This is due mainly to the "sandwich"-type construction, similar again to that of the Renault Espace or the Mercedes A-Class, which enables the floorpan to have an upper and a lower portion. I have been unable to find a modern car that matches the A2’s practicality. A drop-down front panel allowing access to essential servicing items – this sounded like the sportscar of tomorrow. The first color.storms (in 'Misano' red, 'Imola' yellow and 'Sprint' blue) became available. It was also brave, brilliant and if you’re thoughtful about design and its functionality, deeply appealing. It's supposed to be boot floor (upper) to inside of hatch. Low-speed ride is as clumpy as I remember it being when new, although the cabin is completely free of squeaks and rattles over Greenwich’s many traffic-calming measures.

CAN-BUS is used for the OBD systems, as required by EU Regulations. The Austin Maxi could have, and probably should have, been great. Improvements in shell stability, durability and stiffness, lower weight, and more interior space are results of its construction. A Cd (aerodynamic drag factor) as low as 0.25 for the least wind resistant versions – that’s a number only just being reached today – and some economical engines produced the kind of fuel efficiency car companies are chasing now, the 1.4 petrol good for 45mpg, the diesel’s consumption in the 60s. Colours and wheels designs were changed mildly during the production run. The A2 has a coefficient of drag of between 0.25 and 0.29, depending on the specific version. [citation needed] Its reduced weight helps it to use much less fuel than vehicles using traditional steel monocoques. […] Audi A2: the hatchback years ahead of its time […], […] broke with tradition and launched its wedge-shaped TR7 sports cars. With pure-electric propulsion, it was much more of an EV than a Prius, but was also much more expensive and found few early adopters. 8Z0 853 674 which seems to be no longer available at Audi. They were the only models available in the UK at this time and were available with either the 1.4 petrol or 1.4 TDI engines. Removable boot floor allows valuables to be carried without them being visible. Pictures of the event are available on the German site linked below. The space in the middle is used to house various components, such as the fuel tank and the engine's electronics. Overall, the A2 still seems remarkably fresh for a design entering its third decade. The original A class, which came out two years before the A2, is arguably even more revolutionary than the A2.

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Drove it all over Europe and UK. The streetwise was heavily criticised when launched but was actually very forward thinking and I reckon it's a good looking little car, the crz is much more fun to drive than you give it credit for and surprisingly cheap to run as well as capable of a reasonable turn of pace. During its shortened six-year life 176,377 found buyers, this a poor contrast to the one million or so A Classes that Mercedes sold.

The 1.4 diesel was a three cylinder, its charming throb also ahead of the times – and for some markets (not ours, sadly) Audi built so called three litre 1.2 version, the three litres referring to the car’s potential 3 litres/100km, 94mpg fuel economy. The Audi A2 3L reuses the engine and special gearbox developed for the equally efficient Volkswagen Lupo 1.2 TDI 3L. Seeing A2's on the road that could be cleaned and polished to 2 years old rather than 20 years. Launched as a special edition, it later became a production model.

The Ampera looks alright. The Audi Q2 is based on the VW Group’s omnipresent MQB architecture and this platform has underpinned millions of small and mid-sized hatchbacks across the portfolio, from Volkswagen to SEAT, Skoda to Audi. Power steering and air conditioning were stripped out to save fuel, the three litre’s economy further boosted by low rolling-resistance tyres, direct-injection, an automated manual transmission, stop-start and lightweight suspension, although this high-tech kit made for an expensive car. Could some kind person let m have he internal dimensions of the boot with and without the extra space in the floor? Nylon 12 Glass Beads [MJF Plastic PA12GB]. I had my 2004 Tdi Sport for 10 years racking up 130,000 miles on top of the 25k it had when i bought it. GM EV1 1996-1999: While GM famously killed its first EV – collecting and scrapping cars once their leases expired – the codicil is that it was almost certainly right to do so given both the limited battery technology of the time and the fact that petrol in much of the US cost around a dollar a gallon.

The ride was its achilles heal, especially on 17” rims (ouch). Rover Streetwise 2005-2005: Don’t laugh too hard. An advanced, lightweight aluminium body structure. spark ignition engine: Inline 3-cyl. Due to the "sandwich"-type construction, similar again to that of the Renault Espace or the Mercedes A-Class, the floorpan has an upper and a lower portion. The car also had an ECO mode.

None of which obstructed its functionality. Please note that contributions made to the site remain © A2OC. We're revisiting some of Autocar's most popular features to provide engaging content in these challenging times. Compact. The A2's interior was very upmarket in comparison with other superminis.

The A2 was also a car years ahead of its time. Thanks for the very fast replies but they don't seem to give me the internal dimensions? The A2 was also notable for being the first Audi model since the 1970s Audi 50 (type 86) and Audi 100 (type 43) not to be offered with its 'trademark' quattro four-wheel drive option. Automobiles of comparable size Discover which vehicles of any make are similar-sized to the Audi model you choose in its three dimensions of length, width and height.

The toolkit was stored, depending on equipment, next to the battery. But for all that it was a mightily far-sighted car, its emphasis on low emissions, high economy and clever practicality all the stuff of today’s showrooms. With a fuel consumption of 2.9 litres/100km - 97 mpg UK - 81 mpg US (Average), 0 to 100 km/h (62mph) in 14.9 seconds, a maximum top speed of 104 mph (168 km/h), a curb weight of 1819 lbs (825 kgs), the A2 (8Z) 1.2 TDI 3L has a turbocharged Inline 3 cylinder engine, Diesel motor, with the engine code ANY. And A2s didn’t fall over at the sight of an elk, either. It might have resembled an automotive design school thesis, but the ridged roof, the single pantograph-action wiper, the lack of any wiper at all at the rear, dent-proof plastic wheelarches, removable rear seats, and maintenance features accessed via the closed-off grille (pictured below) all pointed to a project fashioned by young and slightly naive idealists.

The last A2s to be produced were built in August 2005.[1]. Welding is frequently required and aluminium is more difficult to weld than steel due to the lack of colour change when heated which acts as guide to temperature when welding steel. Based on Simca mechanicals and purely front-wheel drive, it was intended to offer visual machismo rather than any off-road prowess. The "kolibri" batteries used in the design are so compact that the vehicle retains its four seats and boot space.

That can apply to the collective mind of a company just as easily as it... You have entered an incorrect email address! On early cars, this was a glossy black panel at the lower edge of the bonnet (hood), where the radiator grille would normally be sited. dimension (on the image).

Here's its story. Featured on Top Gear and in numerous magazines, this Peugeot 205 GTI was even used to create a Corgi miniature model. I think you should also include the original insight as that was ahead of its time and is surely a certified future classic. Tall, narrow construction was chosen to both minimise aerodynamic drag and create serious interior volume. The vehicle will also incorporate shift-by-wire, brake-by-wire and steer-by-wire contactless technology, and LED matrix technology for the headlights and tail lights. All rights reserved. Audi A2 Clip boot covers (XDP8GF6ZX) by DasWiesel on Shapeways. We tell its story so far. Agree with Mary54. "These days, the car’s hard-to-fix aluminium structure means that only minor damage tends to write them off." This is significantly larger than the luggage space of the next model in Audi's range, the Audi A3.

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