Neither of these big, tough animals noticed they were not hit with a .338, but died quickly and cleanly when the Partition took out both lungs. Detailed performance figures are summarized in the table at the article’s end. The original had a mis-cut/mis-reemed chamber. There’s a reason 7x57 Mauser shooters go around with smiles on their faces—they know something other hunters don’t. 7mm cartridges are popular around the world, and have been since the 7x57 Mauser appeared in 1893. In addition, the barrel contains six fluting cuts along its length. The 7mm Rem Mag produces high power but at a recoil level that hunters can either tolerate or learn to tolerate. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Introduced by Remington back in 1957, it was initially chambered not in the Model 700 bolt action rifle but, instead, in the Model 740 autoloader and later in the Model 760 slide-action rifle and Model 721 and 725 bolt actions. Join other outdoor enthusiasts who already get great content delivered right to their inbox. Mag. Recoil is modest, meaning most all people can shoot it well. The product is durable, well-made and has features that will let you throw precise shots consistently. Ballistically, it ranks just slightly below the .270 Win., a cartridge many consider one of the best ever for deer-sized game. Mag. If you are searching for the best 7mm rem mag rifle for the money, then the Remington Model 700 will make a fine choice. It’s been used for decades by hunters seeking a combination of flat trajectory and downrange energy delivery.

It might have done better in this test with a 160 grain AccuBond. This cartridge gives non-handloaders “handloaded” 7mm Mag.

Today, hunters can load the 7x57 with bullets ranging from 110 to 175 grains. The VTR synthetic stock provides comfortable holds and sturdy construction. It is accurate exceptionally designed for throwing long-range shots. Today’s hunters have many good 7mm cartridges to choose from, but if I had to have one, I’d pick either the .280 Remington or the 7x57 Mauser. Savage 111 Trophy Hunter XP,Bolt Action,7mm Rem.

|, Best Airgun Rifles for Hunting Urban Predators, How to Choose Between Night Vision Or Thermal Optics. If you can manage a solid thump on the shoulder every time you fire it, this premier 7mm will reward you with fantastic accuracy and let you hit large game at extreme ranges. While it is not as popular as its nearest competitor, the .270 Winchester, it still has a loyal (some say cult-like) following. Back in 1979, noted gun writer Layne Simpson tried something new: necking down the then-new 8mm Rem. In addition, the stock features a hook on bottom for your support hand to stabilize the rifle when shooting from a bench. Wind drift is measured in inches deviation from sight line at 400 yards in a 10 mph cross-wind. This included several bull elk and a pair of Alaskan interior grizzly bears. So many things must be put into consideration when choosing a gun like the 7mm mag. It is also the first youth model to be available in left handed configuration.

The stock comes with two sling swivels to mount both a sling and a bipod.

160 gr. Comments on this site are submitted by users and are not endorsed by nor do they reflect the views or opinions of COLE Publishing, Inc. And I did, indeed, kill my first bull elk with it in 1978, as well as several mule deer, whitetails and pronghorn. Also offered in a compact package, Remington offers the great features of the XCR tactical in a more maneuverable package. It essentially uses less powder to achieve the same velocities as the standard 7mm Rem. Trajectory in this test is defined as Maximum Point Blank Range (MPBR): the distance over which a bullet rises three inches above sight line and then drops three inches below to hit within a six-inch kill box. 7mm-08 Rem. I just got a brand new 2019 700 CDL Limited Edition in .25-06 as a replacement for the same model in 6mm Remington from 2011. is loaded with bullets weighing between 140- and 160-grains. Although it is almost a century and a half old, the proven 7x57 is still an effective cartridge, if used at normal hunting ranges. This long-range bolt action firearm functions as the name imply. Details of the different products have been made available to help you determine which is more suitable for you. However, I hunt big critters, and for such a job, I like the heaviest, high-sectional density bullets I can get.

The Howa Mini is the best 7mm-08 rifle on the market because of its build, quality, and performance. It also has a controlled-round feed as well ejection. The cartridge combines modest recoil with the ability to be chambered in lightweight, short-action rifles, and when loaded with the standard 140-grain bullet, there’s plenty of “pop” to take the largest deer cleanly and quickly. With the receiver constructed with solid steel material featuring aluminum bedding block for added strength and consistency. Sometimes, lots of features are just what you need in a firearm. You can adjust it without taking off the stock. These fluting cuts increase surface area to the barrel. LJ Bonham is a semi-subsistence hunter, hunting magazine editor, and firearms enthusiast who lives in the Rocky Mountains. How about intense long range shooting?

Featuring a 20″ barrel, the rifle will handle very easily by comparison. 140 gr. Its recoil is on the low end for a magnum. That rifle/load combination accounted for an almost embarrassing amount of big-game animals. Remington Model 700. Mag. Hunters who indeed need them accept the higher recoil forces involved. Mag. It combines the precision of the bolt-action rifle with 7.62×39 Ak’s hard-hitting power. These 10 “Magnificent Sevens” are today’s classics. It’s no surprise that the Remington 700 continues to survive no long. Fluting the barrel slightly decreases weight. There are few, if any, other hunting cartridges which are as well balanced as the .280 Remington. It seems that tactical has taken over the gun market, and bolt actions are no exception. After World War One, American hunters snapped up surplus Spanish contract Mauser bolt-action rifles and discovered the 7x57mm cartridge proved deadly against any game animal. In this video, Top Shot Champion Chris Cheng explains for beginner shooters the various components that make up a rifle cartridge. The rifle’s three-position safety is necessary when the firearm is cocked. Confusion reigned, though, so the next year they returned to the .280 moniker. Not too short for serious target work, and not too cumbersome for hunting work, it represents a great compromise for utility-minded people. The 22 inches free-floating hammer-forged steel barrel also features a target crown for accuracy. For a period lasting a decade or more,  hunters remained enthrallment with standard- and long-action rounds. Here’s how each cartridge ranked. Available in a huge array of production rifles, it allows the hunter to choose a rifle in this chambering that fits his wants and needs exactly. Developed as a military round back in 1892, this short-action cartridge remains an excellent choice for whitetail hunters even today.

The Magpul stock adjusts easily for length of pull and cheek weld to suit the shooter and scope. In short, the XCR excels at durability in extreme conditions. What’s that? Finally, it should be considered that magnum ammo of any kind tends to be much more expensive than other calibers. Answer: While it is a fine cartridge, the article focused on mass-produced rounds, not wild cats which comprise a very small percentage of the market.

One point for every 25 yards beyond 200 yards for minimum expansion velocity, one point deducted for every 25 yards less. minimum impact energy for large game such as this North American elk. Your focus should be on the price and performance of the product. It’s also quite accurate in most rifles.

Still, it’s a fine hunting cartridge. Among the non-magnums in this test, the .280 Remington scored the highest for the simple fact it does the most work in its class but still generates less recoil than a .30-06. Checkering on the stock helps give the shooter a better grip on the rifle, while the recoil pad helps with recoil. It’s hard for most shooters to extract these powerful rounds’ full potential in normal hunting rifles. It is accurate and well-mannered. There are dozens of 7mm rem mag rifles out there, so be ready to make your choice. The others are more boutique cartridges, the Weatherby in particular. did not get a lot of exposure until the early part of the 1950s when Weatherby rifles became more available. Mag. It is accurate exceptionally designed for throwing long-range shots. It is expensive and often not stocked by small shops in far-flung places. It will kick you a bit though! By Michael Pendley There were no factory 175 grain loads on the market at publication time, otherwise the .280 might have scored higher. Confusion reigned, though, so the next year the company returned to the .280 moniker. ruled the House of Seven for decades in sales terms. Lightweight and solid construction make it a great carry weapon. This oldie has dropped every game animal on the planet at one time or another. The AccuBond is a good all-round hunting bullet with high ballistic coefficients (BCs) and terminal performance similar to the time-tested Partition. The fully free-floated barrel increases accuracy shot-to-shot and eliminates flyers from barrel pressure.

For users who want a basic, fully-featured rifle at a competitive price, this one especially should be considered. You won’t want to be taking it on a hike with you.

As for the 7x57, I just like time-proven cartridges. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. The less recoil, the more accurate the shooter, and hence, the more effective the cartridge.

Stainless steel construction helps reduce corrosion from exposure to the great outdoors. I got my first 7 mag, a Remington 700 BDL, in 1986 when I lived in Washington D.C. Mag. It has the least recoil, reaches far beyond any range I’d care to shoot, and ammunition is available in any gun shop around the globe. AccuBond (.531 BC/.283 SD) at 2775 fps. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. The 22″ barrel comes threaded at the muzzle for attachments and ships with a thread protector. The price of the 7mm mag firearm defers from one product to the other. Mag., the 7mm Wby. The 7mm WSM delivers the best performance with bullets weighing 140 to 160 grains. Partition without compromising powder capacity were tested with this bullet to give them the best possible chance, unless there were no factory 175 grain loads available. The less recoil, the more accurate the shooter, and hence, the more effective the cartridge. Developed as a military cartridge by Mauser and introduced in 1892, the cartridge first gained prominence once adopted by the Spanish government and chambered in a limited number of bolt-action Mauser rifles. As we said then, it’s best to consider your needs and uses before buying a magnum power rifle. Most experts recommend 1500 ft-lbs. If you like short, handy barrels, it doesn’t get much shorter than this one. It can’t provide the best velocities with the heaviest bullets in its caliber, and heavy for caliber bullets are what make 7mm’s so effective. : The 7mm RUM. Be that as it may, the 7mm-08 took a while to catch on with modern American hunters.

SAUM — was Remington’s entry into the then-new world of short magnums.

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