The super ghost belt has been manufactured with state of the art nylon material to give you excellent quality as well as safety for your rifle. Another thing by premium-grade leather such as the one used for the construction of this belt is that it doesn’t break or stretch easily. Also, 100 years warranty backs a lifetime offer of free exchange. Sizet tactical belt is nylon made heavy duty belt for both men and women. Moreover, you can have the custom design of retention for the specific model to take the exclusive security of your firearms.

Get exclusive content, advice, and tips from BestReviews delivered to your inbox. If you look after the belt by applying leather conditioner every now and then it will probably last you a lifetime so it's a good investment.

Spec-Ops has the unique Flip-Tab buckle which is specially designed for quick draw of the gun from the holster. It increases your confidence in any situation at any place. You can have them custom fit according to your specifications for more comfort. makes a commission if you use affiliate link shown on this page. Though leather made gun belts dominated the industry for years, it is losing the appeal for the bending and breaking problem. Why is a Good Belt So Necessary for Concealed Carry? Thick leather and heavy-duty buckle. The belt has been customized to fit both Reflex and Kydex holsters and ITW Fast magazines. It makes a shooter confident of his guns.

For them, Blue Alpha has hybrid Cobra buckle to fit them well. Actually, there aren’t many gun belts that are as comfy as this one. So, the holster is clipped on the waistband. So, if you posses a firearm or participate in practical shooting games, then you are definitely going to need one of these. Although it may sound like a rigid belt around your waist will be uncomfortable they are not and are actually very comfortable to wear.

If you want to carry a weapon in your ankle, you must need the best ankle holster. Consider how adjustable it is when you’re planning on switching it off to another person. For which nobody can assume that you wear a suspender inside the uniform. traits should a quality competition gun belt have? You can’t ignore of having a gun and the fair use of it. It has both inner and outer belt system for secure and fast release. It’s because it’s made of a soft material, with a padded inside. Many gun belts run small, so it’s a good idea to choose a size slightly larger than the belts you normally wear. A holster provides adjustment for both of the concealment and comfortability at a time. No matter you use a gun belt regularly or frequently, comfort is the prime requirement. Start the tape measure at the hole you use and measure to the end of the belt, where it meets the buckle. The belts are made of super-density microfiber with advanced composite ultra-fine polyester fibers.

This gun belt also comes with polymer reinforcement for more strength and sturdiness, thus assuring you of more safety for your shooting gear. If you choose a gun belt made of leather, clean and condition it just like you would any other leather accessories to keep it looking its best. To get the best support you will need to match the holster to the width of the gun belt.

Nylon is the second-best option, still staying durable and trustworthy through the thick of it all. Casual, rugged styling. If you want an EDC gun belt with high durability, GritGuts gun belt will fit your needs. The belt is made of nylon and polymer, which makes it very soft and comfy to carry. Nylon gun belt is getting all-the-go concealed carry nowadays. As 5.11 tactical gun belt can accommodate most types of holsters, the shape of the gun belt never loses its shape even after repeated use. However, there are also belts made of nylon, plastic, and other materials out there. It has the secure platform to keep all your accessories such as firearms, mag pouches, both IWB and OWB holsters, flashlights and so on. Anyway, the buckle can be changed fairly easily if required. Concealed carry helps you to carry your guns securely so that nobody knows it. Shooters belt … I enjoy helping people to learn how to use firearms safely and writing articles on that subject has now become part of my life. This width is the most common to fit standard-issue carry weapon holster sizes, while still remaining comfortable around your waist. Its design is such that there’s an inner-belt that goes through the belt loops on your trousers, as well as an outer-belt, which goes over hem and attaches to the Velcro. here is designed with competitions in mind. Here’s a belt designed to be as stable as possible. So, capacity shouldn’t be a problem. Moreover, the buckle of the belt is removable. You can carry everything you need holding with the belt. Always buy quality over lower quality products. As a result, it can be used for versatile purposes. Leather made accessories are always precise look and comfortable to wear. Find a gun belt that does double duty. The inner dual-layer polymer core enhances the firmness and superior support. Though it’s not a great concern, steel or polymer clip will be durable and sturdy.

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