ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Maybe u hate him but the little kids don't.

All the kids used to like him but now he's a pain in their butt! Making fun of music, one song at a time. I'll be sure to remember that. 13.i hate you you hate me let's see who's the first to kill barney with a great big hammer smash it on his head instead of pruple he's all red. I think since then it continues to bring people who love to hate on the whole Barney mystique with those key words in the title and the lyrics. Why all the hate? .and sicne when can a genderless character be gay. 15.i hate you you hate me let's all get together and kill barney with a big ray gun barneys on the floor no more bloody dinosaur. The only baffling number is total views over a decade which is due to the love or hate of the Barney character which would be 7,636 a year. I have to babysit my 4-year-old sister and we have to watch the stupid purple dinosaur on TV. Share your meaning with community, make it No need to be so rude to Barney, what is wrong with ya'll. Grow up you little A-holes!

We should remove him from tv. The "Trump Derangement Syndrome" is strong with this one. barney is so gay,4 year old kids think hes so cool they must be stupid; i hate you you hate me lets chase barney up a tree hit him in the head with a 2 by 4 no more purple dinosour, Hi does anyone know where I can find this It goes like this. I blew up her head, Barney once told children "Strangers are friends you haven't met yet." oh and i made this up on my own MWAH HAH HHAAHH HAH barneys dead BARNEYS DEAD, i love youyou love me.lets go out and kill barney with a bang bang shotgun youre here for no more bayot dinosaur, i fixed up my first barney parody i posted so here it goes:i rape u u rape barney gave me H.I.V. Wow! No BARNEY IS NOT HE S JUST A LOVEING DINOSUR I LOVE BARNEY AND I HATE BARNEY. Barney's Dead. I mean c'mon!! We shot him more while he was on the floor to make sure he was dead!

I hate Barney, Trump, Teletubbies, Bieber and Dora, If you like Barney, I respect your opinion, I luv Barney but h8 Bill, Hillary, Chuck, Nancy, and other assorted idiots of Blue, BLOOD IS RED,BARNIES DEAD,SOMEONE SHOT HIM IN THE HEAD,WITH A 45 CALIBER SLUG THEY DID,HOW MUCH FROM HIS HIDE WE,LL BID, And those Blobahs things they would scare the bejayes out of kids take them things and bust their heads their too scary for little kids to see their worst then barney and Calilou spoiled little snot in need on a spanking, Chop off Tinkie winkies head triangle and all, Throw the Wild Thornberries into the amazon with the Piranahs, Die if you don't like trump then move away far away. we both made 50 songs.i hate you you hate me lets go out and kill barney. Lastly, Peace Dogs, I'm giving up on this website; I'm looking for a real chatting/ website.

Godzilla is superbad! By the way guys, thanks to everyone on this [awesome] forum, cheering me up when I'm blue, making me laugh when I need it, and hatin' on Barney when it is best to (i.e. And even if he is, I hope my children grow up much more tolerant than what I've read here. No offence or anything but Barney is sooooo not cool. .

Back in the good ol' days, you wouldn't beat up a purple dinosaur like that. I hate you, you hate me lets all gang up and kill barney put a gun to his head, pull the trigger now hes dead, once h waspurple now hes red. - because Prince Rogers Nelson is the ONLY Champion of the Color Purple. I'M NOT OBSESSED WITH HIM!!! ENJOY. And there are generally no comments at all after a month. I also liked the songs u put on the site! HE SURE IS AN crappy dino!

Kids, kids, KIDS! Barney's original I hate you song:(Sing in tune of The Mean Kitty song.) heres a cool episode 4 barney : a mom drops of her son where barney and his friends hangout and then barney sings him a song and then dick ( the boy ) tells barney that he sounds like a frog on steroids barney runs of crying and dick puts superglue on a tissue and gives 2 barney and it rips of barneys face then he rushed 2 hospital dick visists him in hospital and he pushes the hospital bed out the window and barney comes back with a broken arm and cruches barney tells dick that he he wants him 2 watch gummi bears and dick swears him and went outside 2 burn barneys stuff barneys gets mad and calls him a naughty little boy and dick says " you such a @#!% gay dinosaur" and then dicks mom comes 2 pick him up and then dick says in a sweet voice " mummy can i say good bye to my friend barney " then dick goes up 2 barney and kicks him in the balls and takes out a AK47 and shoots the purple dinosaur and tells is mummy that he had a wonderfull day, i love you u you love me i got to kill barny with a m 16 no more fags around me, i hate u u hate me lets get together in kill barney with some pepper spay and a note from me to you i hate barney doo doo doo, i hate you you hate me we are a haty family with a great big punch and a kick from me to you wont you say that you hate me to. 555! Beat up Barney with a baseball bat. between the lines to you?

LOVE BARNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ", I've posted about 165 submissions over the last three and a half years and I've broken 1000 page views once, with one more in the high 900's. I saw his minions, Crying at Barney's grave, I took a cheese ray, And shot all his slaves. hi misty i left 3 comments but that girl Roxy said something mean to you and you should tell her well everyone has their own opinions, and some people really hate Barney cuz he is annoying so tell her to get a life and say how would you like it if i made fun of your song.

They sued him ^.^. Ya haters must be Trump folks. And then let’s go outside and kill mice. So terrible that it appears to have screwed up your ability to spell your own name .... not to mention your ability to keep pace with the original song, kill barney and justin bieber and teletubbies, Barney is really gay I wish he would go away So I punched him in the balls And now he's on the floor No more gaylord dinosaur, Why are parents teaching their children and teenagers killing Barney the dinosaur songs i Love Barney and i Hate BARNEY AT THE SAME TIME. Yo! Spank his ass! barnies dead yaysssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hate the stupid purple dinosaur !!!!!!! It was really hysterical! If not, lets end im soon before he slowly rules the world, along with Oprah Winfrey and Barrack "Obuma" (Boo!) P.S. You kill the purple dinosaur. :§, x] Nice And guys, you know, if you were 2, 3 years old, you'd like Barney and you wouldn't think him gay lol The only reason you guys hate Barney is cause you're too old for him. i learned that in like 4th grade and it kinda just stuck wiith me... @OMG. now he's done making children gay. Ain't it a sad shame that when that purple poop-head came to the PBS scene people all over the planet were descending into severe hatred and violence? Bow to Barney the King!!! Doot doot doot. I got a shotgun, you ain't got one.I'll blow your head off, if you don't get off.This land was made for me not you. I love barne yhe is a mad ass no matter wat. I love booze .. i believe BCDNCVSVMNJF is so right. what are the lyrics to this song? Listen to "True Colours" by Eva Cassidy; Beautiful song ;). Please go play in Traffic Now you bug brained -needle nosed little thrip. Well like think about it, the Dino we all loved ,loved us little kids way too much. Being purple isn't a crime! .but none of them have any gentalia or for that matter anything down there. What happened to the body We flushed it down the potty Around and around it goes WHOOSH around and around it goes! And 'round an 'round it goes. This is a really good read for me. This is a horrible violent song, Barney is for little kids... Barney's Dead!

With my favorite shotgun. Dead Barney. Let's punch his face. That's because it's linked all over the place and due to return posters. He's a ma ma ma ma, ma ma ma ma mama's boy! BARNEY H8TRS MUST DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dear Barney haters, get a f^^kin' life instead of being big babies about that dinosaur.

I love u u love me barney gave me a hiv i started with a kiss and ended on the floor i got raped by a dinosaur, i love u u love me barney gave me an hiv so i kicked him in the nuts and choped him on the head now that purple bastad's dead, barney is a dinosaur form our imagination big and fat and full of crap and died of constipation! What happened to his body? I h8 you, you h8 me, barney gave me H.I.V, with a big purple body and a little green sick, barney made me really sick. Kill him and his merry band of faggots where ever you find them!

Check out the two amIright misheard lyrics books including one book devoted to misheard lyrics of the 1980s. Ask us or our community about the part of the song that interests you, We will try to respond as soon as possible. I'm gonna make some more. omg you guys are so right barney is dead sorry for the little kids, Barney is gay, he sucks on his own dino-cock. BARNEY IS SEXY HIS TAIL IS SEXY HIS GREEN POKEADOTS ON his tail is sexy, All these songs on here is sexy about Barney dying i love the. Hey, everybody! 8.i hate you you hate me lets all kill barney with a bang bang bang and a bullet through his head sorry kids but barneys dead. (smeck, smeck, smeck) Mmm, it's real angora. I hate you, you hate me Let’s get together and kill Barney With a shotgun blast Barney hits the floor No more purple dinosaur! I think Barney should be locked up some where .I think he is GAY he is brain washing children.I would like to KILL him what about you? Officially the First (And Hopefully Not the Last) FLO RIDA Themed Paint Radio. don't worry about the body we flushed it down the potty, round and round it goes!

I hate you/ You hate me/ Let's get together and kill Barney/ With a great big gun and a bullet to the head/ Sorry kids but Barney's dead. its not like any1 talks about U cuz U want 2 help kids get a good education, i mean sure i think hez gay and all, but cuzin waz on that show and she dosent hate it. .That's scary. Okay, sorry about what happened about the last message I had posted; someone (I have no idea whom) had used my "name", so please forgive me of that comment. I hate you, You hate me, Lets get together and kill Barney.

IHATE YOU YOU HATE ME LETS GO OUT AND TEAM UP WITH YOUR FRIENDS AND KILL BARNEY AND CUT OFF HIS TAIL I WILL KEEP HIS TAIL AND CUT OFF HIS GREEN POKEADOTS AND I WILL KEEP THEM THEN LETS CUT OFF HIS HEAD AND FLUSH IT DOWN THE POTTY HA HA BARNEYS DEAD NO MORE PURPLE DINOSUAR LOL I LOVE BARNEY AND I HATE BARNEY. (: screw you all (H) barneys cool, and he bones your moms (: Well... WTF! Doot doot doot. Let me tell you this. The AM dial has been hijacked by Rubbish Limburger and other blubberbutt hatemongers and they can all GO TO HELL).

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