- Virginia If you choose to handle--or come into close proximity to--reptiles or amphibians you do so at your own risk. - Montana - Nevada - Kansas Requests to use photographs (or other materials) for purposes outside of this venue should be directed to the individual copyright holders. - Oregon - North Dakota Males and females must be kept in separate pens unless they have been neutered to prevent reproduction. - Wyoming - West Virginia Mourning, White-Winged and Eurasian Collared-Dove, Arkansas Waterfowl Rice Incentive Conservation Enhancement (WRICE), Endangered Species and Other Threats to Wildlife, Gov. Added: 02/16/08 - (This link may no longer be valid)

- PIJAC Canada - Oregon - Massachusetts What are these opaque yellow balls in enclosure??????

- Indiana - Tennessee International

- Pennsylvania Photographs and other materials presented on this website are used by permission of individual copyright holders.

- New Mexico - Newfoundland Our business directory lists some of the most popluar herp businesses in the world. - Kansas http://www.agfc.com/ - Nebraska

- Ohio - Texas - Alberta - Louisiana

Arkansas is a state rich in natural habitats and the 119 total reptile and amphibian species are a reflection of that diversity. - Michigan - British Columbia Help us build the worlds largest database of reptile and amphibian laws and regulations. The word derives from the Greek herpeton for "reptile" and herpein "to crawl".

A reptile store, breeder, importer, - Newfoundland These lower life forms, the ectothermic tetrapods, were historically grouped into a single field of study: herpetology.

Added: 02/16/08 - (This link may no longer be valid) - Alaska Please see, Animals must have been purchased from a Commission-permitted Wildlife Breeder/Dealer, brought into Arkansas with a Wildlife Importation Permit, or purchased from a legal owner that registered the sale with the Commission. - West Virginia - Quebec - Nebraska Please see Code 9.02 for complete regulations. - Prince Edward Island

- North Dakota - District of Columbia Permit required: howler monkey, cougar, bobcat, cheetah, wolf, alligator, giraffe. - Minnesota

In Arkansas, you can own bobcats, but not more than six at a time.

Deer captured by hand prior to July 1, 2012. - Connecticut - New Jersey Reptiles lay a complex, shelled, amniotic egg on land, with young hatching as miniatures of the adults. - Northwest Territories

- Wyoming Page last modified on October 07, 2018, at 09:16 PM, Central Arkansas Herpetological Society (CAHS).

- British Columbia The General Assembly of 1979 designated the box turtle (Terrapene carolina) as the official State Reptile for North Carolina. Professionals, semi-professionals, and knowledgeable amateurs who wish to share and distribute knowledge. Anyone interested in reptiles and amphibians should own this book and is a must-have for resource managers that oversee federal, state, and private lands.

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