Fiber 2g Remember those cheese sticks with the ripcord? In April Never had issues with getting product. So there’s actually organic dark chocolate in this!

accused a California nutrition company of misrepresenting its financial Privacy policy |

Sure enough, it’s real strawberry jam in there between the two halves!

Working toward some 65 mile charity runs in the fall and a 250 mile 5 day ride in Israel in the fall. A third flavor, Cookies & Cream, will be available in September.

Even knowing that, they can still be a challenge to open and eat at speed, especially one-handed. Mint chocolate chip for bars, wolf berry for hydration.

It’s very similar to a homemade type of oat bar I’ve made. Energy Bars; High Protein Bars; Collagen Bars; Electrolyte Chews; Sampler Packs; Our Stories; Athletes; Where to Buy; F.A.Q. (So, so much better than that so-called “chocolate” Skout bar.). amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; amzn_assoc_linkid = "c384544f532e0bb14888c14a4d1a7e8b"; { I tend to view equipment and sports nutrition products through a performance-first lens, so I saw those aspects as nice but not necessarily critical.

"name": "Coach Levi" They even used sodium citrate and potassium citrate in addition to sodium chloride. I called to ask when we might expect to see them.

partnership. With these bars, since they actually do a spectacular job of creating a unique bar, each flavor is slightly different. It had a ‘tart’ taste, and not a ‘sugary’ taste like I’ve experienced with other mixes.

}, The only exception I found was the almond butter flavor, which has almonds as the #1 ingredient (and rice and oats right behind it). Regardless, combine the fresh-baked taste of a Bonk Breaker bar with cashew pieces and coconut flakes, and you have a winner in my book. commercial officer at George's, and GSP's address is the same So even on clearance, this bar costs more than a full price Clif Bar! On the plus side, the small size means they don’t take up much space in your jersey pocket. Looking for a nice subdued flavor? Maybe that would work for bags of chewables. "reviewRating": {

An investment group lied to George's Inc. of Springdale has The bar part is kind of bland, but the blueberries themselves are strong and potent. The real test of a product is to use it consistently for a period of time and in a variety of conditions. If you have had to scrape a melted energy bar off a shiny wrapper with your teeth, this is a feature you will value greatly.

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