The American Kennel Club states that insurance companies are starting to use the Canine Good Citizen program to insure breeds they would not otherwise insure. Contact ASI for a competitive rate on an umbrella* insurance policy. Written by Comparison shopping should be easy. The first line of defense for any dog-related bite injury is preventative care and responsible pet ownership. Get a quote, learn about coverage options and more. Generally speaking, areas with fewer occurrences are probably more lenient when it comes to insuring various breeds of dogs. Do you have to inform your insurance company about a new dog? Certain companies believe that other factors aside from the breed affect a dog's temperament. Education and awareness are reducing the unfounded practice of BSL and making it easier each year to insure your pet, but it is still important that you take the appropriate measures if you are a dog owner of any breed. Is There a Special Insurance You Need to Have With an Inground Pool Besides Homeowners Insurance? Take a look at the information outlined below to help you better understand the insurance you have purchased with ASI. How Much More Is Homeowners Insurance When You Have a Pool? If your company is not aware you own a "dangerous" dog but finds out, your policy may be immediately canceled. Advertiser Disclosure: We strive to help you make confident insurance decisions. A brief review of these quick facts makes it abundantly clear that Americans love owning pets, and dogs seem to be the most beloved with over half of total U.S. households owning at least one dog according to the biennial APPA National Pet Owners Survey, 2017–2018. Start a Career with ASI. We have a tool that will let you compare multiple estimated rates. Note: Your wind and flood coverage may be with a different company. Home insurance companies evaluate a range of criteria when determining what rates they offer, including how likely the policyholder is to make expensive claims — like liability claims for dog bites. Once a dog has bitten someone, the insurance company may charge a higher premium or exclude the dog from coverage. But, if you’re currently an ASI customer, you can still access your home, renters, or condo policy through She earned a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of Central Florida. But some home insurance companies have lists of prohibited dog breeds -- they will not sell … See what job opportunities are available at ASI.

If your insurer won't cover your restricted breed of dog, you can protect yourself from liability by purchasing dog-specific liability insurance, or in some cases, umbrella liability coverage. Login to report a claim or check your claim status. Estimates suggest that 4.7 million dog bite injuries occur per year for a total cost of around $200 million for insurance providers. As the AVMA points out, one in five dog bite incidents requires medical attention, and the majority of incidents happen with children. See what job opportunities are available at ASI. Insurers generally won't cover you in case of an illegal act, and owning a banned dog is no exception. Some insurance companies will still provide coverage, but they might charge higher premiums if a dangerous dog is on the property. It’s hard enough to get a landlord to accept pets, much less large dogs whose breeds may have been designated as “dangerous.” In this case, there are a few steps you can take to ensure you and your dog have a safe place to live. Job Opportunities And some renters insurance policies will also base coverage decisions on what breed of dog you have. Some organizations, like the American Kennel Club, have spoken out in favor of dogs and homeownership, claiming that dogs can act as a natural deterrent against theft and property damage. “Certain breeds, in our experience and based on industry research, are in fact more dangerous than others. Borrowed car ticket for no insurance who pays? Breed is not a perfect indicator of whether a dog will bite someone or cause property damage. If you own a pit bull and rent your apartment, for example, you may have to pay a higher premium, or your renters insurance may not provide coverage for damage your dog causes.

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