Foster & Allen's style and easy listening sound remains as fresh and exciting as ever. "Mick was older than me and when he was playing in a local band in Meath I used to call at their houses and watch them rehearse.". Tony was born on 24th February 1952, the youngest of a family of nine children. I'm always watching and listening to music coming out.

They did their first concert tour of the U.K. in 1983 and this tour was boosted even more by the release of another mega hit single “MAGGIE”. "Some of the videos from way back show Mick with a ponytail and me with hair down to my shoulders," says Allen, who has always had a beard in the group. To date, Foster and Allen have achieved album and video sales in excess of 22 million worldwide.[4].

Mick is very keen on his music, and states that his accordion would probably be the last thing he would be prepared to give up. They really … He now lives in Mullingar, and has a small farm where he spends all his time, when not touring, looking after his horses. Foster and Allen have toured Ireland, the UK, the US, Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. See a different horoscope:  Select The video "Souvenirs and Memories" reached No. Charlie Landsborough, Kevin Sheeran and more recently Derek Ryan have all written for ourselves.

Since then Mick & Tony have toured the U.K. twice each year playing to sell-out concerts wherever they went. and they have had their own T.V. Nov 03 Tue. Tom Collins: What to wear for Donald Trump's big night? For full tour details visit They had five No. We were about five years ahead of Daniel.". Their "World Concert Tour – 2005/2006" took them to the United Kingdom, Canada, South Africa, Ireland, US and Australia. The opportunity arose when their second single, A Bunch of Thyme reaching number one in Ireland and 18 in the UK charts, the pair were summoned back from tour in America to appear on in the prime-time music show. They undertook their first concert tour of the UK in 1983, and this tour was boosted by the release of another single "Maggie". They have achieved album and video sale… 1 spot in 1993. 51 in the UK chart. They have appeared on numerous T.V. As well as the albums, they have released thirteen videos. sign, Get the day's headlines delivered directly to your inbox, Foster and Allen pictured with country music star Nathan Carter for the video of their musical collaboration Burning Bridges, Sofia Coppola on making new caper comedy On The Rocks with Bill Murray and Rashida Jones, Games: Sony's new PlayStation 5 will be a chink of light for gamers in this darkest of winters, Cult Movie: The Mothra of all Japanese monster movies, Thousands participate in virtual Dublin marathon, Man shot in leg in paramilitary-style attack in west Belfast. Postponed. With his Foster Special accordion he will have us all tapping our feet and clapping along once more. Allen opened a recording studio in Moate, Roseland Studios, and most major acts in Ireland record their albums there. I caught up Westmeath-born Tony Allen in Co Armagh, where he relocated after falling for and marrying singer Trionagh Moore-Allen, nine-years ago. Foster & Allen Stockport, The Plaza. However we all know Tony as an entertainer, and there is no chance that he would ever give that up. ", "The craic.

Tony started playing the accordion after one of his brothers brought him an accordion home from England. Their latest release, Putting On the Style, once again reached the top 30 of the UK album charts earlier this year. Foster and Allen began in 1975 when they were playing in country music bands around Ireland. 1 Hits in Australia/New Zealand. It became their first number one single, and stayed on the chart for 40 weeks. The video ‘SOUVENIRS AND MEMORIES’ reached No. In the early days, Mick Foster and Tony Allen performed on stage as a duo, but in 1982 (when the concert tours started) they added a band to their show, thus giving a much fuller sound to their program. "Mick had never actually seen Top of the Pops, but as a teenager there were two shows I had to see on television – The Monkees and Top of the Pops. 1 in New Zealandfor four weeks, making the two songs their signature tunes. It was difficult at the beginning and after a time working around the circuit in the U.K. and Ireland, they released their first single record “The Rambles of Spring”. Foster was born in 1947 in County Kildare, in sight of the Curragh.

After 43 years on the road, retirement isn't a word that exists in the vocabulary of Mick Foster (69) and Tony Allen (66). Apr 06 2021. 3 in the UK video chart around Christmas 1991, the "By Request" video went straight into the No. The pair, who each have two grown-up children from previous relationships, first met when she sang backing vocals on their album Sincerely, recorded at Allen's Roseland recording studio in Moate. Foster & Allen’s style and easy listening sound remains as fresh and exciting as ever. When their U.K. tour finished they decided to let the band return to Ireland whilst they stayed behind to try out the ‘DUO’ on the public. 3 in the charts around Christmas 1991, the “BY REQUEST” video went straight into the No. TO USE the words of their most requested song, Irish folk duo Foster and Allen are still as popular 'after all these years'. Things now started to happen very fast for the new Foster and Allen and the demand for their services at venues all over Ireland and the U.K. increased immensely. Foster and Allen celebrated their 30th Anniversary together in the music industry with the release of their album, Foster and Allen Sing the No. Next autumn Foster and Allen plan yet another album release. April 2021. Foster & Allen When he arrived and opened his accordion case, it turned out him and Mick had exactly the same accordions.". Join Facebook to connect with Foster And Allen and others you may know.

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