Gaia Sagrada is a a life changing experience. Longer retreats … Much gratitude to Christine who is a beautiful earth angel who built this place to make healing available for others! It’s a small, family-run outfit that stays close to tradition, so don’t expect major perks or broad strokes of luxury. I have been at Gaia for a number of retreats.

We really feel her maternal instinct with us, she always manages to find the right words, she knows how to loosen the knots spiritually. My only complaint is that I was feeling cold most evenings! We are so sorry you weren’t able to have the experience you were looking for. Participating in one of Santiago’s San Pedro ceremonies is worth the entire trip. My life is not perfect, but i know, i really know and feel it and believe it that things will be alright. I was the only one that said I couldn’t. Made some great friends including the staff who are very supportive and caring.

The buildings make you feel so welcomed, like you belong there. This Magic Mushroom Retreat is facilitated by the famous Gaia Sagrada Ayahuasca and San Pedro Retreat Center of Ecuador, also listed on this site, where you will find hundreds of rave reviews. I’ve experienced the deepest levels of serenity and self-love in my entire life after going through my 3 ayahuasca and 1 san pedro ceremonies. We prepare a strong elixir of pure, rainforest grown, organic cacao and other native medicinal herbs, using a recipe that embodies the wisdom of the Aztecs and their royal elixirs. Some San Pedro ceremonies are done walking through nature on Gaia’s incredibly beautiful land, with beautiful vistas in every direction. Everything about my seven days at Gaia Sagrada exceeded my expectations…everything. I miss each and every one of you, and simply know I’ll be back in due season again, hopefully within the next year. Felt so good being there. The community of work exchangers was truly like a family and I have made true soul friends that I know will stick with me for life.

Il est en général assisté da sa femme (que je n’ai pas eu le privilège de rencontrer) ou d’une autre Shaman (Amalia, Sofia et Huaira quand j’y étais début juillet 2017). It is one of the only places where you can experience Ayahuasca, San Pedro and Wilka ceremonies in a peaceful serene environment. Jerry will look after all the logistics and there will be plenty of interesting, nurturing helpers to see you through every aspect of your journey. Sponsored By University Of Metaphysical Sciences, a leader in metaphysics and spiritual teachings, with credibility and tens of thousands of students all over the world. They also allow you to extend your stay and add on extra ceremonies as well so might be a better option than plunging in for the 12-day and seeing how you feel. We love her! Inside Jamaica's women only magic mushroom retreat. I hope to come back again! Also, I don?t think the sweat lodge ceremony is available in most other retreats. The San Pedro brought forth a spiritual healing and the next day I was full of energy. My path in this life has been an amazing journey and my retreat at GS was a transformational pivotal point towards a life that has profoundly changed for the better. Yes our staff does have great interest in the participants’ journey, but we never get intrusive.

The center itself is just too cute! At Gaia Sagrada the Shamans speak English and are very approachable. Thank you so much for your lovely review. At Cost, Low, Non-Profit Prices, good karmic use of your money. Thank you to Carol who runs the kitchen! As soon as you arrive you are greeted with hugs from everyone and you’re immediately made to feel comfortable. I love to grow, trip, and can’t stop talking about it. This place, is such a wonderful place. It’s true, everyone who comes for 6 or 7 days always wish they had signed up for more, and most actually stay for the rest of the retreat if there is space. We feel that offering both is very important because one without the other is not a balanced experience. I don’t encourage over-researching as I did. Sometimes I wished it was less authentic, but in the end I was grateful. The ceremonies are amazing.

I’ve had happy times in my life, but they didn’t seem to last.

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