As long as the user and the target can both see each other and look each other in the eye for it to work. They will gain concious and their body will rapidly thrash chains way bigger and more poweful then before and incase themselves with an almost 7 meter tall titan of chains with a few two new abilities. Its color attacks cannot damage anybody who is completely colorblind (only sees in black and white). Stand Name: Court of The Crimson KingStand User : Mujitsu Nochi. help pls. Weakness/Limitations: They're just arms after all, someone strong enough can break their grasp. Condition: Can only be applied to one target, until the target died or if the stand is forced to retract. Limit / More Susceptible To. This is just a long-short story about the stand user that i wrote to spend my free time. Appearance: A robotic humanoid figure with a skull for a head. A give away they're being summoned is a faint black circle in the area they're appointed. Hope this helps! That thought then fades away when he instead started working for them, almost changed his main reason of being a hitman. Due to the president's strong will to protect his country and the arrow, the arrow merged with AD. So do you wear the suit? He tried to get some balance after falling off, but then suddenly a painful jolt resonates from his chest. Mac and Linux versions are now up to date. Enter the color id (for example red, dark_blue) in the name color field to give it a color. Requiem Obtained: One of the people who found the arrows was a scientist for the U.S. Government. Smooth Criminal's appearance looks human-like. I love it! Over time effects include various levels of mental deprecation, insanity and potentially death. Hey! Doesnt work for me in 1.14.4, (I have the stick and even that achivemnent is there but i cant edit armor stands. (courtesy of So ask your parents to take you to your nearest personal computer and load up this baby for HOURS of fun! If DO and its user are in another's dream, the target can imagine things to gain the upper hand, and DO is significantly weaker. Thank you for the questions! Also works on other Stands. Its main use lies in its ability, able to imbue small objects (as in no bigger than a small beach ball, which is a little bigger than RRA1) with a bit of Spin energy. The default cooldown for armor stand command can be specified in config.yml, otherwise individual cooldowns can be specified using the command /ascmd cooldown . To stand users unity is as hard as diamond and if broken by a stand user it takes 15 minutes to regenerate. Looks pretty epic,but for the 5th act,i'm just saying,but shouldn't the potential for the last act be at E,or does it go on forever? Genius. Now incase I didnt mention the user cannot control themselves while using Black Day: Power Unconceded so their chains act upon what goal they set in the beginning and wont stop until the goal is done or the user is killed. Stand Name: Right Round Act 1 (An Act Stand like Echoes and Tusk) (References a song I hope you know). He will then drown himself in the dark or any shadowy place and gain complete control and flexibility around it. Limitation: Taking heat for too long will make the stand overheats itself and burn, and you know what happens to the user if the stand is drowned in flames. Note: Commands may include a %player% placeholder, which will get replaced by the executing player's name at time of execution. He then stabbed the fortune teller with his dagger in the back, and it goes straight to the heart. Condition: Can absorb heat from various media and applications, such as a newly-made asphalt road,  boiling water, sunrays, or even from a direct physical attack aswell (based on the vector theory that every kinetic movement creates heat), which minimizes the damage and boosting it's durability. Unity can be seen by anyone, and to non-stand users, unity is as hard as a normal wooden pole, and if it is broken it will regenerate in 5 minutes.

It fights best standing in place, while keeping its foe at a distance with its abilities), Range: B (Its spear has long range, but once a foe is past its tip, November Rain is vulnerable).

Limitations: Still limited by patriotism, but the power is through the roof and the user's patriotism so strong, it effectively has none. Its most notable use of Nothing Special's ability is stopping a liquid in mid-air to create a small barrier that can slow down any projectiles coming towards her. Has one blue eye and one red eye. At the age of 15, in 2005, Frullata felt compelled to go to her abandoned, burnt down house from her childhood. This is what I came up with, Durability: (See ability "Imprison Harvest").

If her stand power is too focused on one body, it will crumble to dust. He eventually got them under control, but right when he had, they disappeared. An armor stand cannot be placed on top of a fence or simila… Stand name: Neon Trees (referencing the band of the same name), Ability: Chromokinesis (Manipulation of colors). Pistol Kick: The user/Stand's foot transforms into a pistol and kicks the opponent then fires once to a few times. Country Roads appears as a metallic skeleton of a human with small orbs of white light in it's eye sockets, it sports a pair of metallic clothes resembling dungarees and has various strings connecting it's limbs together. And that weird person, also seems to kill an old man, that old man who always sells ice cream to the kids. arms after all, someone strong enough can break their grasp.

Well that clone could also absorb heat too. Desc: The user is able to create a field of absolute impenetrable darkness that completely negates sight and may also dull or even completely negate the other senses. Confused, he tried to take it off, but it still stuck. On its head, it wears an executioner mask made out of newspaper filled with the same symbol that covers its skin, which almost make it looks like a black mask. It was the fortune teller. He fashions a red leather jacket on top of a student uniform with two scarfs whose color is orange and white covering each other on its neck. The fortune teller then walks away an disappears into the darkness, completely gone in the eye. The user of this stand is able to essentially tapping into the core of different forms of darkness itself to assert their dominion.

Ability: Eh, its about heat but it's not completely focusing about only one heat ability, so... Desc: Burn Monkey is a stand that is based of Sun Wukong from the Chinese Mythology. Also if your wondering why don't I write it well I have the desc and stats or whatever you wanna call it but anyway I wanna see what other people do with these names/stands, ok so I have two for if people want to write a desc for these I have Burn monkey and I have end of ZA line use those if ya wsnt. Players can use armor stands to hold armor, mob heads and pumpkins, shields (via dispenser), elytra and commands can be used to give them other items. Its face consists of two pink, long, oval-shaped eyes on the front and back. The opposing hitman gave up on finding the knife and grabs the arrow. He had kept it locked up in an incredibly safe place, and checked every day to see if it was still there, in fear it would be taken into the wrong hands. Desc: The user of this stand can transform their body completely into darkness/shadows. When the perfect time to strike had come, he didnt hesitate to take that chance and ambushes him from behind. "That fortune teller is really crazy. What's Your Stand? Armor stands are also able to be placed in different orientations, similar to banners or signs.

Blind: Neon Trees focuses a bit of energy into its fingers and pokes the victim's eyes, blinding them once the pain subsides. Now with colored names! Join us! Imprison Harvest: This move passively activates whenever the chain titan takes a serious blow, the chains will rap around whatever hit them and disable its abilities, therefore is star platinum were to use a hard hitting ora punch Black Day: Power Unconceded would rap chains around star platinums arm and then Jotaro would temporally not be able to use his stand and since stands are physically embodiements of the souls fighting spirit, Jotaro would loose all motive to fight and would begin to cower in fear unless another stand overwrites Imprison Harvest and brings his stand back and motive to fight.

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