According to this theory, it isn’t inherent characteristics that make a good leader.

Contingency theory, developed by Fred Fielder in 1958, assumes that leaders are either task-oriented or relationship-oriented. Retrieved from thanks. This theory states that if you condition your behavior for the response to any given situation, you can be a leader. Your email address will not be published. What is the behavioral theory of leadership? One of the few agreements within this research is that behaviors can be categorized into: task-oriented, relational-oriented, change-oriented, and passive leadership (pp. This naturally extends to the workplace, where employees who make a purposeful effort to apply their strengths to their work are, on average, more effective, more efficient, and more satisfied with their job. Flexibility: the ability to adapt to changing circumstances and work contexts. One of the biggest benefits of this behavioral leadership theory is that it allows the team to take advantage of everyone’s strengths. Required fields are marked. The theory states that the comparison of your leadership characteristics to the list of the traits of many successful and unsuccessful leaders can be used to predict your leadership effectiveness. Hi Ben Mulholland, Courage: the ability to make difficult decisions—even when faced with fear, stress, and uncertainty. Strategically focused: the ability to be strategic in your thinking and planning; seeing the big picture. Collaboration skills: the ability to work with others, particularly those who are different from you. Over the years of study and testing, the behavioral theory of leadership has highlighted many different types of leader through their actions. Your email address will not be published. Can be outdone by other transformational leaders2. This is why they are placed at the (9,9) spot on the Managerial Grid. Let us know in the comments! What are the other situations in which you can apply contingency theory? Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account.

The basis of Trait theory is the premise that ‘leaders are born not made.’ It is an extension of the Great Man theory of leadership. Use the tools of participative theory. We have a library of premade process templates which you can use at the click of a button. You can use this style in case you are working on an urgent assignment, and another task pops up, you will need to ‘delegate’ it to a competent subordinate. In other words, they studied what behaviors and motivations create leaders and provided a system with which we can contextualize them. It also provides an avenue for new leaders to show their abilities and for everyone to make the most of each others’ strengths. Leadership expert James MacGregor Burns initially introduced this theory. Status quo leaders exhibit the following behaviors: Dictatorial leaders are, as the name suggests, entirely focused on producing results without worry for the people under their employ.

Can build strong relationships and also repair relationships gone sourWeakness:1. As a transactional leader, you concentrate only on the bottom of the pyramid for your group members. According to Derue, Nahrgang, Wellman, and Humprey (2011), leadership behaviors are composed of task-oriented behaviors, relational-oriented behaviors, and change-oriented behaviors.

Avoid generic statements like “Good job!” and evaluate and give feedback based on concrete evidence.

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