How do I search for a transaction using e-banking? Additional cardholders must be at least sixteen (16) years old. I have the Bendigo Bank app on my mobile/tablet device. How long will it take for my BPAY contribution to appear in my fund account? Can a PayID be used to make or receive overseas payments? I applied for a credit card in e-banking, when will I see it online? Hope the network issue gets resolved soon!! Will I need my Access ID, Password, and Security Token when using e-banking? The quickest way to pay off your debt is to increase your minimum monthly repayment and stop using your card. What time will recurring fast payments be sent? How long will it take for my request to be actioned? Do all service/billing providers participate in Automatic Billing Updater? Is there a maximum number of transactions that will be presented on the Account graphs?

You can use this to reveal your password to check if it is correct before you logon. © Copyright 2020 Bendigo and Adelaide Bank.

I have the Bendigo Bank app on my mobile/tablet device. When setting up a Pay Anyone contact, or making a payment to a Pay Anyone contact, I am told Bendigo Bank is "…unable to verify the BSB and/or account number match the account name…". How will we assess your application for financial difficulty assistance? Is the app as secure as my desktop e-banking? How can I get my transactions that are not available from Transaction Download? Can I redraw from my loan using e-banking? What should be done with the credit card? How will I know if I’ve submitted the form correctly? Call us on 1300 236 344 to discuss your options.

Note: Please ensure you are using an iOS device that is compatible with Apple PayToggle Password View- If you are logging on with your Access ID you may notice that the Password field now has a new toggle option. Do fees and charges apply for payments processed in Online FX?

Why might an account not be visible when creating a PayID in e-banking?

The message "network issue" comes up. What is the maximum amount I can withdraw from an ATM each day? Is there an e-banking demonstration system? © Copyright 2020 Bendigo and Adelaide Bank.

Which formats are available for me to download my transactions from the new e-banking website? What do the charts on the Accounts screen mean? Is there a charge? Do I need to have a device passcode enabled on my device for Quick Balances to work? Wanna be able to use the app again ><, Were you able to get past your login issue? I forgot the PIN code for my watch - how do I reset it?

What happens if the card is lost, misused or stolen? I’m having trouble with the SMS code, what do I do? This example assumes there is no additional spend on your credit card account, you make monthly payments on time, the whole balance is being charged at the purchase interest rate of 19.99% (i.e.

When setting up a Pay Anyone contact, or making a payment to a Pay Anyone contact, I am told Bendigo Bank is "…unable to verify the BSB and/or account number match the account name…". Why can I return to a e-banking session by clicking the back arrow on my web browser? Simply add your card to the Apple wallet straight from the ‘Cards’ menu. Do the Account graphs reflect funds on hold and transactions yet to hit the account?

What happens if my application is declined? ‎The Bendigo Bank GoPos Lite app is an innovative card acceptance solution that allows Bendigo Bank merchants to accept EMV chip, magnetic stripe, debit and credit card payments via their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Information on this page can change without notice to you. How do I disable Quick Balances from my app? Terms, conditions, fees and charges apply. Can I attach supporting documents to a digital form? Do I need a PayID to make a fast payment? Can I make additional contributions via BPAY? Can one PayID be linked to more than one account? Call our Credit Card team on 1300 236 344. Send us a secure message by logging into Bendigo Bank e-Banking or via the Bendigo Bank e-banking app. Can I redraw from my loan using e-banking? Will I need my Access ID, Password, and Security Token when using e-banking? What products are available within Online FX? Transfer through Bendigo Bank phone banking. If not please send us a private message on Facebook or Twitter with some more details and we'll be able to help you from there. Is there a limit to how many accounts I can setup in Quick Balances? Once I’ve enabled the Quick Balances feature on my app, where will I see my account balances? How can I unhide account graphs and charts on the accounts page in e-banking?

Can I use four-digit pin on my e-banking? If you’re having trouble making your minimum credit card payments, call our Mortgage Help Centre on 1300 652 146 to see how we can help. Is Online FX only available for Business Customers? If I have been locked out of e-banking, will the Four-digit PIN stop working in the Bendigo Bank app?

Click or choose the padlock to verify you are dealing with Bendigo Bank; Never leave your computer unattended while logged on to e-banking; Always exit your e-banking session when finished, by clicking the 'Log Out' option in the main navigation bar (available from the More tab if you are using the Bendigo Bank app); Regularly check your account balances and transaction histories and immediately report any discrepancies to Bendigo Bank; You should protect the security of your Access ID, Password and Four-digit PIN at all times.

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