Joe Theismann 1 wideout Amari Cooper, creating a trickle-down effect that should continue with more legitimate overall weapons in 2019. Through eight games in 2019, the Browns have looked miserable and Mayfield has reflected that in his own play, throwing for a league-worst 12 interceptions versus only seven touchdowns. }. Career clipboard holder Brandon Allen got his first chance to start an NFL game during the team’s ninth game and he made the most of it. }); His passer rating, currently at 93.1, is the lowest it’s been since 2013 but the team’s receiving corps has been in constant flux since the start of the year. Jim Zorn Sorry, Ryan Fitzpatrick.

However, there's more to them than just toughness on the pitch. He was as good in the pocket with his decision-making as he was outside of it, which says a lot, because all people want to talk about are his no-look passes and 40-yard across-the-body bombs. Please check your email for a confirmation. We can't totally believe in Mariota until we see him respond. Newton is entering the 2019 season with concerns about his throwing shoulder and coming off a season he was not healthy enough to finish. We don’t have Foles picked to be one of the absolute studs of the season but we’re expecting him to keep up what he’s done so far, which is averaging just better than 200 passing yards per game and managing a career passer rating of 88.7. Many thought Drew Brees should’ve won the NFL’s MVP honors in 2018, and he would’ve more than earned it by having arguably the best year of his already storied career.

Darnold last season had an underrated receiving corps with Robby Anderson, Quincy Enunwa and Chris Herndon, and now has the ultimate backfield outlet in Le'Veon Bell. These rankings are based on how each QB performed last season and the upside of how each might perform in 2019. hitType: 'event', His passing totals in the game weren’t anything so mouth-watering but he gives Broncos fans something to look forward to, at least, after Flacco’s weak start to the year. In the matter of looks, they are amazing but also they are amazing athletes as well.

eventCategory: event.slot.getSlotElementId(), 86. Dave Krieg His career average of 242.3 passing yards per game also won’t make him look like the next Brett Favre but, luckily for Finley, any positive performances will make him a minor hero this season. Philip Rivers

There’s no doubt Fouts benefitted from playing under Don Coryell, but you can’t argue against his production. Follow Kurt Warner on Twitter @kurt13warner. Len Dawson The dashing 35-year-old Alexander Douglas Smith plays for the Washington Redskins and is a quarterback for the NFL team. Did he throw the ball away when needed? In only his second season, he led the Dolphins to a 14-2 record while setting the NFL touchdown record.

But Winston got toggled with Ryan Fitzpatrick last season because he kept committing turnovers with sloppy passing, enough for the Bucs to think about starting over at QB in 2020. Manning's deteriorating physical skills are evident. Luck's total of 39 touchdown passes last season was one shy of his career high, evident of how good he is when kept upright. We're done with the frazzled, speed-dating portion of the NFL season.

Or was taking a sack the best thing to do in the given situation?

Young ranks fifth in career rating, which is remarkable considering the era he played in. The Raiders aren’t looking up to playoff form yet but he’s been keeping them in every game thanks to his accurate arm. His charming smile and cool demeanor make him the most wanted both on the field and off it. Danny White Apart from being exceptional athletes, these men are ridiculously attractive too! 67.

The 1990 born athlete is a quarterback for the Buffalo Bills. First, he plays in a run-first offense and, thus, isn't asked to make as many plays through the air as others in this list -- Wilson ranked 20th in the NFL with 427 attempts last season. He retired with just about every passing record and won three rings (only one Super Bowl, though) over the course of his career. The original scrambling quarterback, Tarkenton made plays that other quarterbacks just weren’t making back when he played. media-tech companies with hubs around the world. Week 8 in the NFL delivered plenty of upsets, with the Packers, Titans, Rams and Browns all losing, as well as a thriller between the Steelers and Ravens - but how did each of those results affect the current 2020 NFL playoff picture? He was one of the last quarterbacks in league history to call his own plays. Young’s prime was short but, man, was it good.

And we’ve never really seen a quarterback be this good for so long. NFL 2019: The 10 hottest players you don't want to miss this season including Jimmy Garoppolo, Adrian Peterson and Cam Newton.

He’s also contributing about 320 total yards per game between his arm and legs, which helps his standing in the rankings. Kelly was asked to shepherd one of the more innovative offenses in league history and had no problem doing it. Wentz, a physical and athletic freak who got strong MVP consideration in his second season before his knee injury, would be ranked higher if not for concerns about his durability going into Year 4. Just nine games into his career, he’s giving defenses plenty to worry about and has proven himself to be capable of greatness with his arm and legs.

Playing all of those games allowed him to stack touchdowns, passing yards and wins. Roethlisberger might not lead the NFL in passing yards like he did in 2018, but I have no doubt he'll keep the Steelers in every game, as the 16th-year pro has done throughout his tenure in the league. 52. It is always difficult to rank an individual who has such a limited body of work, but when that limited work is so special, you have to weigh it differently. Ken O’Brien With that in mind, NFL Network analyst and Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner provides his own ranking of the top 10 quarterbacks heading into the 2019 regular season. The league ruled that Smith-Schuster did not adequately cover his lower leg during the game with his socks or stockings, and was fined a total of $5,000. George Blanda

He won five championships, made a handful of Pro Bowls and won NFL MVP in 1966. Jay Cutler Come on, guys.). Rodgers may be the most talented quarterback to ever play.

To build this list, I used Pro Football Reference’s “approximate value” AV rankings to get a baseline, and then made some individual calls off of that. (Just kidding, you’re wonderful, Brian Sipe. 45. The fact that he’s only thrown three picks in nine games makes him a genuine stud. The Lions continue to underperform but Matthew Stafford is quietly putting together an amazing year under center. What has impressed me most about Big Ben is his ability to win games in so many different ways. eventCategory: event.slot.getSlotElementId(), This is no longer a debate: Brady is the best quarterback of all time. If the rest of the team can catch up to what he’s doing, Arizona will be a team to be feared in no time. The Broncos started the season with veteran Joe Flacco as their starter but a sudden injury shut his year down after eight games. 3) Winning. 37. The professional American football league is a platform for some of the most talented and toughest players in the world. But simply pop on the tape and watch each and every throw he makes -- watch the when, the where and the how of each pass (or come watch with me, and I'll show you), and you'll witness greatness. His 70.9 completion percentage and average of 310 passing yards per game are both personal highs in a career that’s been full of remarkable numbers. Many consider Unitas the best quarterback of all-time, and we’re not going to argue with them — we just never got a chance to see him play. We are one of the world’s fastest growing With Ben Roethlisberger going down in week two of the 2019 slate with a season-ending injury, the job of Pittsburgh’s starting quarterback fell into the hands of rookie Mason Rudolph. One of the best in the red zone delivered for the G.O.A.T. In that span, on throws of 20-plus air yards, Ryan ranks fourth in completion percentage (39.4) and passing yards (2,613), is tied for fifth in touchdowns (23) and ranks first in passer rating (117.7) among quarterbacks with a minimum of 75 such attempts. Here is our updated QB ranking heading into this season. This is not just more Cleveland hype for 2019. Being consistently accurate at those distances is extremely difficult, and Atlanta's QB1 does it as well as anyone. Newton is one of the most difficult quarterbacks to rank because he plays the position so differently compared to almost any quarterback we have ever seen. The 10 best college football quarterbacks for the 2019 season . A team that I errantly ranked as the NFL's best a few weeks ago, the Green Bay Packers, is now plummeting. Copy to Clipboard.

He led the league in passer rating in each of his final two seasons and was coming off a fifth consecutive Pro Bowl season. He’s given the Panthers an average of 215 passing yards per game and has relied heavily on rusher Christian McCaffrey, which puts him in the category of game manager rather than star quarterback. To assess each team’s starting quarterback, we looked at their stats and consistency so far from Pro Football Reference — including what they’ve done in the past few seasons — and ranked them from worst to best. Bobby Hebert Starr was at his best in the postseason, posting a 104.1 passer rating and a 9-1 record. It's weird to think that, even nearing midseason, there's still so little we know about some of these NFL teams.

Considering Watson has been running for his life behind what have been some of the NFL's worst pass-protecting lines, he has done well to survive and find ways to make plays. 75. In the wake of Herb Adderley's passing, Andy Fenelon reflects on the spectacular career of a true shutdown corner -- and the pain that comes with losing another great Lombardi Packer too soon. His backup, Gardner Minshew, became a sensation all his own while putting up decent numbers but he was always just keeping the seat warm for Foles. }); Each team is ranked in order of their average projected chance to qualify for the playoffs. The handsome man is a straight-up favorite among fans. Jim Plunkett 22. 64. But here's to a QB who consistently puts his team on his back, right arm and legs. }); Flacco's big arm is not as booming anymore. 95. Here is another frustrating QB to rank. Rodgers is too quick to bail on his conventional reads, and he's too eager to make something special happen outside the pocket. (Younger QBs who have shown flashes and are on the cusp of greatness.).

That probably had more to do with the color of his skin than his actually ability, unfortunately. Before you see our current list, however, be wary of our criteria. The start of Marino’s career was simply brilliant. He had played college football for the University of California, Berkeley, and was described as a consensus All-American, something you can make out from his hunky stature. 35. As the quarterback goes, so goes most NFL teams. Now Kitchens is doing just that, and Mayfield has an elite No.

He’s completing 70.2 percent of his passes, adding up to a passer rating of 107.1. He has a good chance to quickly change that narrative this season. He certainly has a case. Brady has been passing for 281.8 yards per outing and has chipped in 17 total touchdowns to just five interceptions thrown. He led the league in passing twice, made nine Pro Bowls and took home the MVP award in 1990.

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