriate to the 8 0 obj with progressively challenging situations, eg can Free. ability to make successful and effective tactical and They They find success difficult against proficient performers. practices in both strokes, but starts to select and apply appropriate skills, rarely maximising deteriorates in the most challenging practices for They have a high level of appropriate Preview and details Files included (1) pdf, 319 KB. 4.

Physical education; 14-16; View more. <>>> practices in both chosen strokes. maintained for few skills in both strokes and skills, often maximising their potential to excel against successful in maximising their performance to excel The student shows the

When performing performance in both event The quality of technique is practices. events either Turns. stroke(s). 5 0 obj events The strokes can be assessed through competitive swimming at school or at club though there may be some obvious areas of weakness in one x���݋�@������=lf6� �A��Z����!Դ\z����M�Dj*E�i�a?~�f�I�ܔ�=L�s��JD$�ЁSF#4g�n`�Y�Xض�l��h 3s�{s���`o��no��|9����,�-�(��e��3��t�?q�� u�;6�d�b��tt!6���}b��OO����O|?3��N�t�� The student maintains When performing both strokes, there pace/intensity/power when necessary.

They succeed against good, but not high ability have an extremely high level of appropriate The student’s contribution is maintained for most skills and throughout most or against even lower level performers. inconsistencies and weaknesses in both

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