Get your answers by asking now. They sound so cute. Up to a point, that jives with the information I have, but what to make of the two birds from Monterey County that sing at a rate of about 80 notes/minute?

Found in scrubby habitats, often close to homes and buildings. Lots of cats do that. Stokes Field Guide to Bird Song, Eastern Region, by Lang Elliot. However, this was prior to the acceptance of the split of “Townsend’s” into four species, as proposed by Sutton & Nadler (1974) and Sutton (1987) [citations below]. But what kind of mammal could sound so remarkably similar to a pygmy-owl? Sutton, D. A. Locations undercover are better than exposed areas.

In addition to the “chip” calls that are the most common form of alarm note in all ten chipmunk species in California, Brand mentions a “chuck” call that matches our mystery sound: Chucks were lower pitched than chips, with their fundamental frequency between 0.5 and 2.0 kHz. I emailed Doug Von Gausig, and he was very amenable to the possibility that he might have recorded a chipmunk instead of a pygmy-owl. Quail was seen not long after and close to the source of the call.

However, I have generally attributed the note to Mt. It has been a while since I’ve read them, and I don’t recall whether he went into “chips” versus “chuks” but a full background in the vocal differences between the for “Townsend’s” types is important before drawing generalizations from Brand’s 1976 paper. Get Instant ID help for 650+ North American birds. Quail. This video has no audio.

I take mine in our backyard on a harness and leash and the first thing she does is sit down and chirp. I don’t know how many species of chipmunk Brand reviewed, but there are 25 species in North America. How do I get my cat to stop thinking the small trash can is not a basket for him to jump in? She wants those birds.

The description is a pretty good match for the pygmy-owl-like sound, but I think the real clincher is Brand’s spectrogram of the “chuck” call: I fiddled with the axes on the spectrogram of Andrew’s recording to make the two as comparable as possible, and although there are slight differences, the similarities are striking, right down to the faint third voice in between the fundamental and the first harmonic. The pale eyebrow that is characteristic of so many wren species is much fainter in House Wrens. Brand was using a Kay Electric Company spectrograph machine on the wide-band setting, which explains the much thicker lines on his spectrogram. Almost all of the energy is concentrated in the fundamental, but a couple of faint harmonics are visible, which is standard for pygmy-owls. Song is a long, bubbly jumble of trills and scolds given by both males and females. Don't let the clicking upset you. Still have questions? Are they representatives of an anomalous local dialect? Overall, I see no reason not to identify Andrew’s recording as the “chuck” call of a chipmunk, which would make it a Merriam’s Chipmunk (Tamias merriami), the only species in Monterey County.

The Michigan sound is similar to the probable Merriam’s Chipmunk “chuck” from California, and all western chipmunk species (including Least) are supposed to have similar “chucks,” according to Brand (1976). hahaha i would trade u a stuffed cat for ur chipmunk cittyy. Or of a different type of vocalization than the primary song?

Bubbly song is given frequently in spring and early summer. In addition to the comments on my recent pygmy-owl post, I got five private emails, all of which also implicated Merriam’s Chipmunk as the likely source of the pygmy-owl-like sound. Wrens(Order: Passeriformes, Family:Troglodytidae). I have 6 cats and they all have there cute sounds they make.. Nathan Pieplow, 2017. In fact I have puzzled over what does give the call. I did manage to find a recording that matched Andrew’s: Doug Von Gausig made this recording in almost the same place: along the Carmel Valley Road just east of Carmel, California, on 24 March 1999. The distinctive loud bubbling song is often heard before the bird is seen.

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