I also don't want to wake up one day finding my character in magoria because some dickhead was bored. Velia Hotspot. I mean I know it's pretty much gold fish and relics but doesn't the fact that it's exhausted slow it down a lot? Not many people have tried to answer this in terms of gold/h or gold/inventory which is why I'm still confused. Bandit’s Den Byway 3. Rock Hind.

Meanwhile on the island I'm frequently logging in at night to repair and recast so I can do a full inventory overnight, and finding my durability is already up and I have an inventory of food. Balenos Forest 2. Black Desert for Consoles | r/PlayBlackDesert It's not the area with the best yields but it's already much better than Velia/Heidel and the like. © Valve Corporation.

It throws away anything with a white name, so fish or junk with white text in the name. Forest of Plunder 1. I do velia now because it good and convenient.

fishing for profit is jank. I like having more options than truly AFK as in you can't decide to play at any time, it takes time to start non-AFK playing. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the blackdesertonline community, The subreddit for the PC MMORPG Black Desert Online, developed by Pearl Abyss. It's easy money. It takes me 30 seconds to set up and take down. Ancient Stone Chamber 1.

Loggia Farm 2. Hi, I'm a bot that links Gyazo images directly to save bandwidth. Imp Cave 1.

Blue and gold fish was rare, but relics had a good drop rate during the event. Of which o tend to get 3-8 shards and 15-20 keys. Never had that problem but I carry a traveler's map just in case. 1.) Sandeel. I take a trav map back to epheria then a 10minute run to valencia and then a 10minute run back. Yes..it SHOULD be. I can get to the marketplace within the time it takes for a notified costume to show up. Or casting over into it.

They are a failure, like catching seaweed, fish bones, or boots. This is a recurring quest that can be found by pressing ‘O’ > Recurring Tab > [Skilled Fishing] A Special Fishing Rod. Sandfish. I usually fish for 5-6 hrs while at work, and make 3 mill, plus the relics when I return. sell to Valencia Imperial Trader (6-7m one work afk session). But you arent earning any more than Velia fishers. Why is anyone bothering with Velia/Heidel when profit in any abundant zone should be higher? I make 3-7m off Relic Shards alone most times I AFK fish for 8-10 hours at work. Abundant fishing has a higher turnover rate compared to Velia shore, lower gold per session but likely higher gold per hour assuming you aren't AFK with a zero durability rod for long.

Awhile back, it was announced in patch notes that the velia hot spot would have a higher chance of gold fish. Fish Bones.

You moved too far west into Coastal Cave fish table, beyond the bit of the hotspot that extends over that boundary with Velia Beach. You make exactly 1/4 mil less than I do pre keys and shards. There is the common way of obtaining Black Stones by visiting the Central Market and defeating monsters. Velia hotspot gives you a better chance of catching blue/gold fish, reducing your chance to catch junk. 2.5m-3m/hr AFK fishing in the ross sea.

They are a failure, like catching seaweed, fish bones, or boots. I've tried fishing in Heidel river and it feels so slow, but there are so many people there.

Mostly for convenience.

Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). Not necessarily, from Epheria you can reach the first part of the Ross Sea in 5 minutes. But this is afk. Cron Castle 2. It's pretty ridiculous there tbh. There is also a chance you can catch multiple fish with one cast on a standard fishing rod.

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