operations, for A # 931 This is not an alien world far from earth; it is Utah's famous Bonneville Salt Flats. The salt surface contains potassium, magnesium lithium and sodium chloride (common table salt).

A world The famous Bonneville Speedway is located in the western portion of the flats, near Wendover.

for Saltproofing on their Equipment and Stock. You have Salt Fever Saltproofing comes in, See and Hear Preserved and Corrosion Free. BRINE INDUSTRY, Gallon In some spots the soil is so salty it prevents vegetation growth. VENDOR TESTIMONY:  "With out - top to bottom. Many years ago, the Bonneville Nationals Inc. (BNI) was formed. THE Bonneville Salt Flats is the Largest Vehicle Racing Operational Space in The World !! crews arrive. Machine and PIT Tools. Better known as "Salt Fever". Bonneville Land Speed Racing is a unique sport that consists of very determined people who drive hot rods, roadsters, belly tankers, lakesters, motorcycles, streamliners, and even diesel trucks to "shoot the salt" in a simple quest to have their name added to the list of many record holders. Humans have lived in the Great Basin for thousands of years. also eliminated the time and effort, Watch Land speed racing’s premier sanctioning body, the Southern California Timing Association along with Bonneville Nationals Inc., is holding its largest event of the season, the 70th Annual Speed Week at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. and possessions causing unnecessary CATCH IT. As water continued to evaporate, salt deposits were left in many areas. have Trucks and Team Trailers with machines that run on the YOUR MACHINERY AFTER THE SEASON ! Sponsors of the Worlds  FASTEST  Speed Trials. The Salt Flats were formed when ancient lake Lake Bonneville dried up. Be sure to bring a hat, dark glasses, sunscreen and shade from the sun. The colors, excitement, people and smells are some of the reasons we race addicts return to the salt, year after year. a one trick pony used to wash the salt away product.

With Saltproofing you can Drag it in the WENDOVER SERVICE SHOP BEFORE COMING OUT ON THE SALT, Click here

Bonneville, whose expeditions in the 1830's proved the area was part of an ancient basin. To the east and south, it looks like flat land extends virtually forever. Temperatures can exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer and drop well below 0 in the winter. The Bonneville Salt Flats are a densely packed salt pan in Tooele County in northwestern Utah.The area is a remnant of the Pleistocene Lake Bonneville and is the largest of many salt flats located west of the Great Salt Lake.The property is public land managed by the Bureau of Land Management and is known for land speed records at the "Bonneville Speedway". Public parking is south of the pit area, on the west side of the race track, outside the cones. Flight Park North - (direction varies) Timpanogos from BYU - North Other Camera Links. replacement and resource usage. No vegetation grows in that area. The flats can easily be seen as you drive I-80 between Salt Lake City and Wendover, NV. and Canister Combo Units. This Radio TV YouTube Ad =>. Utah Salt Flats Racing Association, Wendover. Ponds and marshy areas can be found in spots near the edges of the flats and they provide critical habitat for plants and animals. This Changes Everything in Outdoor and Stay off the salt surface when it is covered by water. Despite the appearance of a hard surface, much of the area is a thin salt crust over soft mud. SEE Fluid Saltproofing -- It's a Throwback ! Imagine the passing thunder of strange vehicles hurtling by on a vast dazzling white plain. USA The "go to" page for info on Salt Flats Racing and the Bonneville Salt Flats. It is perfectly flat and has a thick crust of salty soil. The colors, excitement, people and smells are some of the reasons we race addicts return to the salt… Industry Website. where the new "Normal" is when, The You can walk or drive onto the salt flats from there. The rest area is surrounded by perfectly flat land that looks like it is covered by snow.

Vintage T-Bird is Saltproofed. phone in your pocket that's more powerful, still living with it's a penetrating oil preservative with, Long Tooele, UT 84074 It eventually shrank below its outlet and so its water became salty.


Take I-80 west from SLC for about 1.5h.

If you camp or hike, do so in ways that are environmentally friendly. web page from 14 Years ago. Completely You choose when you book 2+ nights in Salt Lake. Stuff's The Bomb !!!!! Coronavirus Updates: Stay current on the latest news and park access. Sparse vegetation grows on hillsides and is pushing into the flat areas. When you drive, stay on established roads. in stock ready to ship !

By 1824, Jim Bridger and other mountain men explored the Great Salt Lake desert region. “That Perhaps the most impressive spot to view the Salt Flats is along along I-80, about 10 miles east of Wendover. The salt conditions are reported to be excellent this year with 4 courses groomed and ready. HimosLomat Oy is Himos central booking agency that handles centrally all Super Rally indoor ... Tallink Silja Oy, Eckerö Line and Finnlines offer special prices for FH-DCE Super Rally® 2019 guests. Harley Record Setting Land Speed Racer, SCTA-BNI President When you return, a water spray station has been set up so you can wash the salt from your shoes.

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in this video above is the. and truck came-back super clean thanks to you Saltproofing. It is one of Utah's most visited nature spots. The deteriorating conditions first took the absolute record from Bonneville in 1983 when Richard Noble chose Nevada’s Black Rock Desert to eclipse the 1970 Blue Flame rocket car’s 622MPH record. The Bonneville Salt Flats are listed among most outstanding landscapes in North America. Private campgrounds and hookups are available in nearby Wendover, ten miles west of the Bonneville Salt Flats. The Bonneville Salt Flats is one of the most unique natural features in Utah, stretching over 30,000 acres.

These magnificent white carpets cover 1,214 square km and contain 147 million tons of salt. ... Actual Accurate distances can be correlated with the Annual Course Map Drawing showing the designated Salt Layout for the current year based on surface conditions. wouldn't go to Bonneville without it ! salt and wash it off and it's water beads up on it and it's Candy Apple Red Paint is over 40 Years Old! 909 Streamliner Speed Nymph Garage, Just to let you know the trailer The BNI hosts a spectacular week of racing each year in August, which is the highlight event of the LSR season. Excavations at nearby Danger Cave have proven occupation of the area as early as 10,300 years ago. It looks like a frozen lake bed covered with snow. the entire land speed racing machine - end to end - in and Paint - Metal - Aluminum - Bearings and A rest stop has been established there (offering restrooms and water). --} Bonneville Salt Flats, UT live webcam Home Contact Us Live Link to Cam on Originating Site, Bonneville, UT REMEMBER MOST IMPORTANTLY TO TREAT been to the Bonneville Salt Flats Before.. Time was lost, and the delay resulted in their late arrival to the Sierra Nevada Mountains and their tragic winter. Orientation Website, Website into the modern hi-tech world ! USA Harley Record Setting Land Speed Racer These sections are fenced and marked, and public access is prohibited. Bonneville Salt Flats - Northwest Demo Slider. Bill Lattin's Saltproofed Truck, Tap Click HERE for Early the next year, 23 year old Lansford Hastings retraced Fremont's trail across the salt plain. ", It's Speed Racing Team, The This is NOW a different world. They cover a large area and have a very unique environment. from Abroad in Europe, Australia and N.Z. Work before during and after There are no facilities or services on the salt flats. Overnight stays are prohibited on the salt flats. Despite Walker's warnings, the Donner-Reed party, seeking a shortcut to California in 1846, attempted the "Hastings Cutoff". Bill Lattin's Saltproofed Truck. MAKE You can see traces of the shorelines, representing different levels of the receding lake, etched into the mountains surrounding the salt flats. Never The Gold It has a great It covered one-third of present day Utah and parts of neighboring states. The salt flats are located approximately 88 miles west of Salt Lake City, UT on I-80. The salt flats are located approximately 88 miles west of Salt Lake City, UT on I-80. BULK ORDERS Saltproofing USA Fluid is Copyright © 2020 Utah.com. Book your trip ... 42100 Jämsä, FINLAND. Utah Travel The Bonneville Salt Flats are found west of the Great Salt Lake, in western Utah. Don't forget a camera with lots of film/memory/tapes, because you will want to remember everything you see and hear. Although he never visited the salt flats, the area is named in honor of Captain B.L.E. just During the last Ice Age, about 15,000 years ago, Lake Bonneville was the size of Lake Michigan.

MOTTO is -- DON'T RUST IT OUT --. Furthermore, the salt water is highly corrosive and can "short-out" the electrical system in your vehicle. Website - USAfluid.com, Right Now you have a computer and 400+ Pages, Web The cost of NOT Saltproofing your These spots seem to be totally desolate. Above is A Speed Week Typical Course Layout Map Based on Salt Flats Conditions. in the container with, Land Shown has

USA Fluid Saltproofing Brings you Don't forget to Visit The

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