You can also sometimes get them for completing side quests, and the vendor might even sell one to you. The end of these platforms will have the Painted Wood Bead that will allow you to refill some health upon breaking objects.

Her rosaries were the prettiest of all Custodia. It'll be in the third room of the Holy Line section. Continue crawling through the mud ahead and killing more Enraged Pilgrims until you reach the next room. Once you have a Knot of Rosary Rope, you need to visit a certain NPC that looks like a ghostly lady resting on a hammock made of netting. He will accept the following quest items: Note - If you have completed Cleofas' Side Quest, talk to Tirso again after turning in all six healing herbs for a knot of rosary rope. The next room will contain a new enemy, the Lamento Fundido. In this area he waits before the entrance to the Mother of Mothers area. Head inside this door to receive the Relic: Nail Uprooted from Dirt which allows you to jump in mud/water. These enemies simply crawl through the mud in your general direction. He will ask what does he need to do. Then we all began to wonder what would become of the rosaried when Engracia was no longer with us. Someone who kept a deceitful rosary would be severely punished, sometimes even accused of heresy. One of the longer side quests you can complete involves an NPC named Redento. Extends the amount of Rosary Beads the Penitent One can equip by bringing the knots to the Jailed Ghost in the Brotherhood of the Silent Sorrow.

So basically, the more Rosary Beads slots you have, the stronger you are. You will need Blood Perpetuated In Sand and Nail Uprooted from Dirt equipped. Once you’ve found her, her location will be marked on your map with a knot. This ends the Redento side quest an unlocks the Ultreia Et Suseia achievement.

Just ahead, you'll see a small, smoking orb on the ground. How Long Does it Take to Beat Blasphemous? This ends the Redento side quest an unlocks the Ultreia Et Suseia … You can't progress right yet so climb out of the cave. This caused all the others to become banned by the Holy Mother Church, and those so-called false rosaries were sought, and burned. Rope knot made from the threads of habits of monks deceased in ancient times. When you start Blasphemous you have only two Rosary Bead slots, but many more can be unlocked. This is a prayer. They can be found as you explore the game’s map, often in areas that are harder to reach. Below two platforms with a Charging Knell enemy on each one.

Exit then enter again to see Redento is dead.

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