I have Bintelli and it has a gradual start. Thanks!! For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

Does anyone have experience w/ either bike? I would recommend a different brand if this is important to you. The upgrade was a no brainer for me. I love it when I tested it but at the time there was a longer wait for the large size so I went with the Sinch. for $200.00 more. It also has front suspension. The throttle may be activated from a dead stop by activating the walk feature and when the bike starts moving the throttle can be activated wit no peddeling needed, hope this helps. Tried a Pace 500 first but after further thought upgraded to the Level for the front suspension mainly but for 200 bucks all parts, derailleur,brakes.tires are upgraded a bit, and you get a rack and fenders. Purchased an Aventon Level a couple of weeks ago. GREAT bike. If you’re stopped and you accidentally hit the throttle you could move forward in traffic when you didn’t mean to which could be very very dangerous.

The fenders and rack are also included.

Not a huge difference but the Level also has the slightly larger 32 tooth gear for just a little more help on hills. The Aventon Level is an 8-speed while the 700 Series is a 7-speed. The Aventon Level has a bigger battery than the regular 500 and also the battery is integrated with the chassis.

Aventon Bikes claims it's a safety feature, but I find it makes the bike *less* safe since you cannot quickly accelerate from a stop, especially if you're facing uphill. my only draw back on the 500 is I wish I had front suspension and live throttle ( which does not kick in until you start pedaling) and with aventon bikes they seem to have a strong burst when you start off( make sure your pointing strait) it like flooring it from a dead stop. I love it when I tested it but at the time there was a longer wait for the large size so I went with the Sinch. The Aventon Level has a bigger battery than the regular 500 and also the battery is integrated with the chassis. I have the Pace 500. I own an Aventon Level and generally love it.

Beware, however, that the throttle does not work from a dead stop -- you have to be already moving to engage the throttle. It looks like an updated Pace 500 w/ a rear rack and fenders. It also has front suspension. But yeah I’m in love with the level even though I have the Sinch. other than then that great bike for the price. Again not a glaring difference but it’s a difference. The fenders and rack are also included. Been looking at the Aventon Level, but having trouble finding reviews, since its fairly new. you get rack fenders and larger battery plus suspension front fork. The tires on the Level … I think you’re right on the safety feature of the throttle.

JavaScript is disabled. I understand your concern and i like this to be a feature for one to turn on and off (ability to use throttle from dead stop). Great bike and price for level is awesome.

Any other bikes in the $1600 range that may be a better option?

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