Montreal's anchor, Dennis Trudeau retired shortly before the launch of CBC News at Six, having hosted the local bulletins for many years. Currently, most CBC O&Os produce either a full-hour or a 30-minute local newscast during the early evening on weeknights. Until 2011, CBUT-DT Vancouver was the only CBC O&O to produce weekend newscasts, with half-hour programs on Saturday nights at 10:30 p.m. (after Hockey Night in Canada) and Sundays at 11:00 p.m. On October 15, 2011, CBLT added a half-hour 6 p.m. newscast on Saturdays, and a ten-minute news bulletin on Sundays at 10:55 p.m.;[1] CBRT-DT Calgary would also join CBUT and CBLT in carrying weekend local news programming during the fall of 2011, and CBNT-DT St. John's launched a local weekend newscast in the spring of 2012, as part of a five-year strategy by the CBC to improve its services to six million Canadian homes unserved or underserved by CBC's radio, television and internet services. In December 2008, Citytv laid off the entire CityNews Entertainment unit.

The agency hasn't settled a single complaint from Canadians demanding refunds for cancelled flights since the onset of the pandemic.The CTA … Soon after the cancellation of the local CityNews broadcasts in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg in 2008, a new half-hour program called CityNews International was launched.

Critics had speculated that the latter change was due to the CRTC's approval of Citytv Toronto planning on launching CityNews Channel. CityPulse Tonight, known as CityPulse News at 10 prior to 1981, was anchored by Bill Cameron, later by Gord Martineau, and then Anne Mroczkowski. ET) features local news in English and several Aboriginal languages (translated with English subtitles).

Some of the CBC regions continued to produce short news segments on digital platforms. If successful, the format was then to be gradually be applied to CBC News at Six programs across the country over a three-year period.

(Canada Now was retained as a separate 30-minute national newscast at 6:30 p.m., as well as the title of the integrated local/national newscast aired within British Columbia.). He was the main weekday anchor of CBC Radio One's morning newscast World Report for a number of years in the 2010s.[4]. On CBC North, Northbeat and Inuktitut-language Igalaaq each air for half an hour. The sale was approved on September 28 and became official on October 31, 2007. He began his career as an actor, appearing as an extra in ITV drama film If I Had You and the BBC drama Waterloo Road. In addition, two other CP24 anchors would host the show, one co-hosting at 5pm and the other co-hosting at 5:30pm, bringing Toronto's Top Stories.

Both attempts failed and by 1994 both stations had reverted to "traditional" newscasts. CP24 continued to simulcast CityNews programming up until December 10, 2008, when CTV pulled almost all Citytv news programming with the exception of Breakfast Television. The only news now broadcast on this station is during its version of Breakfast Television. David Common is a Canadian journalist, best known as a correspondent and anchor for CBC News, and cohost with Asha Tomlinson and Charlsie Agro of CBC Television's consumer affairs newsmagazine Marketplace.. Local newscasts were to be replaced by a national supper-hour program with limited local inserts. From 1985 until 1994, "Pentatus" by Graham Shaw was used as the theme music for CityPulse Tonight. With the expansion of Citytv from two to five stations in August 2005, the newscasts on all five Citytv stations were renamed CityNews.

He has received several awards, and was nominated for a Gemini Award twice in the Best Reportage category, winning once.[5]. These … [4] Asha Tomlinson became anchor of the expanded newscast, replacing Amanda Ferguson, who became anchor during Susan Pedler's maternity leave.[5].

[6], In 2015, the station changed the format of its evening newscasts, removing the in-studio anchor and having all stories presented by videojournalists on the field. 30-minute late local newscasts, in many cases titled Newsfinal, were also aired in most markets at 11:30 p.m. local / midnight NT. On June 5, 2017, Rogers announced that it would return local early evening and late night newscasts to its Citytv owned-and-operated stations in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Winnipeg and, through an expansion of CJNT-DT's news operations, Montreal. By the mid-1980s, the newscast's style, pioneered by Moses Znaimer, was promoted as a "format" for local news shows to copy around North America. This once again excluded CBC North, which continued to air Northbeat and Igalaaq. And this scheme was eventually traced back to the world’s largest diploma mill in Pakistan. The Jim Pattison Group stations (CFJC-TV Kamloops, CKPG-TV Prince George, and CHAT-TV Medicine Hat) produce their own weeknight local newscasts, but do not produce their own local versions of Breakfast Television nor title their newscasts under the CityNews branding. Nina Lucas is the Gothic niece of Roy Cropper, she was taken in by her uncle sometime after her father’s death in December 2019. On July 12, 2006, coincident with the announcement of CTVglobemedia's plans to take over CHUM Limited, all prime-time CityNews programs, with the exception of those on CITY in Toronto, were immediately cancelled, with 281 CHUM employees across the country laid off. On August 13, 2012, CITY-TV expanded its nightly 11 p.m. newscast, CityNews Tonight, from 30 minutes to one hour.

He studied International Security Issues at Stockholm University in Sweden. CBC News produces a variety of local newscasts for CBC Television's owned-and-operated stations (O&Os) throughout Canada.

CityNews is the only newscast in Canada that operates its own weather monitoring stations[8] across the Greater Toronto Area. By July 2012, Live at 5 and Live at 5:30 were brought back to the regular CP24 news format and with just one anchor 5pm and one anchor for 5:30pm. After the move, CityPulse began to move the anchors away from a central desk, positioning them around the newsroom (such as the assignment desk, equipped with police radios, banks of monitors, and perhaps the most unique feature, a map of Toronto with blinking lights indicating major highways, positioned behind a large glass wall, allowing the anchors to draw on the glass with markers to indicate the locations of stories and incidents), or walking through the newsroom. In fact, despite keeping the same on-air branding and logos used as affiliates of the E!

However, as part of a renewal of their affiliation agreements with Citytv on May 3, 2012, CKPG, CHAT and CJFC were to begin simulcasting the Vancouver edition of Breakfast Television from CKVU-DT, starting in fall 2012 as the stations began carrying 90% of Citytv's morning and daytime programming from the CKVU schedule grid.[14]. The program was produced in the Citytv Toronto studios and featured many of the same on-air personalities as the local Citytv Toronto's CityNews. The show has been duplicated by other television stations owned by CHUM Limited and its format has been licensed to several television stations around the world, such as Citytv Barcelona and Citytv Bogotá. Asha is also the co-creator, co-producer, and host of the series, Being Black in Canada. CBET-DT Windsor previously aired its 90-minute evening newscast at 5:30 p.m. until the revamping of CBC's local news operations in October 2015 (it now airs for 30 minutes beginning at 5:59 p.m.), while CBNT-DT St. John's formerly aired CBC News: Here & Now - Early Edition at 5:30 p.m. Newfoundland Time until October 2015, followed by the hour-long CBC News: Here & Now at 6:00 p.m. NT. Asha Tomlinson is an award-winning investigative journalist with CBC News: Marketplace and a CBC News contributor across all platforms. The theme for CityPulse Tonight continued to be "Masterpiece" until the early 1980s. On November 30, 2006 it was announced that as part of its focus on reinvigorating local news, CBC News at Six would expand to a full hour in February 2007,[10] signalling the end of the national Canada Now program (although that title was temporarily retained for CBUT's local newscast). Many long-time CityNews on-air personalities, including Anne Mroczkowski and Laura DiBattista, were let go. On most stations, the local news operation is branded with standard, regional titles such as CBC Toronto News. The hour-long newscasts – which aired at 6:00 and 11:00 p.m. local time – premiered in Edmonton and Winnipeg on September 4, 2017, while the remainder of the announced markets will launch newscasts in early 2018.

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