My tarot readings with Theresa illuminate a path for me that maybe I was unable to, I turn to Theresa when I am in turmoil, and her relaxing demeanor and straightforward, “The recommendation to see Theresa Reed came to me from someone I met at a professional workshop. Or nauseous. Her tone still comes across in an email just as friendly and practical as if she were talking to me though I have no intention of permanently giving up the  phone calls (such a shame that I don’t live closer so phone or email are my only options). What started for me as unique outing for my mom and I, has turned into a yearly ritual that I cannot imagine missing out on. But, lo and behold, sure enough, I met him at a bus stop and we started talking and he asked me out. The Heart of IT The Oxford dictionary meaning for the word Man is…”Human beings in general; the human race.” ….We human beings in general, also considered as MAN, with our top of…, So what exactly is the “Fall of the Patriarch?” …it is, the returning of nobility to Men in Power, for power to not be abused by preying on the weaker species and…, Full Moon in Pisces is Happening Now  Have you ever considered what it may feel like being locked in a dream, interpreting life through the colours and tones of our own doing?…, As the Moon prepares to enter Cancer and greet us with a New Moon in her preferred home…the cosmic Crab or Karkinos (as the Ancient Greeks would call it) I would like…, Hello dear hearts, How are you all keeping?

“Theresa, thank you for an excellent Tarot reading. Don’t believe me? If you have a specific area in your life that you need to work on Theresa gives you good references and sources to guide you in the right direction. She was kind and patient in explaining everything as we went along. She was accurate and even though some of the news was not perfect I left feeling uplifted, encouraged... “A lot of what you told me has come to pass and I look forward to seeing you again soon. However, when I finally did get a reading, I realized that the beauty of tarot and Theresa for me was not about making lottery predictions or being cheesy. The clarity of the cards guidance you are gifted to share with the world has offered a safe haven of comfort through these changes.” ~ Valerie Schmidt, So thank you so much! A proper reading can help you decide what you need to do to both protect yourself and plan for your future. And, she’s a lot of fun to boot!”  ~ Bill Ritacco, Computer Specialist, Boston, MA, “My sisters and I have been going to Theresa annually for YEARS! In this last year alone, I have had to handle several major life and career situations; I followed your advice “to the letter” and each situation resolved itself to my benefit every single time.

I feel very comfortable with her process as she is non-judgmental, always concise and yet warm in her communications.
I’m not yet done with my 10 questions but it has been a surprising little please to realize I have “this many left.” I can just spontaneously send a note which is not my usual style. It made a believer out of me. She says that astrology, numerology, and doing tarot readings are her passions. It was a time in my life when a lot of things were changing and I felt like I needed some direction. A tarot reading from Theresa is a powerful tool to help you choose wisely from the buffet of life.” – Kim Tedford, Integrative Therapies. She has a very therapeutic way of presenting her findings; they are validating, healing and very empowering. All I cared about was getting a stable income, and the job was exactly that. Thanks Theresa.” ~ Elizabeth Mendelsohn. I had no doubts about the truth that lies in what The Cards said – I’ve always believed in them. The initial spread answered 80% of the questions I had before I even had the chance to ask. Thank you Theresa! Over the next nine years, while my family waited for prosecution, Theresa continued to keep in touch and give us insight into what was to come.

I find her readings an wonderful experience and an great guide for my future.

By the late 1950s, her staple gouache paintings became more and more embellished with stones, twigs, and glass. You shared with me that I would have a new job opportunity and really felt that looking for a new job would be the best thing for me in dealing with the stress.

Sure enough, within a week of the 3 months she predicted, I started my new job! T. Pinterest. My journey feels so right partly because of the acknowledgement I have received from Theresa.

Just hearing her voice, her practical wisdom and her reassurances, even when she tells me something that does not sound fortuitous, sets the tone for my year. She made me feel very comfortable and at ease during my reading and is a “straight shooter”. Thankfully, I didn’t flood the house! In 1991 Cathy decided to paint her own tarot images. It really validated what I’m already doing, but she gave me some fabulous new ideas about how to really maximize my personal and professional life. What she says may not make sense immediately, or maybe it will … but it will blow you away when you listen after some time has passed! I don’t know how I could have managed all of that without you – thank you so much!” ~ Dee, She helped to relieve my stress around an. And it is an every day way of life… and we are actors... I have had tarot readings in the past, mostly “for fun,” but. Theresa has helped me and continues to help me through difficult periods always challenging me to learn more about myself and my possibilities through the tool of the tarot. I’m grateful and thankful to know Theresa and I always look forward to a reading with her.”  ~ Pam’ala Mode. When I connected with Tashi I felt like I met a wise and kind friend. She combines her research and knowledge from many complementary sources so what you get is an informed and layered presentation of what is relevant, inspiring and useful. She is much more than a Tarot reader. Precious few human beings are able to connect deeply like Tashi does. Her readings are so much fun, I hope she never stops reading cards!”~ Alana S. “My very first reading with Theresa was approximately 10 years ago, and I’ve been a client ever since.

For my husband and I, her words are beneficial in every aspect if our lives. She seems to truly care for her clients and their issues or concerns.

This makes it easy to prepare for, and also gives me the ability to make a more informed decision when I am wrestling with a choice.

I keep coming back for more and I know you will too.”\- Devon Clement, doula:: Mama’s Best Friend. She is the true Gypsy Queen, one of a kind. Clearly a woman with positive healing energy and abundant, powerful intuition, her connection to greater cosmic resources has been... Her readings give me an abundant sense of hope and even advice on how to deal with energies in my life that perhaps are not ideal. When I put hundreds of hours and lots of devotion in a class or product, I want Theresa to tell me when the best time is to put it out to the world.

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