The illustrations, photographs, and range maps of Mississippi’s six venomous snakes are shown on this poster as an aid to their identification.

Rarely, ground-dwelling birds such as quail are taken. Three of our six venomous snakes are rattlesnakes. They are secretive and generally uncommon, even rare. The eastern indigo snake (Drymarchon couperi) is a species of large, non-venomous snake in the family Colubridae. [14] Burrows need to be in areas where there is no flooding. Distribution is spotty with the species being most common on the Gulf Coast and again in northeastern Mississippi. While popular consensus is that the pigmy rattlesnakes do not possess rattles and are therefore silent, the opposite is actually true. Other communities include longleaf pine-turkey oak (Q. laevis), slash pine (Pinus elliottii )-scrub oak, pine flatwoods, and pine-mesic hardwoods. Food consists of small snakes, lizards, frogs, and mice. Watch Where You Walk, Sit or Place Your Hands: Snakes like to hide in stumpholes, under boards and sheet metal, in brush piles, and next to fallen logs. Rather, they remain motionless and silent, or opt for a hasty retreat. Only a few states require permits to own an eastern indigo snake, but a federal permit is required to buy one from out of state anywhere in the US. 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Mow the grass near your home frequently. If you fear them, try to learn more about them. and log piles. The distinctive crossbands are often incomplete or broken at mid-body. One of several facts that separate coralsnakes from the five pitvipers inhabiting our state is that of reproduction. Adult eastern diamondback rattlesnakes feed almost exclusively on large rodents and rabbits. Again, use caution and just walk away if in doubt. An encounter can certainly be a memorable experience so for your own safety and concern for a diminishing species, back off and give the eastern diamondback a wide berth. Over much of the state adults are more brownish or yellowish-brown. Copperheads even inhabit outlying subdivisions, often being discovered in gardens or carports. It has been known to kill its prey by beating it against nearby objects[citation needed]. Captive specimens are frequently fed dead prey to prevent injury to the snake from this violent method of subduing its prey. Head shape can prove useful in some cases but is never 100 percent reliable in determining venomous vs. nonvenomous. The cottonmouth is our primary snakebite species in Mississippi and extremely serious medical implications have been documented following bites of this snake. A thin dark line runs back from the eye to the corner of the mouth. The most commonly heard name for this snake in Mississippi is “ground rattler.” Unfortunately, this is also the name given to the several small gray or brown harmless snakes found in yards and gardens throughout the South (genera Virginia, Storeria, and Rhadinaea). These juveniles resemble their close relative the copperhead. The racer is not yet been assessed by the IUCN to its red list. [5] Although the indigo snake is similar in average body mass, extremely large specimens of the bulky, co-occurring venomous eastern diamondback rattlesnake can outweigh them.[6]. They’re active during daytime and want to spend most of their time in the ground, but are also known to forage both on earth and trees. Coralsnakes inhabit sandy pinewoods in the southeastern counties of Mississippi. On the other hand, the deadly coralsnake has a narrow head. Then by process of elimination, all others can be recognized as The rattle consists of dry, interlocking segments which click together to create a sizzling sound. Wild individuals rarely rattle at a human’s approach. All snakes found near the water should be treated with caution. Occasionally blue racers nest communally, and it is apparently a relatively frequent phenomenon, they even nest with other species specifically the southern fox snake.

They are graceful, elegant, and often brightly colored. Highway fatalities, wanton killings, and overcollection for the pet trade adversely affect indigo snake populations. In Mississippi the majority of bites of humans by canebrake rattlesnakes result from the person’s attacking the snake or otherwise trying to handle it. (Our other larger rattlers have tiny, randomly arranged scales on top of the head). There is a prominent rattle on tail. Cottonmouths of all ages gape the mouth wide-open when threatened. General coloration fades to a lighter hue toward the tail. The Ayam Cemani chicken really is a modern and relatively fresh breed of p... Netherland Dwarf rabbit is just one of the most common domestic rabbit bre... Dorper sheep mainly raised for meat. This medium to large pit viper goes by several common names in Mississippi, including “water moccasin” and “stump-tailed moccasin.” It can be easily confused with several other species of large, dark-colored, thick-bodied, wide-headed but utterly harmless watersnakes (genus Nerodia). entries in the encyclopedia the other day, and I came across a snake, i cant remember which one, but it was black and lived east of the Mississippi. Watch: Mississippi hunter has scary encounter with bear in tree with her The hatchlings will need to use their”egg ” to reduce out their way. Unlike many snakes, mature male indigo snakes are slightly larger than females. Snakes are not aggressive. to biting areas such as the earlobe or between the toes. These communities are primarily scrub oak-longleaf pine (Pinus palustris) with occasional live oak (Quercus virginiana), laurel oak (Q. laurifolia), Chapman's oak (Q. chapmanii ), and myrtle oak When approached most flee, or lie motionless in an effort to blend into their surroundings and escape notice.

Do not make any cuts in or around the bite area. Say No to Chemicals and plastics. Summer home ranges for the indigo snake can be as large as 273 acres (110 hectares). The generic name, Drymarchon, roughly translates to "lord of the forest". Pigmy rattlers have nine large symmetrically arranged scales on the crown of the head. Speake, Dan W.; McGlincy, Joe A.; Colvin, Thagard R. (1978).

The species is native to the eastern United States. The racers are known to hibernate in massive groups during the chilly winter months. We usually catch only a glimpse of them as they disappear quickly through the vegetation. More than 85% of all snakebites are by nonvenomous species. I just caught a glimpse as it very quickly disappeared into my rock wall.

Ground color is gray to tan, often with a distinct pinkish wash. Wavy black bands cross the body.

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