I have had boxers since the age of 12. At an older age, we always recommend a smaller dog, so a French Bulldog would be a great pick. Mastiffs served in both World Wars, but the breed barely survived WWII with only an estimated 14 Mastiffs remaining. Because their Boxer parent loves to jump, be prepared to train this behavior out. This write up, when comparing to our Boxmas (we think that's what he is lol) is so spot on it isn't funny.

We ended up with Jackson (my *I think* boxmas) from the animal shelter, that was their guess. Sounds like they will get along swimmingly as they have similar personalities.

Single coats require less grooming as they don’t shed as excessively in the summer or winter months. Raising a puppy has adorable and frustrating moments. Your email address will not be published. Purebred dogs are thought of as “unhealthy” due to years of selective breeding and dwindling genetic pools. A Boxmas may be active and energetic, but his large size tires him out easily. Our Puppy Care Guides contain information to help you through this stage. Thanks for commenting Jeff! Training and socialization prevents this instinct from becoming aggressive. Be patient with your Boxmas. These dogs are likely to end up in a Mastiff Rescue center, strictly because of their size. It may be apricot, brindle or fawn in coloration. His year of origin isn’t officially documented either. Responsible breeders screen potential parents for inheritable disorders to protect the health of future generations. Boxer Appearance. Several breeding crosses throughout the 1800s resulted in the Boxer known today. Smart and fun-loving. Pics of a bull mastiff posted by christopher walker bullmastiff cross boxer you bullmastiff boxer mix dog information center boxer bullmastiff mix think i just hit upon the perfect dog we used to have a dog that lived with us this lives my bullmastiff boxer mix dog information center pit boxer mix puppy white pitbull puppies aahara. He us high maintenance and I work full-time, Your email address will not be published. The English Mastiff is also a favorite, being the gentle giants that they are. However, they are naturally reserved around unfamiliar dogs and people. The Boxer breed’s history can be traced back to 2500 B.C.

The Boxmas is described as a high shedder, this means that you will have to groom your pooch daily.

These pups can get very big, especially if they have a large Mastiff parent. Hi Cat - sounds like an awesome pup! They love kids, provided they are socialized early. Both of his parents are similar in their nature and this is perhaps why they make such a great pup!

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