I also use lentils for cheap. @Angie – You’re so welcome! I wonder if the corn can’t breathe or the fleece is melting in the microwave? My sweet MIL kept scorching hers. I use rice in mine but will have to try flax seed.

Could you perhaps bake them on very low heat to get them to dry out more?

Have you ever tried hemp seeds? The bag was made of a silky, luxurious sand-washed rayon that worked fine. Another possibility is that the stuffing was too full and it expanded during the heating process and split open the seams. Not sure how scientific you measured the heat retention but this beats taking a guess. I have been using my corn packs for years and not have that happened. Will that work? I have then making these for years and have never had a problem. Check the label on the sweater to make sure there’s no nylon, acrylic, spandex, rayon etc, To be extra cautious, make a separate bag for the filling and make a slip cover of the cashmere. Your effort is very much appreciated as, given the miserable weather we’re having lately, I’m ready to make about a billion of these to stuff into mittens, slippers, pillows, etc…. Lori, I wouldn’t wash rice for sure. I am thinking of using feed corm or dried beans. Yes I’ve used that it’s just as good as whole just over time (1 yr of daily use) will get a burnt popcorn smell. Hi there!!! Great for migraines, Headaches + More, Ice Cold Pack Ohuhu 9" Reusable Ice Bag Hot Water Bag for Injuries, Hot & Cold Therapy and Pain Relief, Blue, (for Hot Therapy is 50-60℃/122℉-140℉), Shoulder Ice Pack - Reusable, Flexible and Long Lasting. Are there any options to make the bags that do not need a cup of water in the microwave? Just wondering, I hate to see all of it go to waste, so fingers crossed. Sedimentary sand to be exact (what you find on a beach). I want to add essential oils, which one would hold the scent better? I’ve never tried it though. The best method, then, if you're going to go with a newer style of cold pack, is to get a pair of them. (Don’t turn on the microwave) it makes nice warm little space to help the dough rise. But I didn’t use cotton thread. You have to test it for time length. And some fillings, like corn, get way too hot if you heat them too long. The best solution is to irradicate the mice. by Melissa Harr. A severe reaction could be fatal.

He told me they can be microwaved without any problem, but that their heat retention isn’t as good as other materials. Wouldn’t whole corn pop?

In the article it suggests putting the filling in a pouch of its own, so it can be replaced. I never thought about small Ones for spot pain. I never knew about the water in the microwave, been using my corn filled for so many years, but I do store it in the freezer in case I want to use it as a cold pack. I meant I’m looking for a very *lightweight* filler! If you use a synthetic fabric and thread they are more likely to scorch and smell like they are burning.

We love our heat pack.

I have used them as long as 2 years before replacing. They do this with coconut shells in the tropics; eat the flesh, leave the shells out for a few weeks, and the ants give you completely clean coconut shells. Thanks again!

Thank you for researching the different fillings. If you choose one of the models on our list that can double as a heat pack, you can use the closet model in the microwave and it'll be ready much faster than the one you've got in the freezer.

The gel inside doesn't fully freeze, either, so you don't have to deal with cuddling a rock-hard pad. At least that was what I was told.

I have always just used plain rice but started using flaxseed after reading they hold their heat better because if the oil content. The solution might be to make a lot of “pockets” into which the filler is place. And I’ve used the demim from the both of cut-off jeans – after they split off at the knees. Buckwheat hulls are sold on Amazon and in other online shops. Does corn do this? Feed corn doesn’t pop. They have whole wheat in bags or in cans. Don’t know if it might be harmful to the microwave or not?

Forgot to mention, flaxseed does make an amazing cold pack. But it’s up to you what color or design of fabric you can use as long as it has no glitter on it or sparkles. Julie, I would definitely not use rocks. The sturdier ones like whole corn will last longer than things like rice or grains. How did each grain do?

I would think that would work just fine to use whole flaxseed. If using a filling that degrades over time it might be nice to having access to the filling through a zip or something (I’m using a different colour thread to close the bag so I can pick it and the seal it up again when I need to change it). Thank you for this great info.

There are several common recommendations for fillers to use in homemade heat packs.

Lavendar is very relaxing.

I just made some with flaxseed – cotton outer but used muslin as a second layer as the cotton was quite thin.

. Thanks for doing this. Dried Corn: 158° out of the microwave. The black flaxseed heated to the highest temp out of the microwave but also cooled off faster. They hold heat a lot longer than rice and have a similar smell to corn. I have many of the pain packs. This is one of the most informative, enlightening, and inspiring subjects and blog I’ve ever encountered!

Hope this helps anyone else with the same question. Thank you for doing all the testing!

I came upon enough corn, its dusty so I’ll blow it off with a hair dryer. This makes the pack a stiffer but is great for putting in the bed and laying down on or having someone place it on your back if you lie on your stomach. I also have wheat that I grind for flour. I’m just starting to make corn bags. Because they are so large, they should hold the heat well and they are round so no sharp points will poke through. in one word “MESSY”!!!! I have another heat pack with what I think is corn inside, and after 100 heat cycles it still has not burnt up. Is it even necessary?

Can I mix ground flax meal with dried corn for the heating pad? I bought a heat pack years ago with a buckwheat filling. I spritz the pack in the micro before heating. It is great to eat but not good for a heat pack. I don’t want to attract animals since I live in the country or want to use with camping.

For smaller ones, especially those for your kids, heat for 15 seconds and always test on the back of your hand before applying. It is important to use 100% cotton or linen for anything that will go in the microwave.

And then how warm it was after sitting out for five minutes.

I worry about grains (or any food products) getting bugs in them. I don’t know how good of an idea it is to give them something that would smell like food, though!

When my microwave stopped working I wrapped my bag in cooking foil and paced it on a baking tray in the oven to heat up. Robust nylon cover and double reinforced stitching prevents wetness and leaks.

The cold packs on our list work in a variety of ways. Put in the foot of my bed. I found the solution salt. Good to know. Is there a specific reason why cotton is used over flannel? You should always put a glass/mug of water in the microwave with the bag. Make a makeshift funnel from a piece of paper by rolling it into a cone, allowing a wide top and a small opening at the bottom.

Of all of the fillers, which seemed to feel heavier than the others? Warm salt has therapeutic properties. “Polyfilla” powder fillers are a firm favourite with trade and DIY decorators – economical, generic and all-purpose, sold by the box or sachet.

Anyone ever tried with those Little Rock’s or glass beads used for aquarium? Great info for these bags. I’ve made bags with rice, they work well but do get moist. Stitch shut. Sandra,May I ask what they sell for at your church craft sale? The therapeutic application of extreme temperatures is not a new technique. The medium-sized packs use a gel substance for long-lasting cold temperatures in a leak-proof, heavy duty plastic pouch that won’t get your cooler soaking wet by the end of the day. I would use several layers of silk charmeuse over a heavy cotton or linen bag. Keep in mind, though, that ice is part of a four-stage treatment often initialized as R.I.C.E., or Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. I make these on a regular bases for a massage therapist and have made hundreds of them.

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