Players will have approximately a month (Mid/Late November) to reposition their flag to a new location. Offensive Structure: Torpedo Launcher and torpedoes. Home > Fitness tracker comparison > Atlas vs Fitbit Surge. Players can now purchase a one time use “Rename Ship Item” from the Cosmetics Vendor for 10k and use it to rename their ship. Berries are the only food that can be used in the claim flag (there is a greatly extended spoil timer on berries in a claim flag for further QoL). You should take a look at captaineering and ship decay skill. - Fix to destroy sunken ships when last structure is removed, - Added HUD callout on handheld map to re-center on players, - Fixed a server-side crash for Modded Servers which have modified their loot tables. Home > Fitness tracker comparison > Atlas vs Microsoft Band. © Valve Corporation. Oppai.

- Ship of the Damned now point to their correct loot tables. You can find the official patch notes on the official Atlas Forums. This should improve how it feels when the camera is brushed up against a collision in the world.

Additional Custom Server Settings can be found on the Offical patch page, - Can hit a sail with multiple bolts and add multiple fire buffs, - Fire can be extinguished by Olfend (or a bucket if you can get one up there), - Fire can be extinguished by fully closing the sail, - Fire buff will not stick during rain or snow, - Fire bolts can also set fires on other structures, creatures, and the ground (and will damage the mast if hit there instead of the sail), - Added Ship Heading indicator on the map when on captain's wheel, - Improved skill tree search UI when using a gamepad, - Skill tree: When searching for craftables, you now see ALL results, even if you have not unlocked a craftable. - Fixed an issue where servers that were running for more than 4 days consecutively without reboot would have choppy water on the client. ... You can already see it on the atlas maps. Unless specified in advance, battles will always be settled in 1 v 1 fashion.And as always, if you like the content that you see on screen, then please SMASH that like button if you enjoyed today's episode; subscribe to my channel if you want to continue seeing more content like this, and click that notification bell to be notified of my next upload. Has “active” mode that will drain ice but reduce surrounding temperature (reverse fire).

Settlement Owners will need to wait 48 hours to be able to raze an island after claiming it. Progress of minions to kill and ice armor are shown via floating hud. - When demolishing a non-ship/core type structures on a non-fully-anchored boat, resources will not be returned to you. Edit: I should have read the captains log first, Grapeshot seems to try to get smaller companies back. - Army of Dead Treasure Guards has been made significantly easier for low-quality treasure maps. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). Camera shakes, tremor audio plays and icicles fall from above the player. - Creatures able to be equipped with armour along with Crew are now able to equip gear above common quality. 150% resistance + full volley from galleon = zzzz nothing happened. - Important: Claim Flags now have a maximum height limit when being placed.

!. Olfend: Can be tamed and bred. Powered by Invision Community. - New configurable ini setting for Claim Flag height limit. - Networking range for unseated NPCs on ships are now about 18,000 units, and seated NPCs are now about 9,000 units. Each cargo container will slow down your boat. 20,000 weight (+5000) put the rest into sturdiness, should only be about 5 levels. - Fixed a bug where projectile mesh wasn't showing correctly for singleplayer. Existing Large Cannons that have been placed on decks or ceilings will not be functional and will need to be demolished. - Army of Dead on Golden Age Islands XP rewards reduced by 60%.


- Reduced the following armor stat scales by 30%: - AoD on GoldenAge now drop gold when killed. Atlas. This will clear the icon from your maps too, as long the area where the boats were sunk have been revisited. ATLAS > General Discussions > Topic Details. Special Thanks to the Osiris pilot and the original suggestion for the making of this next episode possible. Sloop: Extra Weight per level increased to 100 Extra Crew per level increased to 1 Extra Beds per level increased to 1 Extra Sturdiness per level increased to 4%. - Fixed dedicated servers not using passwords on Blackwood, - Fixed a case when searching for Blackwood servers would cause only one to list at a time, - Fixed a bug where corpses with inventories would not calculate their correct weight, - Fixed a bug which wouldn't allow you to select the Home Server to change to on Unofficial Networks, - You can now plant an assortment of seeds in Blackwood, - Fixed multiple islands on Blackwood being marked as non-buildable, - Fixed a bug where beds would sometimes not function on Blackwood, - Fixed Shipwrecks spawning on the coast of islands in Blackwood, - Fixed multiple foliage and terrain bugs with Blackwood, - Moved the 'Exit to Main Menu' button to the bottom of the pause menu options, - Fixed a client-side crash (, - Blackwood content moved to optional DLC, for those who do not plan to play it and want to save the install size (10GB):, - Added multiple treasure map locations per island for Single Player and Non-Dedicated Game Modes.

Claim Flags that were previously placed which exceed this limit will indicate as such on the HUD.

The following game.ini config can be used to destroy all invalid claim flags, please be advised that this cannot be reversed once done:

You can already see it on the atlas maps. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. - Modified offsets for unboarding the Tortuga so players don't get stuck. We're still investigating legacy wrecks and however they may clear with this change after 5 days, as company data is loaded, - Fixed a bug which would sometimes cause the Wall Hook to not remember whether a light source was active after loading a saved game, - Fixed a bug where players would temporarily enter combat state upon transition, - Fixed a bug which prevented players from gaining experience at level 149 (Max is level 150), - Companies are now enabled and force-created on Single Player so players have access to their Company Log.

I just wanted to make sure planks were included before I put points into resistance. This page was last edited on 2 September 2020, at 18:25.

- Fixed an issue where NPCs on a Galleon's front NPCs would not replicate, due to the Captain being all the way in the back. -Fixed several foliage and resource issues.

en. Just less sinking rate. - Fixed multiple cases where players would become unbased (slide off ships) due to certain structures. Requires BOTH Gatling Studies from the Artillery Tree, New Crafting Recipes added to the Smithy: Manned Cannon, Manned Large Cannon, and Manned Puckle, These recipes cost the same resources as their unmanned variants plus an additional 10 gold coins, Crew will spawn at them after 30 seconds and man the station, Explosive Barrel projectiles that don't explode on impact can be defused, Explosive Barrel toss distance increased by 50%, Tossed Explosive Barrels no longer stick to players, creatures, or the sides of structures, Catapult reload time for Explosive Barrels changed to 2 seconds, Bug Fix: Barrels placed or tossed onto ships will now explode when their timer expires, Bug Fix: Explosive Barrels shot out of cannons will no longer instantly stick to the water, Golden Age Ruins Creatures (Fire Elementals, Rock Elementals, and Cyclops), XP awarded after creature's death instead of per hit, Increased the range of Ship Ammunition Container from 30m to 40m, Bug Fix: Ships no longer leave behind their frame when destroyed, Bug Fix: Ships of the Damned should now behave normally, Bug Fix: Horse cart weapons can no longer be fired from submarine, Bug Fix: Grenades can no longer be thrown from Submarines, Cows can be ridden by equipping a Tier 2 Saddle, Reduced exclusion radius for placing Warehouses from 2km to 800m, Increased the weight limit in the Warehouse from 50,000 to 250,000 and increased max inventory items from 40 to 100, Added 'Transfer All,' 'Transfer Half,' and 'Transfer Amount' option to Warehouse and Farmhouse inventory, similar to how stacks may be split in player inventory, Warehouses, Farmhouses, and Stone Farmhouses no longer use Wood or Thatch as fuel and instead use Coal/Oil, which last 60/120 seconds per unit, Warehouses no longer transport Oil or Coal (This solution will be iterated on soon), Bug Fix: Warehouses and Farmhouses no longer have crafting inventory section that falsely implies you can craft in them, Warehouse is a structure that automatically collects Resources from Farmhouses in range, Will not collect Wood/Thatch, which is fuel for Farmhouses, Gather Rate is 5% of the Farmhouse inventory every 10 minutes, Warehouses may not be placed closer than 2km to another Warehouse, Warehouses must be placed within 30m of the shore, More than one Warehouse can hit the same farm, Setting the detonation timer is now a separate action from lighting the fuse, Detonation timer can now be set and viewed in inventory. - Island Claim upkeep costs reduced by about 75%. Farmhouses can no longer be placed in water, Farmhouse now only transfers a single stack of resources into player's inventory per transfer interaction, Increased distance requirement between Farmhouse placement from 120m to 200m, Farmhouse harvest rate reduced by 25% overall, Harvest Interval increased from 15 seconds to 60 seconds (gathers 1/4 as often), Harvest amount increased (gathers 3x as much), Stone Farmhouse has been moved to Advanced Automation Skill in Construction Tree, Updated resource costs of constructing a Stone Farmhouse, Added 80 Organic Paste as additional cost, Reduced the Draw Distance of Farmhouse from 1 kilometer to 400 meters, Reduced health of basic Farmhouse from 30k to 20k, Army of the Damned can now be damaged by swivel guns. To refresh their timers, you will need to board the boats they're on. Removed XP from crafting mortar and pestle, Using Nature's Touch on a mount that has it will replace any existing Nature's Touch buffs on that mount, Player higher level than 82 have been rolled back to level 82, Item duplication exploit with bed travel fixed (including wearing multiple armor sets), Explosive barrel minimum detonation timer changed to 6 seconds, Added Farmhouse and Stone Farmhouse to the Esotery of Building Skill, Initial Balance pass on gather speed, radius, cost to build, max weight, fuel cost, etc, Reduced number of guards spawned per wave to three. Combat: You can now attack from the run-state (but not whilst running). Equips on the back slot.

Increased grenade damage vs. structures by 170%. When minion cooldown is over, shield reactivates.

- Adjusted Resources slightly, - (server): (You should now be able to pick up bags more easily when they are dropped on top of a bed etc), - Server ping 0 now hidden when you are the host, - Fixed a bug where the targeting cursor wouldn't disappear after your ship was sunk, - Enemy pirate ships now display a sink percentage, - Prevented enemy pirate NPC's from fleeing, - Stone Wild Pirate Camp doors are now wooden, - HDR mode for Xbox One X now enabled (looking at PC implementation soon), - Optimized ship position callouts for Wild Pirate Encampments, - Fixed a bug which would cause Non Dedi clients to get into a broken state when fast-travelling to a bed in stasis, - Presssing Y on gamepad when an editbox is highlighted will now clear the editbox, - Atlantean heavy icon colorization fixes, - Implemented a fix to resolve islands where foliage cannot be harvested.

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