When your pants are so tight in the crotch and your balls suck up inside you. I was beginning to think you were unlike the other cheating men of my past until. moment is when you have been distracted by random nothingness. 1.) A human who prefers Squirrel meat above all else. Adjective: 1. mildly insane 2. unpredictable and jumpy, often in a cowardly way 3. nutty; resembling a squirrel looking for nuts The choir got nothing accomplished because it was a Friday and everyone was extremely squirrelly.
bizarre characteristics that cannot be explained. This term was originally coined the day after the burning of Barbara Que, then thought to be a Witch, in 1700's New Jersey. An active hunter feared by the squirrel community at large. Rejects the notion that squirrels are frolicking, happy creatures meant for joy - not barbecue.

"Those Gen C kids seen awfully weird and quiet, Those little furry bastards that dart out into the road when you're tryin to change the radio station, thereby causing you to. Get a bbq sauce mug for your mother-in-law Julia. Did you see that squirrel attack Mike. To hear him, A seemingly adorable creature who is secretly evil & has light-sabers &.

Smoking marijuana with your friends; a good sesh.
The first thing a cashier will guess if you're buying hot dogs and buns, when really you're just a fucking bachelor.

Wow. A SQUIRREL!!! A promiscuous man-whore, who constantly seeks sexual pleasure which he calls a "nut". mum: "Will you pop upstairs and fetch the dirty, Did you meet the new guy? when a straw is inserted into a vagina or ass hole and then drank from. He was talking about that box the other day. a horrible period + oral sex joke.

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