Finally, it has a size of 13 x 3.03 x 6.57 inches and a weight of 12.5 lbs. Learn how to do a DIY car battery replacement step-by-step so you can approach the job with confidence. Most of us are bewildered by the sheer range of choices available in the lawn tractor/ride-on mower battery sector. All ExpertPower products are valve-regulated and entirely maintenance-free for hassle-free usage. Also, it comes tightly sealed to prevent leakages. The Autozone C50-N18L-A3 replacement battery is fully compatible with the C50-N18L-A3 battery. John Deere lawn tractor batteries; Key Advantages of Our John Deere Replacement Batteries. Installing a U1L battery in a lawn mower that requires a U1R battery may be impossible, as the cables may not reach the terminals, and “stretching” the battery cable could lead to chafed insulation and a dangerous short circuit problem. Toro mowers can be difficult to find replacement batteries for, but the Toro 106 8397 Replacement Battery from Neptune Batteries is an excellent option for any user in need of a battery for a Toro lawn tractor.

It is a 12-volt 35Ah sealed lead acid deep cycle U1 battery. High powered lawn tractors are an efficient and powerful option for mowing large lawns, a function that’s particularly important as the weather warms up and lawn maintenance becomes more important. Still, there are some common times when you should hook your battery to a charger to ensure it has full juice. Though it has the standard 12 volts, the 35Ah configuration means it’s much stronger. Lawn mowers are essential pieces of equipment for many homeowners and renters. Additionally, it has a dimension of 5.28 x 2.64 x 2.40 inches. Moreover, it’s pocket-friendly, with a size of 7.13 x 3.01 x 6.57 inches and a weight of only 12 lbs. Group U1L lawn mower batteries feature the positive (+) terminal near the left corner, on top of the battery, while Group U1R batteries feature the positive terminal near the right corner. The Toro 106 8397 Replacement Battery for lawn tractor BB batteries, from Neptune Batteries, is a compact and high powered battery designed specifically to fit the somewhat inconvenient housing of Toro lawn tractors. Before you charge your lawn tractor’s battery, you should understand just how far battery chargers have come.

Got a bad alternator you need to swap out? Thus, picking the wrong type of battery is not just annoying but also a waste of time and effort. This battery comes from a reputable brand that made a name for itself in garden equipment and tools, which means they know what they’re doing. Pick up a Duralast Lawn & Garden battery and enter to win a Troy Bilt riding mower or grab a Duralast Marine battery and enter to win a 2014 TRACKER … Instead of junking your lawn tractor when it is on the blink, you can get a battery replacement and have it humming again. In the past, chargers often lacked the ability to stop overcharging. This lawn tractor battery is a right-side positive. The Mighty Max Battery 12V is a flexible high-performance lawn tractor battery with high value for a wide range of different applications and situations. Refer to the service manual for specific diagnostic, repair and tool information for your particular vehicle. The body of this battery is strong and well designed, featuring Absorbent Glass Mat technology for security, spill proofing, and lowered maintenance.

It is also an exceptionally easy to install lawn mower battery, making it easy to get up and running with it as quickly as possible with minimal effort. Please note that the tool that you receive after placing an online order may be in a used but operable condition due to the nature of the Loan-A-Tool® program. Once charging is complete, switch the charger off and unplug it from the outlet. Its sturdy, impact-resistant case can absorb shocks and vibrations well. You will find that it lives up to its reputation for being sturdy, reliable, robust, and long-lasting, all in a pocket-friendly price band. Here are some instances when you may need to charge your riding mower: Said another way, you likely do not need to charge your mower’s battery routinely. The Mighty Max Battery YTX4L-BS is a strong lawn tractor battery that offers a high level of power and efficiency while operating with more versatility and flexibility than most other models of lawn tractor battery. The hardened ABS plastic external casing is tough, sturdy, and durable, while the AGM system ensures zero leaks and spills. Also, it features AGM technology, which successfully prevents spills and leaks. If you are using a 10-amp charger, your mower’s battery should charge in approximately one hour. † Available to AutoZone Rewards Members.

Place the new battery into the housing and attach any fastening straps or bars before reattaching the power cables. The large size of lawn tractors and garden tractors is such that they are less maneuverable than smaller mowers and have larger turning circles, making them less. In general, though, chargers will fully charge a lawn tractor battery in 4 to 6 hours. When you do, you risk a dead battery. The Universal Power Group 90508011 lawn tractor battery can be mounted in any position, making it compatible with an enormous range of electric vehicles, not just ride on mowers and garden tractors. Pandemic throw you into #remotework? These are the best option for the largest yards, or for professional or commercial lawn trimming and grass maintenance. (C) 1989-2020 AutoZone, Inc. All Rights Reserved, Got feedback for our blog?

Here are some instances when you may need to charge your riding mower: 1.

Still, unless you live in a tropical or subtropical climate, you likely park your mower for months at a time. High powered lawn tractors are an efficient and powerful option for mowing large lawns, a function that’s particularly important as the weather warms up and lawn maintenance becomes more important. If you are looking to extend the life of your lawn tractor’s battery, though, investing in a charger that has many of these options probably makes sense. When you return, even after a number of hours, you should not have to worry about noxious gases harming either you or the natural environment.

It is also equipped with a sturdy outer casing, and it offers a secure and stable performance for medium-heavy use. This offers all the performance and efficiency required for a John Deere lawn mower battery.

These are the best option for the largest yards, or for professional or commercial lawn trimming and grass maintenance. The unit is also valve-regulated, and it doesn’t require too much maintenance other than charging. It can be mounted in any position, offering compatibility with a wide range of electric vehicles, and is sufficiently resistant to impact, shock, and vibration to keep it safe and secure through heavy use no matter where on the lawn mower it is mounted. When it comes to size, it has the standard dimensions of 7.68 x 6.46 x 5.2 inches, and it weighs 21.71 lbs. The Expert Power 12 Volt Rechargeable Battery is a strong and durable lawn tractor battery, capable of surviving heavier use and more accidents than most other lawn tractor batteries on the market in 2019. You may drive your mower for months without ever having to charge it. This motorcycle battery is manufactured by Power-Sonic, features the same specifications as the Autozone C50-N18L-A3, and also comes with our standard one year free replacement warranty. It is a maintenance free lawn tractor battery that’s easy to keep at peak performance and operates safely and efficiently under a wide range of different temperature conditions. Learn common places these leaks occur as well as methods for finding and fixing them.

Its patented steel post blocks corrosion, and its battery has a high resistance to shocks, impact, and vibrations. Note, though, some chargers allow you to toggle between 12-volt and 6-volt settings. For the most optimal experience please enable JavaScript and refresh your browser. Additionally, you want to use a charger with an output of 10 amps or fewer to charge your lawn tractor’s battery. This product is the perfect replacement for your John Deere Lawn-Riding Mower 108 battery. Aside from nuts and bolt terminals, this SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) battery also comes with fiberglass mat separators and high cell compression that can extend its life.

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