Bad fumes and solvent clean up. Storage: Use dish soap such as Joy and brush lightly, then rinse.Wash with a hose (not high pressure nozzle) or under faucet. Evenly brush on glue. The Ure-Glue is the secret to making your finished product durable and lasting. Spraying and dipping are most common. // follow me to see what I'm up to: General purpose adhesive, particularly suitable for use on vinyl and pvc, Water resistant to cool and warm waters, General purpose adhesive, often used on wood, Durable Only apply glue to an area to which you can apply the flocking fiber in 8 minutes or less.

Improved glue strength for slightly flexible items. Curing or full water evaporation depends upon humidity, temperature, thickness application etc. from James in Illinois, "It looks real and attracts the birds." Washable up to 90°C directly to the purchase page, click here. Wash/clean decoys. Paint provides a good adhesive for the flocking to attach to. thanks for demystifyingthis flocking thing?

I like to wear gloves while handling and moving pieces coated in spray adhesive, once it coats skin it can be really tricky to handle the project. A friend of mine had what would best be described as a sturdy cardboard tube with another one that fit comfortably, but snugly inside. Blue paint tape for masking areas (however most use hand brush strokes along color edges), tub larger than objects to hold fibers for each major color, cardboard 3 sided shield around tub to contain lofting fibers, newspaper to cover surfaces from spills/drips, bright lite to check each object to ensure flock has not been absorbed into the glue, fan to put on items to speed up moisture evaporation from the glue, quality artist brushes for edges of sections-we like angled tapered quality bristles, Scrub resistant when dried, General purpose adhesive suitable for most surfaces board, concrete, some metals, some plastics, concrete ceramics, wood, wood composites, carpet, felt and fabrics, Versatile

and look forward to several memorable hunts using your products. You will find a list below of 15 adhesives that should be in every crafter's toolbox.

Exercise care to ensure the glue only goes onto the correct surface locations. Did you make this project? all the awesome classes on Instructables. Place brush in water during the application process. Special systems available for flexible vinyl and foam applications. We offer a wide range of adhesives to suit all purposes some of which are described below, if you require available in a range of sizes with sufficient conductivity. My hunting buddies and I Spray glue is awesome because it dries so quickly and can be substituted for white glue, hot glue, tape, and other adhesives, just be sure that the adhesive you are using can be bonded to your project materials. To prevent overspray going all over the place, it is smart to place the figurine in a box. say this appears to be the best looking and most durable flocking Question You would then aim top tubes hole at the objected to be flocked, pulled the tubes apart - not enough to separate them - and the squished them back together somewhat quickly.

The kit included 2 bags of black flocking, adhesive and flock finer applicator as well as detailed instructions. Easy to use water base glue/adhesive- Waterproof when cured.

aecurtis: 28 Feb 2010 2:44 p.m. PST: White glue or acrylic medium, diluted enough to brush or spray--for both applications.

You’ve given me hope! Kate is a freelance writer and rubber stamping enthusiast with over 15 years experience crafting professionally. Trim the top level 1/2 off. There are many methods for applying adhesives such as brushing, spraying, dipping and silk-screen. Using the correct adhesive is essential to ensuring a quality flocked finish. Apply more fibers than you think you need and then some more.

Lightly, roughen surface to increase glue adhesion. Rinse when Solvent based glue in can.

Spray glue tacks quickly and forms strong bonds in very little time. The flocking would be (sorry - it was stupid enough to sound goofy so we used the term) "foofed" out and cover the item. Repeat until the figurine is flocked to your heart's content. I think you could run clear acrylic ink and then flock it afterward....Just a guess, but it would probably work! This is a photo of the flocking I used (listed above).

on Introduction. For more information on the duck, goose, or full body kits please If you would like to go Flock It! Formulated in-house to bring to the customers a superior easy to use adhesive.

Apply only one color at a time, then when tact set in a few hours or more, gently shake/tape/blow off and capture excess fibers. Personal protection (bandana for face, wrap safety glasses and gloves (if desired).

Bad fumes 7 warnings!

from Sam in California, "I was given one of your 'Velvet Feathers' decoy Available in multiple colors!Colored glue to match the flocking. Complete details in full instructions. Some are fabric specific, rubber specific, or even temporary. The spray adhesive you choose will specify how long it remains tacky for, in this case, the adhesive I was using would remain sticky for 30 minutes before it began to cure. The means by which the adhesive cures and the length of open time you require should also be taken into consideration. Shopping Cart ( 0 ) £0.00 I wouldn't trust the acrylic paint to stay wet enough to bond to the fibers, but it could be worth a shot if you put on a heavy coat of paint. an Instructable on How to Carve a Pumpkin That Replicates the Look of a Shaded Drawing. Note: After applying the flocking kit to your decoy, please do not spray With the flocking applicator filled approx. Do not use oily soap. This "Flocking Foofer" that was a genius idea as it covered things quite evenly, completely, and took little effort/time. It depends if you want to attach a flocked fabric to a ball or want to directly flock the ball. While sticking a couple of elements together to make a card may seem like a pretty straightforward task, it can be surprisingly tricky. After one section is done, go back to the previous and under a bright light look for shinny spots-fiber have been absorbed into the glue or a spot was missed.

You do get in sort of rhythm as you go. For screen printing on paper or fabric? I turned a relic from my personal history into some 60s inspired throwback decor. We recommend that the paint is of a similar tone as the flocking to be applied as it will ensure an even look. If you are unsure of what type of glue to use, ask for advice in your local craft store or take a look at one of the online glue advice websites such as This to That or Glue It to It from Michaels. All materials, including metal doing business with you. (Time can be less or longer, due to temperature, humidity, etc.). The force of the air foofing out the flocking even got into the small nooks and crannies very well. Transform your decoys from old to NEW life-like.

The outer tube was considered the top of the device and had a small hole centered on the face of its cap. Working temperatures of up to 120°C Durable Bonds to ABS, polycarbonate, polystyrene plastics, fiberglass and some metals. This is great. Flock and glue scratched and came off. 5 months ago. Start by painting the figurine with acrylic paint. (And in my opinion, tacky in the best way :D) Flocking refers to the process of depositing teeny tiny fibers on to a surface to creat… We recommend that the paint is of a similar tone as the flocking to be applied as it will ensure an even look. For use on rigid multiplaned substrates to bond Nylon or Polyester flock fibers to ABS, Polycarbonate, Polystyrene, Noryl, and some metals. Let dry over night, brush off excess flock, and your field is ready to play … increase color dept and covers faded paint, etc. Optimum adhesive performance does require the flocked parts to be oven cured. Air activates the cross-linkers. I feel confident that you have, "Just a quick thank you to let you folks know how much I enjoy Fill the bottles about 1/2 -3/4 full and shake. 2.What glue can I spray over the flock afterwards, to further secure it? Test adherence of glue/flock. Or Paint provides a good adhesive for the flocking to attach to.

If bare plastic a primer and or flaming will be needed. . Flocking, Flocking Supplies, Decoy Flocking. Smart ducks and geese know decoys, but Velvet Feather™ fools even

Glue pads, for example, can be used in the same way as normal rubber stamping ink pads, however, they leave an adhesive surface on the page which can be coated in glitter or flocking powder.

Well, they weren't technically velvet, they were flocked! Heat-resistant I simply used some hot glue and the pieces from the swag I pulled apart in and around the wreath.

Cardinal Red Adhesive/Acrylic Paint 2 Ounce, Bright Magenta Adhesive/Acrylic Paint 2 Ounce, Butter Creme Adhesive/Acrylic Paint 2 Ounce, choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. ;)

Spray glue tacks quickly and forms strong bonds in very little time. Flame Retardant, Almost all textiles, papers and boards, Plastisol Flow Thinner

Products provide adequate "open" time when spray applied to parts in a high volume production line process. It seems like a worthwhile tool if you are going to really flock a lot of stuff.

Ure-Glue is not solvent based so no personal breathing products are needed. into the glue and compromise the flocking. Keep covered.Store standard living room temperature. Great adhesion properties, to stick to the decoys prepared surface.

You could apply real suede or Alcantara (the brand name of a synthetic microfiber material) upholstery to the dashboard, but that may be beyond the skills of the average enthusiast. The flocking kit I chose was from Don Jer Flocking company. Let cure overnight and voila! Velvet Feather has the same light reflective properties of real feathers. Lasts for many seasons. Easy to apply. Supplies you will need: A Christmas Tree- Real or Faux; Self Adhesive Christmas Tree Flock: This is the one I usually use

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