When it was time to submit our school choices to the city, we put down all four of the schools we visited. But I have no doubt my parents’ decision to pull me out of my segregated neighborhood school made the possibility of my getting from there to here — staff writer for The New York Times Magazine — more likely. The reporter for the New York Times credits her own success in part due to the fact her African-American parents chose to have her removed from a segregated school and therefore, feels … Others are struggling over what to do. “It was one of the best schools in the district,” she reminisced, sitting in a worn paisley chair. “We adopt schools from China, Korea or wherever,” Fariña told the room of parents. And I am ashamed of that.”. In addition, the Obama administration released guidelines in 2011 that explicitly outlined the ways school systems could legally use race to integrate schools. http://mobile.nytimes.com/2016/06/12/magazine/choosing-a-school-for-my-daughter-in-a-segregated-city.html. These schools are disproportionately white and serve the middle and upper middle classes, with a smattering of poor black and Latino students to create “diversity.”.

WordPress | These children from the projects learned Mandarin, took violin lessons and played chess.

“It was always right in front of our faces,” says Lander, a representative from Brooklyn, whose own children attend heavily white public schools. So we argued, pleading our cases from the living room, up the steps to our office lined with books on slavery and civil rights, and back down, before we came to an impasse and retreated to our respective corners. To accommodate the surging population, P.S. 8 had turned its drama and dance rooms into general classrooms and cut its pre-K, but it still had to place up to 28 kids in each class. Choosing a School for My Daughter in a Segregated City – The New York Times View article HERE! But I also believed that it is the choices of individual parents that uphold the system, and I was determined not to do what I’d seen so many others do when their values about integration collided with the reality of where to send their own children to school. We found ourselves relieved at how well things were going. Public education in a racially homogeneous setting is socially unrealistic and blocks the attainment of the goals of democratic education, whether this segregation occurs by law or by fact.” The head of the Board of Education undertook an investigation in 1955 that confirmed the widespread separation of black and Puerto Rican children in dilapidated buildings with the least-experienced and least-qualified teachers.

But what went on inside the school was unlike what goes on in most schools serving the city’s poorest children. 307 was a very different place from what it had been, but Najya was thriving.
We live in Bedford-Stuyvesant, a low-income, heavily black, rapidly gentrifying neighborhood of brownstones in central Brooklyn.

I knew this because from the moment we arrived in New York with our 1-year-old, we had many conversations about where we would, should and definitely should not send our daughter to school when the time came. The walls were papered with the precocious musings of elementary children. He urged the nation to focus on improving segregated schools by holding them to strict standards, a tacit return to the “separate but equal” doctrine that was roundly rejected in Brown. In the spring of 2014, when our daughter, Najya, was turning 4, my husband and I found ourselves facing our toughest decision since becoming parents. I didn’t know any of our middle-class neighbors, black or white, who sent their children to one of these schools. Part of what makes those schools desirable to white parents, aside from the academics, is that they have some students of color, but not too many. This lets us find the most appropriate writer for any type of assignment. “It all changed.”.

In 1952, a black woman named Gladys McBeth became one of Farragut’s earliest tenants. Congress passed the 1964 Civil Rights Act, pushed by President Lyndon B. Johnson, which prohibited segregated lunch counters, buses and parks and allowed the Department of Justice for the first time to sue school districts to force integration.

The largely upper-middle-class and white and Asian children living directly across the street from P.S. We showed up in a yellow bus, visitors in someone else’s neighborhood, and were whisked back across the bridge each day as soon as the bell rang. 307 would be guaranteed for low-income children.

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