But I can now play Hipper, with the AL Hipper camo, captained by Hipper, whilst flying a Hipper flag.

The maximum amount of SOS Signals you can store is tied to your Signal Sensitivity. You will start at sensitivity level 1, and it will raise as your Signal Range increases. Sortie and obtain 20 victories with the quest ship. As of September 2020, no ship in the game is capable of reaching the cap. As you reach a higher level commander, you can upgrade the Canteen and the Merchant to increase the speed and cap of daily replenish (Oil and Coin). You need to clear out the daily raids every day - they give gold, plates, book, and boxes. Azur Lane Commander Leveling Guide by gumifu Disclaimer: The main topic of this guide isn’t about leveling up your waifu ships.It’s more tailored for those who wish to speed up their Commander leveling process and quickly unlock all the amenities in the game. Submarine-mounted Type 92 Battery-powered Torpedo, Submarine-mounted G7e Acoustic Homing Torpedo, [math]\text{ship sonar range} = \text{clamp}\left(45, \frac{\text{base ASW}}{2} - 32, 100\right)[/math], [math]\text{ship sonar range} = \text{clamp}\left(30, \frac{\text{base ASW}}{2.86}, 80\right)[/math], https://azurlane.koumakan.jp/w/index.php?title=Anti-Submarine_Warfare&oldid=126355, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike. SOS Rescue Missions are unique stages where you will battle enemy submarines and earn exclusive rewards related to submarines. Putting that into consideration, a common strategy during a campaign would be to have a fleet handle most of the lesser enemy fleets, then prepare another souped-up fleet to face the flagship boss. Any excess units that you don't use should be discarded properly. I really need more captains. Located on the world map is the SOS Signal Search button, just above the Exercises button. "Report back to Azurda in Torna's Womb." If you have problems 3-starring a map, get more levels on your shipgirls and clear it over and over until the threat level becomes green. SOS Rescue Mission bosses will surface after about two minutes and five seconds and be susceptible to all forms of damage. Yes, but someone unfamiliar with AL would see it only as an anchor, which is no surprise in a naval game. This is an easy way of earning EXP for your ships without grinding. Destroyers and Light Cruisers are equipped with sonar. Hipper is the only one that is high pitched and relatively annoying, mainly because her character trope is to be a permanently pissed off tsundere. Some shipgirls can be retrofitted - this upgrade would increase their stat and add 1 extra skill. If not sunk before then, enemy submarines will be destroyed when they collide with the main fleet, which will damage your main fleet akin to suicide boats.

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